Mon. July 2, 2012: Starting July at a Quick Pace

Monday, July 2, 2012
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Busy weekend. Spent most of Friday editing the PSA. I think we did very well with the limited time and resources we had, but I’m also thinking ahead to how we can do something a little slicker next year. Anyway, it was out on time, so hopefully WBZ will start running it between now and the ball in August.

Worked with students, put together the anthology agreement and the editing schedule for the book — the pieces in it are really good, and we’ll have something tangible of which we can all be proud.

Worked in the garden — the front and the terraced back areas are mowed. I’ll have to tackle the meadow this week. I’ll have more to say about the garden on Gratitude and Growth on Wednesday!

Finished the materials for Confidential Job #1, now I have to write it up. Started the ghostwriting project, worked on my articles, got out some interview requests for upcoming articles.

This week, I’ve got articles to write, the ghostwriting project to work on, and it’s my week to take care of Mother’s Park, up the street. I’m going this morning, and, probably, back on Friday. I’ve been invited to participate in a parade and go out on a boat for a press jaunt — I’ll have to see if I can make all the scheduling work out. The July newsletter has to go out either today or tomorrow, because there’s a gosh-darned lot going on in July, and I’ve got a couple of non-fiction ebooks to work on, and the proposal for the “Topic Workbooks”.

Edits on HEART SNATCHER are coming along. I came up with a new idea for one of the characters that I think will make a huge difference. I’m cutting a lot in this draft, but there’s always the possibility I’ll have to expand, if I go back into the direction of a larger socio-political canvas than just a typical paranormal procedural. After all, the tagline for the series is, “Who defines justice?”

Working on two short stories — the Billy Root-centric piece that has to be ready for the July 13 roast-n-toast (don’t worry, you’re all invited — check out what he’s got to say here), and a short story due on Friday. The latter, which has to be a stretch in a genre I haven’t yet worked in this year, is kind of like herding cats. I’ve worked on several ideas, but they either are too much story for the parameters, or they turn into something mystery or paranormal, along the lines of what I’ve been working in. After those two, I need to take another look at “The Possession of Nattie Fillmore” to get it up and out again, and write a paranormal short story under the Annabel Aidan name. While keeping up with the novel deadlines, and the freelance work. Juggling cats, that’s what it is!

Mahoney’s had a sale — got a cilantro plant, some more geraniums, and a black-eyed Susan I’m putting in the front. I’ve got to get some pages done now, and then go over to Mother’s Park, before I get started on the rest of my freelance day.

The weather’s beautiful, and I’m enjoying re-reading Susan Wittig Albert’s magnificent AN EXTRAORDINARY YEAR OF ORDINARY DAYS. What a beautiful book!


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  1. I love the sight of a happy hosta — yours looks ecstatic. 🙂

    We’re minus serious rain for the last week, so no mowing this week. I’d say ‘Amen’ but it’s not August and already looking a bit drier than I’d like. Still, the perennials are loving the garden this year — thank you, wet, cool Spring!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous! I need to revive my others and then we have big plans to beautify the front and back of our new house. Very inspiring pic.

    • Always glad my muddling attempts inspire!

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