Thurs. June 14: Still Raining, Happy Plants, Still Writing

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Rainy and cool

Worked like crazy all day, but still didn’t get enough done. Story of my life right now. It gets discouraging sometimes, but that’s the way it is.

One of the fun things in my current life, however, is over on The Writers Vineyard blog, where, in my Annabel persona, I talk about this summer’s schedule realignment. And, if you didn’t get a chance to read the LASR interview yesterday, hop over and check it out here.

Finished reading the manuscripts for the critiques due Friday — two readings of three manuscripts. Will polish my notes today. Waiting for two contracts and one deposit to come through (because without them, the writing on those projects isn’t going to happen). Polished material for Saturday’s tarot workshop, got some reading in. I’m now officially addicted to Sarah Addison Allen’s work. I read four of her novels in the past week. Worked for another client — have to finish the work on that project when I get back from yoga.

I want to do one more polish on “Town Crier” and then I have to do all the formatting crap so that it’s ready for download tomorrow. And then I start on Billy Root’s story, which has to be ready by June 29!

I had a slow go yesterday on HEART BINDER — just over 600 words. The world of the book is expanding, and I’m wondering if that’s a good thing. It FEELS right, but it also feels like maybe this isn’t a trilogy, but a quartet. Take the overage from HEART SNATCHER and the new track this book has taken, end it at the end of my current chapter, and I’ve got enough for a volume of the book. It wouldn’t be HEART BINDER — I’d come up with another title — thought of one as I was falling asleep the other day, but didn’t write it down. I’ll see, once I’ve got everything written that I planned for the three original books. The right choice may be to do massive cuts. If I worry about business decisions in the draft process, I’ll never get the books done. And I want these particular books done before I start selling any of them. In the ideal world, I’d like them to release very quickly after each other, so readers can gobble them all up together.

Speaking of gobbling up books, I’ve got things sorted out with Payloadz, and some new little writing books will be appearing over the summer.

Off to yoga, have a long day ahead of me, and, in this case, if I don’t finish what I need to on time, a very long night.

To yoga!


Taste of the Tarot is for artists in all media to learn how to use the tarot for both inspiration and to break through blocks. Saturday, June 16, 2-5 PM at Three Fish and a Ram Community Art Center. Info here.


  1. Do any of the current retrogrades affect technology? I’ve been having trouble all week with WordPress and only just managing to post my own pages before the very brief window of opportunity slams shut again.

    Glad to see you’re keeping nice and busy and hope you, Mom and cats are all fine.

    • Nope — the Mercury retrograde is still a ways off. Saturn — life lessons; Pluto — what’s hidden comes forward; Venus — art and beauty missteps; Neptune retrograde (very tough for us as Pisces) — tough time being logical, oversensitive, self-blame, lack of boundaries — if anything, it would be the Neptune retrograde affecting you most strongly.

  2. Enjoy the downward dog and the pigeon pose, ma dear! Always a great way to start the morning.

  3. I’m glad you like Sarah Addison Allen’s books! There’s just something about them that touches the heart. Do you have a favorite of hers? I hope you enjoyed your yoga practice and that your work on the four book series went well!

    • So far, Peach Keeper is my favorite, with Garden Spirits a close second.

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