Thurs. June 7, 2012: Grumpy & Off to Yoga

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Between too much admin work, PR work, and chasing down payments, it was a discouraging day. Also, I lost HALF my workday taking my mom to the doctor, especially since there were some concerns, and then we had to go hithering and yonning for a bit. Hopefully, everything will all sort out.

I finished the draft of the sci-fi story and am letting it sit for a few days before revision. I started reading the next manuscript for swap, and am enjoying it. Stared at my own manuscript and couldn’t focus. Got a little bit more done on CRAVE THE HUNT; trying to get back into the groove with that. Playing with an idea for some non-fiction writing workbook-type things. Am in negotiations for a ghost-writing job.

Spent a few hours answering questions for a long interview for the HEX BREAKER release, and answered some questions this morning for another interview. Worked on getting the new workshops up on the website. Have to go to the library to work in IE, because heaven forbid piece of crap 1and1 lets me put in my coding in anything else. Not only that, they’ve designed a “webdesk”, which means, instead of just signing in to work on my website, I now have to jump through a series of hoops to make it “easier.” Not. What a crap host. I’m hoping GeekGirls can help me wrestle away the webfiles 1and1 holds hostage so that I can move hosts.

Couldn’t raise my mowing mojo, so didn’t. May need to to that today. Got a “reminder” about a meeting tonight — one that no one ever bothered to inform me about in the first place, which irritated me, not to mention how it screws up my work day.

Off to yoga now — that will set me to rights! And then, get in as much work as possible before this danged meeting over the bridge! 😉

To the page, to get some writing in before yoga.


HEX BREAKER, the first Jain Lazarus Adventure, available from Amazon Kindle and Solstice Publishing. $2.99


  1. Yoga will do that. Love how the balance returns with the right poses.

    I work with 1and1 through a client. I loathe it.If it were me, I’d be moving stuff off there a little at a time. Even the tedious copy/paste way of removing stuff is better than letting the bastards get another dime.

  2. I hope your yoga class is just the thing you need. I hear you on the “mowing mojo”, I’m just not feeling today, either.
    Blessings and best wishes for your day!

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