Tues. March 27: Frost and Flowers

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Slow start this morning, and busy day yesterday. I got three trees and the bushes planted yesterday. I still have to find those plastic nursery tubs to put some of the other baby trees into temporarily, because they arrived unmarked, and until they leaf for me and I can figure out what they are, I can’t decide how much room they need and where to put them. Urgh. And, while everywhere sells their stuff in those plastic pots, none of them actually sell the damn pots.

Working on the final galleys of HEX BREAKER, terrified I’m going to miss something huge. This is where trusting my editor comes in — if there was a huge problem, she would have fixed it by now! 😉

Dealt with student work, got some of my own work done, worked on some other business stuff. Picked up a research book the library tracked down for me. Got the interview questions out for an article.

It was below freezing last night, but none of the plants seem upset by it, thank goodness. Overslept this morning, and just didn’t want to get out of bed.

Have a big day ahead, lots of work to do with students, on my own, marketing, proposals, getting out press releases for a client, a meeting tonight. I’m not where I want to be in my own writing, and I have to find a way to get that balance back. Have to go to Sandwich Library to drop off books and pick up a book THEY managed to track down for me. I need to focus, but I really want some percolation time.

Well, the sooner I clear off the have-tos, the sooner I can create space for percolation.

So I better get to it!

Don’t forget the Dialogue Dilemmas and Solutions One-Day Seminar on April 14!



  1. Busy day indeed! Glad the plants toughed it through the frost.

    Getting my LOIs out the door again today. Conference in three weeks and I would love a full calendar of appointments. Monday is jammed full of meetings, but the rest of the week is empty so far.

  2. You really do have a lot of irons in the fire. It is really tough to be creative when there is too much going on. I hope you are able to find that balance point for yourself. I know it has taken me a long time…and I’m still trying to figure it all out. 😉

    • And once we figure it out — everything changes again, right? 😉

      • Ummmm…I’ll let you know when I figure it out the first time. 🙂

  3. I tend to save those pots from other plants that I purchase, though some hardware stores may carry them.
    Glad to hear your plants survived the below temps. Best wishes for a good week!

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