Tues. Feb. 7: And Saturn Goes Retrograde

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Full Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Three tires.

Yup, yesterday, I had to buy three new tires at the servicing. I was ready to cry when they told me, but I’m also grateful that it was caught BEFORE I start the next six weeks of way too much driving, and nothing bad happened to me on the road. The mechanic gave me a very fair price, and I can trust his work, so I’m glad it all happened there and not at some anonymous place who-knows-where.

So, it was a shock, but it could have been much worse, and I’m grateful for the bits that worked.

Wanted to run some errands in Plymouth, but the whole thing took much less time than expected, so every place I needed was still closed. Came back to the Cape and ran errands here, including doing some market research at Barnes & Noble that made me decide to do this new, potentially lucrative project. I even managed to get 1K of it done yesterday.

Came home to the happy news that Cape Cod Women Online wants me to do a story for their spring issue — I was delighted to accept. Also saw the first pass at the cover art for the new HEX BREAKER — just needs a slight tweak, and it will be there. Much happier with this cover than the previous one. And had a good conversation with my editor. My first-round edits should come through today, so I’ll have to get to work on those, along with everything else. Figures that would all come through as soon as I made the decision to accept the other project! 😉

Got my write-up out to Confidential Job #1, got out a guest blog post, finished critiquing a client’s manuscript and sent back the notes. Caught up with my students in both classes. The student with boundary issues left the class — but of course, I found out second hand. Then, this morning, I discover that individual’s tried to do an end run around me, going to administration to get them to intervene to change the parameters of the rest of the course just to suit this particular individual. Um, no. Again, an action that is completely out of bounds and unacceptable, shrouded in manipulative language. I worked with actors and television producers, some of the most skillful manipulators on the planet. I know manipulation when I see it. And such attempts piss me off, not make me cave.

Speaking of theatre, watched SMASH last night, since I’ve worked with some of the people on it! Production values are very well done, and it’s an interesting look into one view of the process, very different than anything we’ve seen. Theresa Rebeck, who’s a wonderful playwright AND television writer, is writing it, and the quality shows. Still not a fan of Katherine McPhee’s. I’ve always felt she works very hard at coming across as genuine instead of being genuine.

Anyway, my list of what has to get done today is very long, so I better get to it. Saturn goes retrograde today, which means any life lessons I didn’t learn last go-round will come back to kick me in the butt. I think I’ve made a lot of progress in the past year, so let’s hope I keep growing in the right directions! 😉



  1. You can’t have been charged the ransom I was when I bought four new tires – $770. Ridiculous, and I won’t go back to that place again for ANY reason. I don’t care if they’re the best and that I was talked into a warranty that probably isn’t as valuable as the paper it’s printed on. It’s too much money for tires. They damn well better last the life of this car.

    Saturn retrograde – ugh. My least favorite. 🙂

    • I was expecting it to be around that much — which is what it would have cost at the other place here or the place in CT. This guy charged me much less — and the work is really good. It’s not like I have to worry about the tire popping off because it wasn’t put on properly.

  2. Now I’m worried with the retrograde. Does that mean bad financial things will happen?
    I had to purchase four new tires a few weeks ago, but was given a good deal and feel much safer now. It must be new tire season! People who think rules should be changed just to suit them drive me nutty. Ugh. I’m sure it rankled.

    I hope your day goes smoothly!

    • Brandy, Saturn is about life lessons. If you’ve refused to learn the lessons presented in the last cycle, you get kicked in the butt! If you’ve grown, you’re presented with new opportunities.

      Finances are the Jupiter Retrograde — we don’t have to worry about that for several more months, because it recently went direct!

      • Thank you for the clarification! I know it took time away from your day and I appreciate it.

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