Tues. Jan. 10, 2012: Recovering from the Party

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Last Day of Full Moon
Cloudy and cold

I’m back! Good to be home! I’m fighting a cold, but, that’s the way it goes.

Got a lot of work done on Friday, and then it was party prep.

Friday night’s party was a ton of fun. Eighteen people in the little house, lots of food, drink, and laughter. Everyone talked to everyone, and got along. The food was good, the decorations looked good, we’d set up the buffet tables to work with the natural flow of the house — one could basically graze one’s way through the house. Turns out one of my colleagues at the Marine Life Center is the niece of the owner of the house!

Tessa Houdini slipped her harness twenty minutes in, but was much happier roaming and playing extra hostess. She never tried to dash out the door as people came and went. She had a blast, because everyone adored her. The other two hid.

We cleaned up after it was over and pulled down the boxes for the holiday decorations before going to bed.

I woke up feeling like I could sleep for a week. But we started taking down the decorations. It took all day, but they’re packed and put away. And a trip to the dump to get all the party debris out.

Then it was packing for the trip and leftovers, which was all we had the energy to heat up.

Up early Sunday morning, loaded the car, on the road a little after eight. Stopped in Niantic for some books (always a treat) and in Old Saybrook, where I found a few little things, then on to Greenwich. Dropped Costume Imp off at the train and my mom at her site.

Found out I the site has now locked wireless access, so I couldn’t use my own computer. I HAD to get online, so I borrowed a computer and caught up with students. Some of them are pushing boundaries — I am not on call 24/7, nor am I required to explain where I am, AND I’m allowed to take off a day here and there, just like anyone else. At the same time, I appreciate that they want to make sure I’m not lying in a ditch somewhere. One of the students, however, pulled an absolutely unacceptable manipulation move. To say I hit the roof is an understatement. The passive aggression and constant turmoil this individual causes must stop NOW. Line crossed. Unacceptable.

I thought I was shaking because I was so angry — turns out I was also running a fever and had chills. Broke it with good, ole-fashioned aspirin.

Up early on Sunday, back in the car. Drove straight through to the Cape — well, I had to stop for gas, but that’s it. The cats were glad I was home — it looks so bare without all the decorations! I have to do laundry and convert the big buffet table in my office back into the low workspace table and get back to the routine.

I was congested and feeling icky. Broke down and took a Sudafed, which has always been my go-to. Nothing but an upset stomach from it. So, when its term was done, I fired up the oil burner and mixed eucalyptus, tangerine, and pine oils, letting it burn for a few hours. I could breathe all night without distress.

My throat is a little scratchy, but, other than that, I seem in decent shape. Will hit the page for a few hours. I’ve also got to finish a review and type up the minutes for tonight’s meeting. Then, it’s checking in with the students in both classes. The Year-Longs are soldiering along (5 out of 12 have completed the first draft that has to be done by the end of the month). The 5-in 10-ers have their first flash fiction piece due today. Of the four pieces I’ve read so far, all four are excellent. They took the found inspiration and ran with it, kept their unique voices, and kept within the word count limits. The stories are lively and pack a punch. Good stuff! My new private student’s doing really, really well, too. I’ve got some polishing to do for tomorrow’s Webinar — I hope some of you will join me. It’ll be fun.

I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. It’ll be fun, but demanding. I’m also looking forward to next week, which I’m trying to keep very quiet.


Fri. Jan. 6, 2012: Twelfth Night

Friday, January 6th, 2012
Waxing Moon
Twelfth Night
Sunny and cold

I woke up thinking, “What’s all that white stuff outside?”

Um. Snow. It does that in January! 😉

Worked a lot yesterday morning before yoga. Yoga class was great. Came back, Costume Imp and I ran errands and then cooked, and then ran some more errands. We tidied up and are setting up the place for the party.

An old friend — I’ve known him since I was maybe twelve or thirteen, and haven’t seen him for about fifteen years. It was so good to see him again and know he’s well and happy.

Busy evening cooking and getting things set up.

Busy morning, trying to fit as much work with students and other stuff in as I can — rest of the day is about the party! Managed to get a revision out for my pro bono client, another request revision out, work with students.

Struggling withe the current sequence in the book. Bet I’ll get a bolt of enlightenment over the weekend.

Tomorrow — the decorations come down!


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Thurs. Jan. 5: Prep, prep, prep

Thursday, January 5, 2012
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

Worked a lot in the morning. Never enough, but at least I got a solid morning’s work under my belt, although I’m struggling with a dinner party scene in the book.

Off to Dennisport, to the Natural Market (great, but didn’t have what we needed) and Deborah Ann’s Rainbow (which is closing next week, but I got some good stuff). Also got stuff in Yarmouth at the liquor store, prepping for the party. Circled back hoping to eat at the Optimist Cafe, which was closed; tried the 6A Restaurant, which was closing as we pulled up. So we wound up at the Beehive again.

Stop N Shop was next, and by then, it was after 4 in the afternoon! Did some more work and did some reading while Costume Imp made chicken enchiladas for dinner.

This morning, I drafted an events blurb and a press release for a pro bono client, checked in with my students, and am about to go to yoga.

Haven’t tidied up my office yet, so guess what today’s focus needs to be? Looks like I’m prepping for a yard sale, and I’m not! I’m also going to make ahead some of the stuff for the party, and we need to do a run to Trader Joe’s.

Getting up early was a little tough this morning, but I’m glad I did. I feel like I’ve got a lot done before yoga, and it takes a lot of stress out of the rest of the day.

Still reading a manuscript for a friend and trying to get a bunch of other stuff done before the week’s out. Also, have to finish and send off the materials for the Prompt Playground today.

It’s good busy, though, doing what I love.


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Wed. Jan 4: Dashing Through the Cold

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

Busy day yesterday. Worked on the book. Worked with my students. It amazes me that the ones who complained the loudest and made the most excuses about not writing their 1K/day because they were “working on the short story” or “working on the exercises” are now bitching and moaning because I stripped the January short story requirement and most of the exercises, so that all they’d have to do is focus on the novel with no distractions — they’re the ones now moaning that there’s no short story requirement and not enough exercises in the month. Just can’t win with some people. I have to remember the ones who are quietly working — who are, actually, the bulk of the class. The ones doing the work need the bulk of the attention, not the squawkers.

In any case, I’m juggling the classes, prepping for the Prompt Playground (which should be a ton of fun – a two-hour webinar, which I hope some of you can attend), etc. I’ve got some work to do for Confidential job #1, I’m still in negotiations for that other job, I’ve got to get OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK out to the publisher today, and I’m in the early stages of negotiation for a one-off editing job. Costume Imp and I also have to go to the grocery store for the Big Party Shop, and I’ve got to tackle my office, which looks like a tornado went through it. I’d love to blame the kitten, but it’s my fault, not the kitten’s.

Took my mom to acupuncture and then for her blood test. Costume Imp and I then went to Lavender Moon and got some great stuff (I bought a new tarot deck, yay). We went to lunch at the Beehive (yummy) and then did some grocery shopping. Imp baked a wonderful raspberry cake, and I made a beef stew for dinner.

All good.

Lots to do, RSVPs coming back in for the party — I think it’ll be fun. Somehow, it all gets done. I just have to tackle each piece and then let it fall into the puzzle, instead of running around thinking, “Oh, there’s so much to do, how will I ever get it done?” You get it all done by not dicking around and DOING it.

I’d love to just sit and read the other two Kevin Hearne books. I’m about half-way through HEXED, and thoroughly enjoying that, too.


Tues. Jan. 3: Imp in the House!

Tuesday, January 3, 2011
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

The cold front’s come in, and it’s living up to its name. Brrr!

Got a lot of work done yesterday morning, thank goodness. Left around 1 to drive to Providence to pick up Costume Imp. Lovely day for driving, not much traffic. Unfortunately, both Google Maps AND Mapquest gave me incorrect directions to find the drop-off point, and I drove in circles for awhile (one way streets) and was late. I was always about two blocks away — I just couldn’t get there from here. Argh.

But we found each other, and got back on the highway and back to the Cape quickly.

Dinner was a lot of fun, and so was the evening. Because Tessa is so naturally friendly, the twins, who usually hide the whole time Costume Imp is here, came out and demanded their share of attention. It was pretty funny. Much nicer when everyone’s participating.

Imp brought up the Iron Druid books by Kevin Hearne. I read HOUNDED last night — really well done. Liked it a lot. The humor, the action, and the character development meld really well. Looking forward to the other two, and anything else this guy writes. The books came out within a month of each other this summer — that would be ideal for the Harpy trilogy, I think.

Back to work on the book this morning, spend time with my students (5 in 10 students, so far, seem excited about the class), take my mom to acupuncture, see what Imp wants to do, start tackling my office clean-up, and we have to sit down and create the grocery list for the party.

I’m clipping articles for the first exercise along with my class in 5 in 10 — the “found inspirations”. Yesterday’s was “Dead Blackbirds Fall from ARK Skies — Again.” The possibilities for that one are delicious. I can think of a half a dozen directions for stories right off the bat.


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Jan. 2, 2012: Hit the Ground Running in the New Year

The twins recovering from the holidays

Monday, January 2, 2012
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year celebration!

Friday was an exercise in frustration, running from pillar to post trying to get what I needed. Target was such a huge disappointment — the bins were overpriced, no decent toasters, nothing else on the list. I managed to get some bins at Home Goods, bought some clothes (I wanted something sparkly to ring in the new year), and then found a toaster that nearly matches the new red microwave at Sears. On sale. Up in the top corner, so I got someone to help me get it down — rather than try climbing up the shelf unit myself. New toaster, new microwave — I think we’re okay, appliance-wise, for awhile.

Got some work done on Saturday, and worked on cleaning up the place, because Costume Imp arrives. Got out the last of the party invites. For some reason, one person who turned down the invite thought it was tonight. Um, if you read the date it says “Friday, January 6th, 2012” not Saturday, December 31, 2011” and “Twelfth Night” is not the same as “New Year’s Eve.”

At least no one showed up at the door on New Year’s, expecting a party! 😉

The landlord came over to check the damaged wall, and we ended up talking about this, that, the other for most of the afternoon. It’s nice when you can have actual conversations with people, not just small talk.

Did a few loads of laundry, to go into the New Year with clean clothes!

Did a lot of work on HEART-SNATCHER — I’d written myself into a corner and had to find a way out. Made some notes for a few other things. Rang in the New Year with some good cheer, and kept right on working until about 1:30.

Up early Sunday morning, for the Fire-and-Ice ritual I do every New Year’s Day. Went to yoga — the teacher had a special class to ring in the New Year. it was great. Always helps to start the year right!

Cleaned the house, got my mom set up in the downstairs bedroom, got the upstairs bedroom set up for Costume Imp, scrubbed some shelves in the basement, took a quick walk on the beach, roasted a duck for the New Year’s Day dinner, and prepared the shepherd’s pies that are tonight’s dinner.

Worked on the book this morning. Today is also the first day of the 5 in 10 workshop and a new private student begins today. So there’s a lot to do. My office is a disaster area, but it will be fine in time for the party (we have to set up one of the buffet tables here).

Just after lunch, I’m driving to Providence to pick up Costume Imp, who’s taking the Mega Bus there from NY. So all the class stuff and last-minute tidying has to happen before I leave.

This will be a busy week, but I’m optimistic about 2012. I’ll have some materials up on the GDR site in a day or two, and I’m going to work smarter, not harder this year, and take more time for myself.


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