Wed. Jan. 18, 2012: Busy Continues

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Waning Moon
Sunny and cold

There’s a new post up on Gratitude and Growth, the garden journal. I ran into someone in a bar a few weeks ago, who asked why I stopped writing it, because she enjoyed reading it. So — it’s back up. I’m in the planning stages for the coming year’s garden, so it’s good for me to write it out and muse about it for a bit.

Again, lots of wind last night.

The hole in the wall is patched; this morning, the owner’s coming to put another layer of joint compound on it. He also taught me how to empty the central vacuum bag (a good thing, since it needed emptying). I couldn’t find the brush attachment at first; later I found it. In a bureau drawer. I must have been distracted. But at least I found it!

Tessa, of course, had to participate, every step of the way!

Worked with my students; didn’t get enough of my own work done. Got some research taken care of, and started on the work for Confidential Job #1. Tonight is the monthly writers’ dinner, which should be fun.

Until then, to the page and the students! In addition to my daily quota on the novel, I need to knock out the draft of at least one short story today. I’ve got two that need to be done this week, but if I do one today and one tomorrow, that gives me the weekend to do rewrites. I also have to get some papers filed with various agencies about the situation with Comcast — who, by the way, is raising rates for the second time in a year. It’s ridiculous that they are the only choice on the Cape. I’ve also got a couple of articles I need to work on.

I’ll take good busy over dull any day!


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  1. We had some wind, too. Nothing major, thankfullly.

    Would love a central vac. Would be nice if someone else in the house besides husband and me realized the On switch for either vacuum works for other people, too. 😉

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