Tues. Jan. 17, 2012: Good Busy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Waning Moon
Cloudy and cold

What a storm last night! The cats and I huddled under the covers. No snow, though, and for that I am grateful (means no shoveling).

I’m teaching a Holiday Hocus-Pocus Workshop in February. Just a week of fun and brainstorming ideas for holiday-themed work, and then resources to develop and sell them. Come join us!

Busy work day yesterday, somewhat truncated when I tried to log on to the workshop site and got a “fatal error”. So I’m a little behind there. This morning, the owner came to patch the hole in the wall — he’ll be back tomorrow for the next phase. Tessa was right there in the midst of things, of course. And, this morning, when I came downstairs — all the wall switches were on. She was busy in the night!

Got my next assignment from Confidential Job #1 — a double, with no due date, so I’ve got to get one– I figure they need me to turn it around more quickly than usual.

Finished reading a friend’s manuscript (finally) and sent comments back. Great story, just needs a few tweaks. The ending shows a lot of courage — I hope he’s not pressured into changing it.

Must catch up with students this afternoon and get going on the assignments for Confidential Job #1. Also need to work on a few proposals. It’s “good busy”. And I’ve got to get my quarterly taxes in — since the 15th was a Sunday and yesterday was a holiday, today’s the date they go off. Quarterly taxes work much better for me — I’m grateful to be on that system instead of the Hell-in-April System.


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  1. Hell-in-April system: LOVE that reference! I’m with you – I’d rather pay them over time than all at once.

  2. Best wishes with your taxes. Tessa needs to come teach my kitties how to turn the light switches on!

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