Fri. Dec. 30: I Need Three More Days in the Old Year

Friday, December 30, 2011
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

I need about another three days in this week, and then I’ll be good to go for the New Year!

Just lost so much time due to the accident and the aftermath, and I’m scrambling to make it up.

My mom’s doing much better. She’s resting a lot, but can walk without the oak staff and actually managed to sit at the table for dinner last night. Took her to her regular doctor (hour and a half sitting around for a five minute appointment) — no new information there, the doctor hadn’t even read the ER files which had been emailed — why not? The ER had her complete medical history when she gave her name at the Triage desk with a single keystroke. But Medicare is being a pain in the butt about the surgery, and if everything isn’t scheduled on exactly the date they want it in the order they want it– without any consideration for the patient or the doctor — they won’t pay for it. This is supposed to be a very simple but absolutely necessary procedure,so why all the hoops? Because they can, of course, and somebody somewhere’s getting a nice kickback.

Forget Congress — let ME rip apart the current healthcare system and rebuild it, and then we’ll have something that works, runs efficiently and cost-effectively, and does the job.

Took work with me to the waiting room. Eventually, this will all have to go into the computer, but at least I’m making use of the time. Got some other work done, too, but not enough. And I have a lot of cleaning to do before company arrives on Monday, and then more to prepare for the party a week from today.

I rearranged some of the 5 in 10 exercises (class starts Monday). It flows better now. The students who sit down and do the work will have between 5 and 9 short stories submission-ready by the end of the 10-week class. Those who don’t — won’t.

Four of my students in the year-long have finished the first drafts of their novels — a month early. Well, one of them finished back in November, so she was really early — put the pedal to the metal, did the work, and got it done. That’s 1/3 of the class, finishing ahead of time. I’m proud of them.

Onward to my own work and my own deadlines. I’ve got to get in cat food today, and head over the bridge to Target for bins — and a new toaster. The old toaster started having trouble during Mercury retrograde, and it’s pretty much had it. Soon, I’ll be hauling things to the “metal pile” at the dump. Maybe someone can rehabilitate these pieces.

Have a safe and happy New Year!


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  1. Happy New Year!

    Glad your mom is doing better.

  2. I’m happy to hear your Mom is feeling better. I hope she continues to heal well. Insurance is supposed to help, but hinders most.

    Best Wishes and Blessings for a New Year!

  3. So glad your mom is feeling better! I will be lugging a bunch of junk to the dump too. gotta love that we can do that! 😉

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