Thurs. Dec. 22: Solstice Blessings

spice cake with eggnog icing

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Day before dark moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Winter Solstice
Still dark out

It’s appropriate that the Winter Solstice hits this year when we’re nearly at the dark moon — and yes, the nights are very, very dark around here — holiday displays, but not streetlights! It will be weird, though, to have Christmas Eve on a new moon — we’re so used to the image of Santa’s sleigh and the full moon.

Ran around and did a lot of errands, including looking at new possibilities for a microwave. Still negotiating for that other job. The new publisher of the Jain Lazarus Adventures wants to take a look at Book 2 after the first of the year, so I will give it another quick read (I just recently did so, before I entered it into that beta testing program, but — another look won’t hurt). I’ll get the other book out to Champagne at the same time, and then turn my attention to Book 3 of Jain Lazarus. While, of course, juggling the year-long course, private students, and the 5 in 10 short story class! Good to be busy, right? But it means I should really relish the next ten days or so and not overdo.

I’m doing a bit of writing on the harpy book and then heading to yoga. Yoga on the Solstice — that’ll be fun. And tonight, we’ll celebrate.

Ready for the Wheel to Turn, and excited about next year’s possibilities.

Now, I just have to live up to them.

I’m re-reading Terry Pratchett’s HOGFATHER. It’s one of my favorite books anyway, but absolutely perfect around this time of year.


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  1. The cake is ravishing. Gonna make one for me today!

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  3. My Daughter would be happy with your cake, she loves egg nog. I hope yoga went well and that your day is full of possibilities!

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