Wed. Dec. 14: Cookie Platter Day

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Only one retrograde. Yee-hah!

Worked online yesterday morning, including pitching for a couple of small jobs that sound like fun.

A Budget van pulled into the driveway and I thought, “Now what?” Turns out, Fed Ex had to rent extra trucks! It was a Fed Ex delivery!

Took the packages to the post office — they’ll be delivered latest by Monday. All the overseas cards are out. Now, I just have to finish the domestic cards. I need to put together a “Yuletide Plan” for next year, so I can start things a little earlier and get them done a little more smoothly.

The eggnog icing for the cookies is amazing. So amazing, in fact, that, when I had some leftover, I baked a spice cake and used the rest on the cake. Which is out-of-this world. What a terrific combination. The nutmeg in the eggnog icing compliments the nutmeg and other spices in the cake, and it’s fantastic And it uses shortening rather than butter — huge difference. Definitely something for the “keeper” file!

Unfortunately, the lemon glaze for the lemon mini-bundts didn’t work. It tastes wonderful, but doesn’t drizzle properly. The cakes are too delicate to allow spreading — they’re lighter than an angel food. I probably should have used the recipe with yogurt in it, for smoothness. Thinning it with more lemon juice and/or water keeps it from hardening into glaze properly. So, I’ll just sprinkle the cakes with powdered sugar right before I put together the plates and get them out the door. I’ll bake a pound cake later this week and use the glaze on that instead.

Writing was okay yesterday, but not great. I’m struggling with the changes in the story. I have to sit down and chart things — I’ve written myself into a corner, because I’ve gotten some logistical lapses that have snowballed, and I need to sort them out, or it will only get worse.

Today, I print the holiday tags and cheat sheets for the cookie platters (I always do a page with pictures of the cookie and a description, in case someone doesn’t like something, or has an allergy), wrap them and deliver them. So, today is Cookie Platter Day.

I poached sole last night. I haven’t had sole in years, so I was very excited when I came across it at the store. It turned out really well. I always stress about how to cook fish, but a little butter, a little garlic, and little white wine, and you really can’t go wrong.

Tonight is the writers’ holiday party. Can’t wait — and I’m usually not a party gal.



  1. I remember cooking fish. It’s very easy and very quick. That’s why some folks mess it up – they let it in the oven or pan too long. You’re right. A little butter and wine never fails. 🙂 With tofu, however….

    I was glad to see the postal service is delaying their closings until mid-May. I’m seeing a lot of signs that the recession is lifting, so hopefully they can avoid it. After last year’s fiasco with UPS, I have a newfound love of our postal service. They’re cheaper and they get things there when they say they will (mostly). UPS took my package, charged me more than what I’d paid for the gift inside, then told me on December 10th that it probably wouldn’t be delivered until AFTER Christmas. Bastards.

    • Yeah, UPS is useless most of the time. In NY, they refused to deliver before 6 PM to a “residential address” — even though it was a home office. I worked nights on shows — which meant I HAD to get the packages during the day. Nope. Wouldn’t deliver. I lost a half a dozen freelance jobs because of that, and complained to the AG’s office.

      I LOVE the post office. They need someone like us in there to write the business plan. If they want to be the FIRST choice, they have to be a BETTER choice than anyone else, not whine and raise rates and cut back service. They’re causing their own demise. Of course, the suits and Republicans blame labor, but it’s NOT labor costs killing them.

  2. Your eggnog glaze sounds yummy. I feel like a slacker compared to you, I still haven’t mailed my Christmas cards.
    I hope your day went well.

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