Tues. Dec. 13: Long, Productive Hours

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury DIRECT (tonight)
Sunny and cold

To say I’m tired is an understatement.  Flat out all day yesterday.  Working with students in the morning, in and around baking 23 small lemon bundt cakes.  Not all of them are usable, but they’re baked.  

Non-stick pan, my ass.  Cooking spray useful — my other ass!  😉  Neither one worked the way they’re supposed to, but I managed to at least get enough cakes baked and intact to get a start on the cookie platters.

Somehow managed to tweak all the muscles around my left shoulder blade.  Ow.

I’m working on glazes this morning.  I’d hoped to deliver them today, but it’ll have to be tomorrow.

Packed the gifts that need to be shipped.  Some of them had to go out in boxes, which meant heading out to get kraft paper to wrap the boxes, so they can be labelled appropriately.  I think I got the last roll of brown kraft paper on the Cape!  Tucked in the cards to go with the gifts.

Had the live chat at Savvy for 5 in 10.  It went well.  Lots of participants, and they were actually participating, which is great.  The class is full, and more people who wanted to take it couldn’t get in, so I might offer it again later next year.

Tessa got all excited during the chat.  Both she and Violet were right there, swarming around the computer.  Tessa got excited by the colored fonts and the noises and the moving type.  She put in her two cents near the end.  It was pretty hilarious.  Hey, she can turn on the light switches; she can probably learn to type.

After the chat, I wrote all the overseas cards.  Then I went back to the workshop and caught up on commenting on student work.  It was one a.m by the time I fell into bed.  

That’s the life of a freelancer.  Sometimes, you put in extra hours.  Holidays are always busy.  When I worked 8 shows/week on Broadway AND wrote, I was regularly up until 2 or 3 a.m. for most of December, and up again at 6:30 or 7, to get it all done.  Usually, I’d be done on Christmas Eve, even with careful planning, so a few extra hours this early in the month, and I’m ahead of the game.

If you want regular hours, a life in the arts isn’t for you!

First writing session this morning difficult.  It’s a Carey chapter, and he’s being aloof today.  Probably because it’s been about a week or so since he had a chapter. WhatEVER!  😉

The students had some great feedback on my short story — there was a single word change suggested that made a huge difference.    From “a” to “our.”  Just gave the scene an entirely different and more intense experience. Yet another example of the importance of specific language.

Write a bit, work on glazes, go to the post office, glaze cookies and cakes.  That’s the plan.  Maybe get some more decorating done and some more straightening up.  The dishwasher is running non-stop — with the cookies, not only did I use every cooling rack in the house, but all the plates.  I was even bringing up extra ones from storage downstairs.

Another good thing about living in a house is that I can actually banish the cats from the baking and cooling areas, because now I have a place to put them.  “Them” being both cookies and cats, that aren’t in the same location!  Seriously, throughout my cookie-baking years, the cats were good about staying away — okay, there was one batch, when Elsa was a kitten, that couldn’t be used because of paw prints — but, for the most part, they stayed away.  Now they can actually go upstairs to play and sleep.

I was always fanatical about disinfecting work surfaces, and none of them have been allowed or had the inclination to be “counter kitties.”  Tessa had a crush on the coffee maker when she first arrived, but she’s outgrown it now, so it’s not an issue.

Roasted a chicken last night — delicious.  This year, we’re mixing favorite holiday traditions and creating new ones appropriate to both the house and the region.  We’re mixing up the menu a bit, which will be fun, and, instead of just pulling out decorations and sticking them somewhere, like last year (where all we wanted to do was survive the season, couldn’t enjoy it after the move), we’re taking time to really see what goes well where.  And move it around about six times!  It’s kind of fun to do things differently.

I bought a 25” tall elf at AC Moore the other day.  He had a cute face and he was on sale.  Anyway, I’m walking around the store holding him — and people kept coming up to me, saying how cute my son looked dressed as an elf!  And then they were shocked that it wasn’t a real kid.  Anyway, he’s Tessa’s new best friend, and I find him all over the house.  I could write a set of adventures for him and for Tessa at this rate!

Back to the page, and the holiday cards and so forth and so on . . .


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  1. I knew Tessa was a writer – something about her essence and the way you describe her. 🙂

    My “flat out” is today. Not a lot of work to do, but a lot of busy work to do. Ugh.

    25-inch elf? Too cool! Love it. 🙂

  2. Tessa and the Elf would make a cute children’s story. Our cats love the kitchen, but mostly stay on the boxes I leave our for them by the sliding door. Sorry to hear your non-stick pan didn’t work correctly. But, your lemon bundt cakes sound delicious.
    Blessings for a lovely day!

    • I’m playing with the idea. I think it might be kind of fun. If and when I do it, I’ll dedicate it to you!

  3. Re irregular hours: you’re absolutely right. I came to realise recently that my 5am starts and the requirement to work into the small hours, was something I originally built into my life so I could write around my day job.

    However, these irregular hours have become so common to me now, and second nature most of the time, that I see them as my *regular* hours. I’ve grown conmfortable with the irregularity of it all, which means it must fit well with me, I guess. 🙂

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