Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
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Sunny and pleasant

Busy day yesterday. Cyber-Mondayed. I have almost all my shopping done now, between Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday. I have a handful of small things to pick up and we’re good to go. Just wrapping, mailing, cards, and baking left.

And putting the house back together.

Good meeting yesterday. I pulled materials I need to make up the press kit for this client, and will turn my attention to that a little later this week. I’ve got the bones of it done, but need to scan in press clippings and arrange them to show the growth of the organization.

Lunch with a friend at a Thai restaurant — always fun.

Interesting discussion with a top notch agent. Can’t be my top-notch agent, because she doesn’t handle genre fiction, but we had a good chat about the changing business model of the market, and how she’s dumping the writers who don’t sit down and write every day and turn out books regularly — unless they’ve already earned the right not to with a solid track record of glowing reviews and high sales. She said slow writers, or writers who only write “when they have time” or “when the mood strikes them” are, nine times out of ten, no longer a viable option for either an agent or a publisher. The days of “your process” or “doing what works for you” are done. If you want to a career, any career, you learn what’s necessary in that field and you do it. Fiction is the same as anything else. Just because you can do it at odd hours doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn the protocols of both craft and business. She pointed out that if you expect to publish in the fiction market, using the excuse of not showing up at that particular page because you’ve got other paid work going on and this isn’t yet contracted is simply a cop-out and indicates you’re not serious about your fiction. The fiction must always come first. Writing — especially fiction writing — is not a nine-to-five endeavor, and if you treat it like a corporate job, you cut yourself off at the knees –and the publisher. Nothing wrong with only having only one book in you, but it better be a good one. And if you take years to write it, there really will only be one. She’s a big believer in writing a minimum of 1000 words a day, and says that’s what makes the difference between “a writing career and a cute lil hobby no one’s gonna take seriously.” Interesting perspective. She’s a tough one — makes me look like a sweet little cupcake! 😉

Especially interesting timing on this conversation, because yet another student dropped out of the year-long because she feels 1000 words a day is too much.

Afternoon busy with commenting on the short story exercises coming in. I’m pleased by the high quality of the work and how clever the plots and stories are.

Worked on the assignment for Confidential Job #1, but got my dates mixed up — kept thinking yesterday was the 27th instead of the 28th. Must get that sorted out right now.

Good morning writing session on HEART-SNATCHER (the first Harpy book in the trilogy).

I’ve got some freelance work to take care of, some errands, and then back to commenting on student work.


Today’s word count: 2446
Total word count: 94,806


  1. Interesting conversation with the agent. It’s encouraging for a hungry unagented author and it’s a motivator for slack writers who are agented.

    Thanks for sharing.

    (I first typed “thanks for sharting” ;))

  2. She’s absolutely right.

    Hope you have a good day!

  3. Very interesting conversation with the agent. She’s so right. Currently I’m struggling to put any time into my fiction. Starting to think fiction isn’t going to play a big role in my writing life! I’m surprised, but am happy to have a better idea of how to focus my writing energies.

  4. I am so curious about your Harpy book! Blessings!

  5. Wow, what great advice. I’m going to link to this from the Seriously Serious Scribes. I think it’s really good stuff.

    Glad you’re getting it all back together after the spider mite episode. Yu – uk.

  6. That’s a great article and I’m pleased to know I’m doing ‘something’ right! 1,000 words a day is my daily target producing 100,000 words in 100 days for the first draft. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Interesting comments from the agent, and reinforces a lot of the news coming out from the industry watchers too.

  8. Love Thai food myself. 🙂

    Those students who won’t or can’t commit to the small word-count requirement are cheating themselves.

    I’m down to three gifts to buy, and I have ideas for all three, so it’s been a great shopping season. The first gift was bought in October – I start early!

  9. […] had an informative blog post regarding agents dropping less productive writers. You can read it here. Makes ya […]

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