Nov. 21, 2011: It All Goes To Hell Before the Holidays

Violet hiding behind the teapots so I can’t take her to the vet

Monday, November 21, 2011
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Cloudy and cold

It always all goes to hell before the holidays, doesn’t it?

The weekend was good. I didn’t get to work in the yard more, but on Saturday, we visited Green Briar Jam Kitchen’s holiday fair. It was lovely. The Santa room, decorated all in vintage Santas, was lovely. I picked up some jam and some gifts for the godkids.

The first two Jain Lazarus books are out on request, as the series, not individual books. I’m reading over another manuscript that has to be uploaded ASAP, and found a major POV problem that I need to fix before getting it out. Why did I miss it in seven drafts again? Urgh.

The place I was supposed to teach in Sandwich in January screwed me yet again. We’d set dates for January. I kept emailing and emailing and emailing for confirmation (even though, technically, it was agreed upon in early October IN WRITING), because I have promotional deadlines to meet, and this time, the class was supposed to be under the correct name, so I could promote it. The emails went unanswered. The catalog was in yesterday’s paper — and I’m not in it. Hey, if they don’t want to run the class, fine, but not to have the basic courtesy to tell me? I have to find out by looking at the catalog and seeing that I’m not in it? Unacceptable, and I told them that.

So, I have to make up for that lost income — and, considering I turned down much higher-paying jobs in order to keep the dates I promised them, and can’t get that work back, I am angry.

Another student is dropping out of the year long intensive. At least she had the courtesy to let me know, so those are points in her favor. But again– I have to replace that money. And I specifically didn’t book extra classes in December so I could focus on the year-long people.

And a bunch of them are whining that 1000 words a day are “quantity over quality”? What is this bullshit? FOUR PAGES is not quantity. And working writers need to cough up a hell of a lot more than that to survive.

At the same time, there are a bunch of people who are writing their hearts out, keeping up, turning out wonderful work, and I don’t want them to get short shrift.

If I ever do a class like this again, I will not agree to pay-by-the-month. It makes it too easy for people to quit. Non-refundable, six months up front. I shouldn’t have to re-scramble my schedule every month because someone can’t cut it.

Aren’t I a little cranky pants today? 😉

On my way to the vet with Violet — she needs something looked at. I have to find her to crate her — she knows something is up, and is hiding.

So much to do before I head for Maine over the holiday. Let the frustrations wash off and move forward. Whenever things don’t work out, it usually means something better is on the horizon. I don’t want to repress the frustration and anger, but I can acknowledge it and let it go, rather than letting it fester. Learn what I can from the situation, and see how I can adjust in the future –without lowering the bar on my work.

Nine of my students have landed publishing contracts in the last few months, based on work done in my classes. I’m doing something right for some of them!

Having fun with some short stories, and the novel is going well. That’s at least, in the right direction.


Today’s word count: 3,873
Total word count: 86,556

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  1. Haha! I love how Violet hid behind the teapots knowing you couldn’t just grab her and scoop her up. Cats are rotten like that! I agree that life seems to get so hectic before the holidays. It’s only Monday, but somehow my week is gone.

  2. I was just thinking this myself. The work comes piling in the minute we think about taking time off.

    I’d never go back to those people with a course again. They have no business organizing one given their track record. Your talents are wasted there.

    • Yeah, I’m sending out some other proposals after the holiday to other organizations.

  3. Hugs, seriously, for it all….

  4. Hope Violet is ok.

  5. Good luck with the series. Be interesting to see how that one goes, because knowing it as I do, the series to a publisher musst surely be a tantilising prospect.

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