Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011
Waxing Moon
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Uranus Retrograde
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Sunny and cold

I’m over on The Writers Vineyard, talking about falling in love with your work. Stop by and drop a comment.

We had to turn on the heat. Yup, it’s that cold.

Worked with my students yesterday, and will have to work most of the day today with them. Working on the assignment for Confidential Job #1 — those 600+ pages are killing me, because 90% is telling, not showing. I will ask my editor for an extension over the holiday weekend. Worked on it most of the afternoon and barely made any progress.

Had a break-through on the Harpy book for one of my protagonists and one of my antagonists that, if I’m able to pull it off, will be heart-breaking, because it shows how much they cared for each other, and how their mutual betrayals hurt both of them, and the consequences. Those chapters are a bit down the road, but I’m counting on sense memory and notes.

Speaking of sense memory, I wondered why I’m so stressed out — aside from taking on too much work this month and all that. It feels as though my body remembers where we were last year at this time — negotiating the lease, preparing for the move, fighting the scumbag landlords — it’s almost like I’m having muscular flashbacks. They’re not visual, but my body feels the way it did last year at this time. Even more important for me to find a good yoga class for the winter and get back to meditation group.

Like I need this right now!

I can’t believe the morning is almost gone. Good day at the page, and then time spent with my students.

I’m a little frustrated, because I feel some of them are fighting the writing process, instead of enjoying having a reason to sit down at the page every day. Kinda makes me wonder why they’re there. It well may just be a phase for them, a part of the settling-in process. Books don’t write themselves. You have to MAKE the time to sit down and commit regularly and put words on paper.

And so it goes . . .


Today’s word count: 3448
Total word count: 13,896

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  1. Has it been a year? Wow. I felt like I went through it with you.


  2. I hope your body releases that stress soon. Congratulations on a year of being FREE for your old place.

    • Ack, meant from your old place. Sorry.

  3. There you are. 🙂

    Our heat has been on for a few weeks. Some of these nights are in the 40s. Too cold for just blankets! Plus the hamster will go into hibernation if it’s too cold.

    I think it’s sad too that they’re seeing their writing process as a struggle instead of an opportunity. Their loss really. Who wouldn’t want to sit down and write every day?

  4. If they can’t be persuaded to sit down at the page with you mentoring them, nothing will!

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