Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Hop on over to A BIBLIO PARADISE and read a great interview with author Pauline Baird Jones. Her newest release is a steampunk, and I’m excited to read it. Pauline and I “met” when she was the moderator for a chat I did over on Long & Short Romance to promote ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT.

Busy day yesterday. I was working on the computer in the morning longer than I intended, and was late getting out to do the errands. Got most of them done, including getting yet another stack of books out of the local library, this one including two cookbooks by Ina Garten that have some really great recipes in them. I look forward to trying them out. I love test driving cookbooks from the library. And the October issues of both FOOD AND WINE and BON APPETIT have some great recipes in them.

I also got out a book that’s supposed to give you ideas for a clean, harmonious, restful space. All it did was stress me out. I can’t live in something that sparse and full of angles and cold. I like color and texture and warmth. I use a lot of cool colors like blues and greens — water colors, but mix them with warmer tones, and change colors seasonally to compliment or contrast what’s going on outside. I find even warm colors and textures can be restful, if situated properly. Living in white? White walls, white floors, white furnishings, white accessories? No. Not only would I feel like i was a lab rat, it’s not practical with pets, and it’s a color I find stressful, not restful.

Couldn’t find cornish hen at the grocery store. The Autumn Equinox is on Friday, and I always make a cornish hen for the meal. I’ll have to try some of the other stores.

Had a lot of trouble with my eyes in the afternoon and evening, and had to limit computer time. This means I’m behind with my students, but that’s the way it is. I couldn’t focus my eyes enough to read what was on the screen.

Percolated on the book, but didn’t do much physical work on the outline. Came up with a few backstory possibilities and tossed ‘em. They make it all a little too pat, and move away from what makes the story unique and what ties it into classical mythology.

I’ve got to get a press release out for the National Marine Life Center (it’s written, it just need to be distributed), go to Sandwich to the library (figures, I come home with one of the books I ordered only to find the note that they put aside another one). All good, though, I’ll take any excuse to go to Sandwich. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the lawn clippings to the dump — gotta take care of that today, before there’s a great big mess in the garage. A freelance job scheduled in two weeks cancelled — I have to come up with something to make up the financial difference pretty darn quickly. Will be sending out queries for some quick turn-around projects.

Now, to spend some time with my students before heading out. I’d like to beat the rain.


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  1. Is the eye thing sugar fluctuation? Mine usually is. Or a migraine, and I hope you’re not getting one of those.

    Good luck finding the Cornish hen. 🙂

  2. Sounds like too much technology. 🙂

    Doing my own search for gigs, too. A big one fell through, so the hunt is on.

  3. I hope your eye issue clears up. Blessings!

  4. Hope you’re able to find that Cornish hen!

    Have you tried lowering the brightness on your screen? I have found (especially if I’m writing at night) it totally helps to tone down the brightness. It’s on your keyboard, if you’ve never used it before…

    Hope your eyes feel better!

  5. I want Cornish cheese! Ours was locked away in a refrigerator in an inn in Salisbury two years ago and we had to fly home without ever having tasted it. I’m still missing that cheese. And it seems the states don’t sell it anywhere. At least not in Pennsylvania.


    • Next time you’re in Philly, there are a couple of great cheese places in Reading Terminal Market. You might find it there!

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