Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and GORGEOUS

First and foremost, we are fine. Falmouth got hit pretty badly, but, although we are only a few towns over, it was mostly wind, very little rain. No trees fell on the site or my house or the car, so that’s all good.

I’m over on Let’s Talk Romance, where I discuss “Diving into Life” as a writer.

The Mermaid Ball was a HUGE success, and I’m glad we went forward with it. It didn’t even rain for most of Saturday — one downpour that lasted about twenty minutes, when I was home changing. We got there, set up, the facility had to board up the plate glass windows in time for the hurricane, we drew the curtains, lit candles, and it still looked like undersea enchantment. We had a wonderful turnout and a wonderful time. What better timing to help injured sea animals than the NIGHT before the hurricane? People looked great — quite a few came in costume, which was fun. There was dining, dancing, live and silent auctions went well, people were happy. I’ve been working these types of events since 1991, and this is one of the few times where it really felt like everyone on the Committee rolled up their sleeves and worked, and the results sparkled. We were lucky to have a really good Chairperson who placed people where they were strongest and where they enjoyed what they were doing.

There will be follow-up press, and I’ll post links!

The only sour note was that my relief from Crazytown called during the day, with a completely false claim that the National Guard was closing all the roads from 6 PM Saturday to 9 PM Sunday, and I should come back before 6 PM Saturday so she could go home. What part of “I”m working & not available” is so difficult to understand?

Coming home was not a problem — roads were clear, no rain, no wind. I got to bed a little after midnight.

I was up before 5 AM, because the winds were picking up, scaring Iris & Violet. Tessa thought it was fascinating to watch everything blow. Nothing scares that one! She’s hilarious.

I was back at Crazytown (can you tell I don’t care if I burn this bridge?) by 7:30 in the morning, sent my relief home before the storm picked, up, and hunkered down. There wasn’t much rain, just a lot of steady wind, The reports from where I used to live — remember those photos I posted back in 2007, where I lost my car, and the entire neighborhood looked like it was in the middle of a muddy river? Same thing this weekend. I am SO glad I don’t live there anymore — my old building was again, completely flooded, and you know those scumbag landlords just let the people in the basement apartments lose everything. The city is equally liable, for allowing the landlords to keep renting apartments that everyone except the people renting them know flood all the way to the ceiling regularly.

We got out at the right time.

This morning, it’s actually quiet here for once, and absolutely gorgeous outside. I’m sure there will be plenty of clean-up later on. I’m going to head home for a few hours in the afternoon to check on my house (do I care that I’m not supposed to? No) and see what kind of clean-up I have to do there, as well as starting to get the plants back out onto the deck.

In the meantime, I hope to get some writing in. The constant interruptions here make it hard to get anything done.

Back to it. I hope everyone rode out the storm safely, and best wishes.


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  1. THANK GOODNESS!! I was just a “tad” stressed! 😉 Glad you’re safe and fine, sorry you have to deal with annoying crap. Hope your day is happy!


  2. Glad to hear you’re safe! I was worried about you. I guess the storm’s worst missed you, amen. My son was getting a ton of weather, but it may equal what we saw here, which wasn’t horrible.

    I’m glad the ball was a success! ]

  3. Glad to hear the Mermaid Ball was a success! Crazytown seems an apt nickname.
    Hope you accomplish all you set out to do today!

  4. Excuse me? You’re not supposed to leave site? At all? ‘Kin ‘ell. And fancy crazyrelief lying about the roads in the first place, and then expecting YOU to go over then when they couldn’t be. I’m sure you will turn the whole experience into something positive in future.

    And glad you’re ok. Saw the pictures on the news Monday evening. Thought of you.

  5. Glad you’re safe! I’ve been so wrapped up in the book festival I never even knew what was happening! Doh!

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