Tuesday, August 10, 2011

Iris meditates

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and humid

Yoga helped the migraine yesterday morning, but didn’t completely cure it. I ended up taking Excedrin throughout the day so I could keep going, which meant, by the time I got home at night, I had an awful rebound headache. My head is still sore today, but better.

I landed a gig writing an article for a local publication on the Marine Life Center — which is great, but they need it by next week. So I need to dig down and be productive. Which is a good thing! And I need to take some photos, too, for it, so we’re setting all of this up.

Got home from yoga yesterday morning, dealt with the contractual stuff for the article and told the people at NMLC about it (they knew I was pitching it), and then headed over to set up for the gala. We worked in the afternoon, setting up tables, displaying items, etc. I managed to get home for a break, had dinner, changed into nicer clothes, and headed back..

Gala itself was fine. It’s very low-key, no admission charge or fancy cocktails or meals or anything. People come in, look at the stuff, bid, throw some money into the coffers. It’s nice stuff, all home and garden, but not overly expensive, so there’s a wider range of audience than can afford to go to a lot of other events, especially since there’s no admission price. It went well, people had fun, things sold well, and we were done by 9 PM.

The woman who’d been so nasty at the concert was there. She’d been told to apologize to me, but she didn’t even speak to me. Just spent the evening on the opposite side of the room, glaring at me and gossiping. Didn’t help set up; didn’t help clean up; did nothing but glare at me all night. Really? Are we five? I’d been willing to cut her slack for having a bad day or whatever, because we all do. But she made it clear last night that she’s not in the least bit sorry for her behavior, and that it will continue. Turns out, she’s been pulling this kind of crap for years, but no one ever told her off before. I will not tolerate the behavior displayed at the concert. Period. Last night, I just ignored her and did my work. I’m not engaging in her pettiness, and if she gets aggressive again, I will, again, make it clear that I won’t tolerate it. I have way too much going on to be caught up in whatever imaginary drama she’s created. I don’t want her to apologize unless she means it, and, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have to deal with her. I’m absolutely capable of being polite if we’re in the same space at the same time. She certainly didn’t ruin my evening, or even make me uncomfortable. And hey, it’s all material, small community dynamics and all that.

Tessa is bound and determined to make friends with Violet. She follows her around all the time and tries to get close. Tessa slept on the bed last night, and Violet chased her off this morning, because Violet refuses to have her cuddle time in the morning infringed upon. And Violet still insists on sitting in my lap while I work on the computer — no Tessa allowed! So Tessa sits in a sunbeam next to the chair. And Iris is sulking upstairs, in between eating everybody’s food.

Today is all about the Mermaid Ball, with some errands and a bit of work on the short story tossed in there as well.

I did a blog for Savvy Authors and sent it in early, because, as I have told them since FEBRUARY, I am not available in August. They kept asking me to do stuff in August, scheduled me for dates in August, which I told them I couldn’t do — what part of “I am not available” is so hard? Then, over the weekend, I get an email saying I need to send in the blog by the 8th to run on the 10th — even though I’d been scheduled to run on the 7th and sent it in on the 25th. I reminded them that I was not available in August, told them everything had been sent in on the 25th, and the date I had was the 7th for it to run, so was this something different or what was going on? I get a message, “I’ll check the sheet and get right back to you.” This was on Saturday. Today is Wednesday. I have yet to hear anything, and I look on the site, and there’s nothing up today. Whatever. I have no time for this. I get my materials in on time. I’m getting a little sick of meeting deadlines and then people emailing me to tell me they don’t have materials that were sent AND ACKNOWLEDGED weeks before.

Mercury Retrograde!

Back to work. I better mow today. The front’s not too bad, but it could be better. And I’ve still got to finish the back terraced area and the meadow before I go on-site next week.

To work!


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  1. I can hardly wait for Mercury to go back. :-/

  2. Sorry to hear your migraine stuck around so long yesterday. Some people are hardwired to be a pain in the fanny to every one around them. Sounds as though that woman is one of those.
    Best wishes for a delightful day!

  3. Reading your “Assumption of Right” on my Kindle. At the point where Morag and Simon are sitting in a back booth in the pub located near where she lives. Nice, smooth story, and eye-opening with details about the Broadway scene. Chuck

    • So glad you’re enjoying it!

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