Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011
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Cloudy and cool

There are two Annabel Aidan reviews up — one on Coffee Time Romance and one on Colin Galbraith’s blog. Hope you’ll check both of them out.

Tuesday morning’s yoga class was HUGE. Among the participants were three sisters who’d always come to the Cape every summer. They’d rented houses again this year, with their families, and brought all their teenagers to yoga! So it was a group of about twelve from the same family. Lots of fun.

Brandy, our teacher lets people choose corpse or seated meditation, whichever is comfortable. Some people just aren’t comfortable in corpse. I have problems keeping palms up in it (receptive). Because of all the chaos leading up to the move, I have trouble with any heart-opening poses. So that’s what I have to work on the hardest. Even when I’m psychically uncomfortable, my teacher has won my trust enough so I’ll keep working. And she’s a nurse, so she’s also teaching correct physical alignments, which helps a lot, and teaches me the difference between making progress and challenging myself physically and doing something that could injure me. I also love the poses where we have the earth/sand “massage” our backs — huge difference in helping heal the back problems I had earlier this year.

I worked hard on various projects on Tuesday, and then had to go to a site job overnight. I survived it, and, as much as I’d love to vent, there’s no way I can do so and stay professional. Short version — the job the client wants me to do is an entirely different profession than mine, and not anything I ever remotely agreed to do or that was in our initial discussions. I don’t do that job. I don’t have either the interest or the skills, and that’s not how I’ve ever presented myself. So don’t bring me in under false pretenses and then order me to do something that’s not within my profession, and, when it came up last week, I told you flat out I would not do. Repeated demands do not wear me down — they piss me off.

Fortunately, my yoga teacher’s lessons embedded firmly enough so I was able to keep my cool, be cordial (a sure sign I am FURIOUS –when I hit “cordial”, everyone needs to take cover), and get through it as a professional.

Did some grocery shopping early Wednesday. Stopped at the bookstore to pick up a couple of things (stress relief) and get coffee. Did more grocery shopping and came home to recover. The cats were waiting for me in the kitchen, not at all amused that they didn’t have snacks the night before or wet food. So we took care of that! Instead of running when they hear the garage door open, they now line up at their bowls, facing the door from the garage into the kitchen.

Got some good work done, but was pretty wiped out. Prepared the smoked trout mousse and the black bean hummus for my meeting. Did a bit of reading.

Traffic wasn’t bad to Buzzards Bay, and the meeting went well. Came home, relaxed, played with the cats, went to bed early. Woke up at 2 AM and had trouble getting to sleep again.

Off to yoga now, and then a full day at the desk. It’s cool this morning, and smells like fall.


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  1. Obviously your client has no idea about people because if they took any time to “read” you, they’d know that you’re not one to take bullshit. Clueless. Good luck with the situation

  2. I have no idea how that name got there. 😉

  3. Good for you for being professional and taking the high road. So many people don’t do that these days.

    Fall? FALL??? I’m not ready for that yet!!!

  4. I am ready for Fall. Now actually. I have no idea why, but I just don’t feel comfortable (safe) in corpse pose. I’m glad your teacher is like mine and is okay with her students choosing one or the other.
    Yuck on the client who wanted to “change the rules” on you.

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