Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Hot, hot, hot

I tried to consolidate the errands that had to be done before I could crawl back into bed and just let myself be sick and miserable for a day, but most of the day was gone before I could get everything done. Damn tourist traffic! Seriously, though, it’s a good thing for the local businesses here on the Cape, so I try not to whine too much.

My mom’s having health issues, and that has to be dealt with, too. Fingers crossed that everything will be okay. At least here, the doctor calls back within an hour, not the three days it always took in NY.

One of the committee women came to check on me after the concert unpleasantness, and came bearing gifts of produce. That’s what people do here, they all have gardens, and since my planting was late, my harvest will be late. Takes “late bloomer” to a whole new level!

I rested up for a few hours, let stories spin in my head. Several different sets of characters are yammering for my time. I’m making notes, but I’ve got other projects that need attention. There’s something that really wants to be written, and I think it’s a play, which is a good thing, because I was afraid I was losing my chops when it comes to script writing. But I’ve got to get SPIRIT REPOSITORY out the door first.

I managed to give my students some time. They had assignments due, and it’s not their fault I was under the weather. They were actually on time with their work!

Another good B’way friend is going to come visit in September — so looking forward to it. I’m really missing — to say I miss Broadway these past few days isn’t quite correct. I miss the camaraderie, the sense that if things go south, even the people on the show you don’t always get along with have your back. Friendship builds on time and shared experience as much as that spark of connection, and I haven’t been here long enough to build a new support system. I work hard to maintain my former one, but it’s still a case where you can’t just call up an old friend and go vent in a bar over frothy drinks or a few good shots of single malt, and say things you don’t really mean, but it feels good to say them in the moment, and you can trust that those words won’t get out there and hurt anyone.

Working on POWER OF WORDS, developing the relationships as the characters work on the television series makes me miss the positive aspects more. Each production, whether it’s stage or screen, is a shared experience no one outside that immediate production can participate in. You live lifetimes in a few months, and there are really strong bonds. There are people you stay in touch with; people you don’t stay in touch with regularly where it feels like you pick up in the middle of the sentence where you left off, and people who drift away, because they were part of your life just for those moments. It’s not like working in an office or a school or any other environment, because you are creating together, building and sharing worlds together. And when you’re away from it for awhile, it’s easier to forget the bullshit! 😉

I’m posting this Wednesday night, because I’m off to yoga on the beach early Thursday morning, and then I’ve got a local gig on site instead of working from home. I hope it won’t be as hot as the predictions!

I hope to get in a few pages early in the morning before I leave for yoga at 6:30.


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  1. Good healing thoughts for Mom and you, my dear. May there be a shift in the wind that brings better health to you both.

    I know what you mean about connections. I’ve been here 12 years and have yet to find that strong support system that allows me to call in a moment’s notice a good friend. I have good friends, but they’re busy. Always busy. I wonder about why folks are so busy – is it actual lists or ones built for holding back too much connection?

  2. I hope the migraine is better today and good vibes again for your mom.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better today and that your Mother’s health issues resolve themselves into a good situation soon.

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