Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny, hot, humid

Spend some Christmas in July time with me (as Annabel Aidan) here! You can comment and win a 10 page critique from me. Even if you don’t want the critique, stop by and say hi after the interview. Susanne always asks interesting questions.

Busy, busy, busy, especially since I don’t feel great. Late getting this up today, because I was dealing with the class that starts today.

The weekend was pretty warm, but good. I was a little under the weather, do didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, and am worried about my mom.

I wrote quite a bit, which was a good thing, and worked on the Mermaid Ball, but still feel behind. I always feel behind. I spent some time with the students on the class that started a couple of weeks ago, and, this morning, started the revision class. I pitched some more classes, and I also did some more work on the applications for the intensive. Some people dropped out, some want to be on the wait list.

Ran around and did errands. Couldn’t find some stuff I needed. Hauled up the newly painted bureau to my bedroom and rearranged some things, but haven’t had a chance to fill it yet. Unpacked books. DId laundry.

Read three books by an author I’ve read in anthologies. Liked her work, picked up these three books, which are part of a series. I feel like the first book is missing, but the first book I read is, supposedly, the first book in the series, and I feel like a lot of loose ends dangled, but the last book I read is the last book — so far. I liked the premise and the characters, but felt the execution was shady.

Made myself join the meditation walk on Sunday morning, not allowing the “I don’t have time” excuses. I needed it, it was good for me.

I’m feeling burned out and overwhelmed right now, and not sure how to shift things. There is a list of things that have to get done, period, end of story, within a finite amount of time. I need to finish them, figure out why I’m having so much resistance, and resolve it moving forward, but it must get done whether I’m resisting or not. I need to break some patterns, but in a graceful way that still keeps promises without making similar promises down the line that I don’t want to/can’t keep.

A bad night between storms (internal and external) and an alarm going off at 5:30 this morning, probably because of a failing battery, didn’t help.

Watched Rufus Sewell in the ZEN series, where he plays Aurelio Zen. I really like the tone of it — unique and interesting. Got frustrated with FALLING SKIES because I was ahead of the story in the promo and didn’t like the way the characters are or are not catching up. I liked the scene where Maggie teaches Annie to shoot, though. That was a little gem in kind of a mess of an episode.

Back to work, and hope to get everything sorted in a timely manner.



  1. Zen: Rufus Sewell was the best bit in it, IMHO.

    Falling Skies: Watched the first episode, got totally lost, watched it again on +1, then forgot to watch part 2 … d’uh!

    Falling behind: I always feel as though I’m behind too. Every single day. I stopped beating myself up and my mood lifted – and I stopped feeling *quite* so behind …

    Mom: Sending good news and healing vibes.

    Burnout: It’s almost August. Try and hold in there, but take an hour or even 30 minutes out if necessary to recharge.

  2. Hey I just happened to catch Rufus Sewell in the middle of one of the ZEN series shows last night! He’s a favorite so I was pleased to see him in a series.

  3. Sending good thoughts for you and for your Mom. And it sounds stupid, but I’m sending hugs, too.

    • It’s not stupid at all. It’s deeply appreciated.

  4. Sorry you’re feeling a bit out of sorts. There’s something in your list that’s making you uncomfortable, by the sounds of it. Ferret that out and deal and I suspect you’ll feel better about your workload.

    Healing thoughts to Mom and Devon….

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