Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and warmer

When you’re finished here, hop on over to Lori Widmer’s Words on the Page, where I’ve got an article up about how writing fiction helps me land business writing contracts. Yes, it is part of the ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT launch week!

And thank you so much for all the good wishes and wonderful support, making my release day truly special!

Busy, busy weekend. Friends came over on Friday morning for breakfast. We had a lovely visit, and then I raced around trying to get everything done. Can’t remember if I mowed the terraced back last Thursday or Friday — it’s all one long mow for me! 😉

Took stuff to the dump, got some writing done, but as usual, never enough. The next assignment for Confidential Job #1 arrived. So I guess, even with the transition, they’re keeping me for awhile! 😉

Saturday, I got out a press release in the morning, did some promo for the book, and then headed up to Wellfleet for lunch with my friends. It was beautiful. I hadn’t actually been to Wellfleet in years — usually I was up in the winter, when everything was closed. The Wellfleet Preservation Hall has re-opened and the renovation is gorgeous. Really lovely. They have a wonderful schedule of events, so I think I’ll go up and participate in some of them. I also found the Wellfleet Mass Audubon Sanctuary, which I’ve yet to visit — will have to get up there so to do at some point. We wandered the stores, I bought a lovely piece of batik (I’m like a crow and shiny jewelry when it comes to batik), and we walked over Uncle Tim’s Bridge and looked around. There were lady slippers growing wild, which I’d never seen before. Exciting!

We had lunch at a place called the Beachcomber, which lived up to its name by being tucked in the sand dunes. The food was fantastic — I had fish tacos with a black bean and corn salsa that were just terrific. We walked down to the beach and enjoyed the windy day.

I headed back to find my retired neighbor who spends ten hours a day in his garden over in my yard, hacking at things with the edger! I’d like to think it was out of kindness, but, knowing him, it’s more out of a sense that I’m not getting things done fast enough to suit him. Well, hon bun, I don’t have ten hours a day to spend in the garden. I have two, if I’m lucky. And, while I admire your formal beds that you dig up every six weeks and completely replant, I want something more organic in MY yard. I don’t care if it’s a weed if it’s blooming and pretty! Besides, some of the plants you consider weeds, I consider invaluable in my stillroom!

I’m going to work in MY yard on MY schedule. It’s bad enough I get dirty looks if I’m sitting on my deck reading a book while those neighbors are gardening. Not their business what happens on this side of the fence, as long as it’s not harmful or illegal.

I worked very hard not to let it sour my day.

Slept very well Saturday night, was up early Sunday, getting the papers, etc. Came outside early because a neighbor’s kid (I’d say he’s about ten) got his new kite stuck in one of my trees, so brought out a sturdy chair and climbed up to untangle it. I really need to invest in a ladder!

Read the papers, and went out into the garden to try to do some deadheading. Pruned what I could reach of the big lilac, deadheaded the Stewartstonian Azalea in the back and the white fluffy one that popped and faded in the front. Got to work deadheading the rhodie in the back nearest the porch. Got about half of it done when my friend from Martha’s Vineyard called, asking if she could stop by on her way back to New York. Of course, I said yes!

Then I ran around getting cleaned up and setting out lunch things.

We had a lovely visit. She’s excited about the house, and thinks the yard is lovely. She agrees that it’s an awful lot of yard for me to handle on my own, mowing-wise, especially the way it undulates.

Went back to the page for awhile once she left, and also back to reading. I read two books over the weekend. One of them was COMMITTED by Elizabeth Gilbert (from the library), which I liked much more than I expected. I’m going to write a piece about it on the other blog in the next few weeks. The other was KNIT ONE, KILL TWO by Maggie Sefton. Usually, I get very impatient with what I call “gimmick mysteries”, but this one was very well done, and I’d love to read more of her work.

Watched GAME OF THRONES. Jane Espenson’s episode was definitely the best of the season. I’m getting a little tired of the unrelenting brutality, and I keep getting ahead of the story and waiting for it to catch up. The production values are absolutely gorgeous, but the piece takes itself a little to seriously ALL the time for my taste.

Monday was release day, and a very nice one it was, too! I flitted around from site to site in promotions. Hopefully, people will buy the book, and, even more hopefully, people will LIKE the book.

It definitely inspires me to keep going on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY!

Also, yesterday, did three loads of laundry, mowed the meadow, took the clippings to the dump, got more potting soil, mowed the front (which couldn’t wait until the end of the week), worked on a couple of articles that were a challenge because I don’t have the scientific background for them, and I kept having to stop and look things up. It will definitely need someone on staff to fact-check. I contacted the owner about my “list” of things to ready the property for summer, and, hopefully, we can set up a time late this week or early next week, and he can teach me how to do stuff.

Read some last night, did some yoga, but was so tired from the mowing, etc., that I went to bed early. Woke up early, too. Spent about an hour in the yard, watering thoroughly, weeding, etc. Then I showered and dressed (I put on gardening clothes for the morning garden routine — don’t worry, I’m not running around out there in my PJs! ) ;). Had my coffee out on the deck, which is lovely, and then came back to hit the page.

I need to get my daily quota done on SPIRIT REPOSITORY — this chapter is giving me agita — and then tackle the articles again. I’ve got appointments out of office for most of the day, so these early hours have to be very organized. As I leave for my appointments, going to swing by the dump to drop off yesterday’s grass clippings. Gotta love an integrated life!



  1. If the retired guy is just being helpful, it is quite sweet, but if you really don’t want him to do it you should tell him so. If he’s poking his nose in then you should definitely tell him to butt out.
    Busy, busy, busy. 😉

    • I’m pretty sure he’s being his usual passive-aggressive self.

  2. My neighbors must hate me – I get to it in my sweet time, too. The ones to the right are dears – they’re both busy working folks and hire someone to do the work for them. The one to the left mows on Tuesdays and Saturdays religiously. If he’s mowing on Thursday, he’s going out of town. His lawn and shrubs are impeccable. We’re a bit more slapdash than that. 🙂 He’s not complained, but I think he’s formed opinions.

    Then again, we’ve not bitched to him about his out-of-control poison ivy that dumps seeds in our yard constantly.

    Like Game of Thrones still. It has potential to be fantastic. I’m not loving the bad blood between the Imp and Mrs. Stark. I think she’s smart enough to see he’s not the cause of her woes, nor should she hold ill will when he saved her from a sword. That seemed like weak writing to me.

    • Agreed. I have a feeling the Imp will do something to help the Starks at some point, despite his family. And I think Catelyn would have intervened more in the trial, etc., if the writers were being true to the character they set up.

  3. Your neighbor needs to chillax. Seriously, if my neighbors were in my yard, I’d be furious. But that’s just me. 😉

    Hope you have a great writing day!

  4. I shudder for your neighbor if he doesn’t start behaving. Fear ye not, perhaps my presence in the yard next week will slow him down a little bit. Not only am I a Costume Imp, I’m also a Yard Imp! 🙂

    Congrats on the book! I’ve devoured the first couple of chapters. I’ve already chuckled to myself several times, in a very good way. It may be fiction, but it’s so true to life, the various things “We” put up with, deal with, backstage.

    Speaking of backstage, tis that time for this Imp. Happy Writing and I’ll see you next week!

  5. We’re so hooked on GAME OF THRONES. Having read the first book, I can tell you that the show follows it very closely. Except for most of the gratuitous sex. I can tell that’s just “filler” and a way for them to explain backstory. All in all, it’s a fantastic show and we can’t wait for the next episode.

    It’s so hot here, people would die of heat exhaustion if they spent 10 hours a day in their yard. I think we spend a total of 1 hour. A week. If we’re lucky. haha

  6. I could see it if your neighbor were truly being helpful (I’ve cut my neighbors yard before without being asked because I knew her husband was away and she’s older.). BUT, if he’s doing it because he just doesn’t like the way you are growing things? That’s trouble.
    Again, Congratulations on your release! I hope you have a good day.

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