Monday, June 6, 2011 — Release Day for ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT

Monday, June 6, 2011
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Yes, it’s finally here! My paranormal romantic suspense novel ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT, launching the Annabel Aidan pseudonym releases digitally from Champagne Books today. I’m very excited about it, and I’m delighted that my good friend Michelle Miles also hosts me for the release over on her blog, Ye Olde Inkwell, where I talk about Challenging Yourself as a Writer and the way this particular book evolved.

About the book:
Witchcraft, politics, and theatre collide and combine as Morag D’Anneville and Secret Service agent Simon Keane fight to protect the Vice President of the United States — or is it Morag who needs Simon’s protection more than the VP?

Witch and theatre professional Morag D’Anneville is annoyed when she’s assigned to dress the conservative Vice President as he makes a surprise appearance in his favorite Broadway show. Even more irritating, she has to teach Agent Simon Keane, part of the security detail, the backstage ropes in preparation. A strong attraction flares between them which they both recognize is doomed, and Simon must also fight his superior’s prejudice that Morag’s beliefs make her a threat to the Vice President. When Morag is attacked, Simon’s loyalties are torn between protecting the man he’s sworn to protect, and protecting the woman he loves.

About Annabel:
Annabel Aidan  writes romantic suspense with a hint of magic. She 
publishes under a half a dozen names in both fiction and nonfiction. She 
spent over twenty years working behind the scenes on Broadway, in film and 
television, mostly working wardrobe. Her plays are produced in New York, 
London, Edinburgh, and Australia. If you run towards her undoing buttons, 
she will tear off your clothes and flip you into something else — and then 
read your tarot cards. Visit Annabel here.

Direct buy link here.


AKA Annabel


  1. Congrats on the release of Assumption of Right, Annabel. Great book and exciting bio. Rita Bay

  2. Thanks, Rita! I’m very excited by this release!

  3. Many congratulations on the release, Annabel/Devon – another great sounding Champagne book!

  4. Congratulations, Devon/Annabel, on the new release! Looking forward to your post tomorrow as well at Lori’s Words on the Page.

    Again, congrats!

  5. Rita, Rosemary, and Cathy,

    Thanks so much for your good wishes!

  6. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations on the release. I hope you’re having lots of fun. 😀

  7. Congratulations — fantastic news!

  8. It’s always a thrill. Enjoy the ride.

  9. Congrats on the release! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  10. Happy Release Day! Sounds like a great read.

  11. Diane, Jake, Allison, Arabella, and Ute,

    Thanks so much for the good cheer and encouragement!

  12. Many congratulations .. and all the best in the coming weeks, months and years … roll on to more Annabel books .. cheers to happy days .. Hilary

  13. Happy Release Day! I wish you all the best!

  14. It sounds like a cracking read and I know it will sell by the bucket load! Best of luck with it!

  15. Congratulations. Your book sounds very interesting. You are a superb writer under any name. 🙂


  16. Congratulations on the release of Assumption of Right. I hope you sell loads of copies.

  17. Thank you for all the good wishes!

  18. Congratulations! It sounds like a very unique story full of the kind of adventures and even has a love story too.:) Good luck with it and learned a lot more about you I didn’t know. Sorry I didn’t get here sooner. But I will be back!!

  19. Congratulations, Devon! I’m heading on over to pick it up now! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

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