Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lady’s Mantle in a vase

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and cool

Yesterday was just flat out busy. I’m grateful for it, but looking forward to August! 😉 Not that I want to wish my life away or anything.

Got my work out for Confidential Job #1. Got my welcome and first lecture up in the new workshop. And, of course, students are already making excuses as to why they hadn’t read the material. Um, the course description has been up for several months now. One student even stated that nothing in course description mentioned needing to read the books ahead of time.

Of course, the description says this:
“Participants must read the entire trilogy BEFORE the class, since we are not discussing the books chronologically.”

How can that be interpreted as anything except “Read the damn books before we start”?

Whatever. I’m putting up the information. They’ve paid to be there. They’ll either respond or not, and I better not hear one word about spoilers! 😉

Actually had a decent day’s work on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY. And I had a good start this morning. We’re getting there. As long as I don’t let the whole list of things overwhelm me, and do one thing at a time, I’m fine. If I actually wrote a daily list, I’d cry and never get anything done.

Today is another busy day. I’ve got to get everything done before 11 AM, because I’ve got other stuff booked all afternoon into the evening.

Finished HOUSE OF CARDS last night. What I’m missing in this trilogy is the sense of emotional geography of New York City. CE Murphy did her research, the geography is correct, but the sense of the writer having walked the streets and knowing the city and having an emotional response to it (positive, negative, or mixed) is missing, and that leaves a gap in the series for me. It’s not that anything’s wrong, it’s just a lot of it is vague, and New York is a very changeable city with specifics. Those specifics create distinct responses in the people who experience them, even if they rush past them every day. I’m sure I’m more sensitive to this right now because I just taught a workshop on setting, but I’m really noticing it. Also, because I know New York City so intimately, from having lived there for many years, and I have strong emotional responses to a lot of places in the city, some positive, some negative. The Walker Papers series has a much stronger sense of emotional geography (and I have no idea if Murphy spent time there or it was again research), but, more importantly, I get a sense of how Joanne feels about her area, and I never get that from Margrit. I miss it.

Okay, I have a lot to get done this morning, and the clock is ticking, so off I go.

I wish there was more I could do to help those in Joplin and the area that was hit so hard. Donations from a distance seem so remote, somehow.


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  1. The lady’s mantle looks lovely. Nice and cheerful.

    I might start doing “to do” lists again, rather than “to do today”. I used to split the days into segments, as you know, and do a bit of this, a bit of that to keep me interested and entertained. But at the moment I’m more productive working solidly at one thing until I run out of steam and then starting something new.

    I need to get back into the groove. 😉

  2. Naturally there are some with excuses – they’re the ones who expect everyone else to slow down so they can catch up. And they wonder why they’re having troubles finishing a novel…..

    Gorgeous lady’s mantle!

  3. Beautiful flowers. From your garden?

    As to the student who says nothing in the course description mentioned needing to read the books ahead of time, ouch! It seems to me he/she did not read the course description either.

  4. How can someone sign up for a course and not prepare for the course? Why bother to begin with?

    Your flowers are lovely! I hope you have a productive and pleasant day!

  5. That’s an interesting comment about House of Cards. I didn’t enjoy that series as much as the Walker Papers and I wonderful if that’s not part of the reason. I’m not familiar with New York, but I don’t really remember much of New York from the books either.

    I’ve read all of the In Death series by JD Robb and while they take place in a future New York, I think the books give you a good feel for the big city. It’s very alive and very much a part of Eve. Until your class I hadn’t realized just how important that is. Thanks, Devon! 🙂

  6. Dont you just love students who expect to be “learned to” as opposed to arriving wanting “to learn”? As the old saying goes: you only get out what you put in.

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