Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Foggy and cool

Yesterday was an up-and-down day. On the “up” side, I bought a witch hazel shrub. It’s gorgeous, they are hard to find (I was told by 12 people I’d never find one in the area and would pay a couple of hundred dollars to get one shipped, which I just couldn’t afford). It was more than I planned to spend, so I was going to pass, and the guy at the nursery gave me a 25% discount, which then put it within my budget. So it came home with me and is happily sitting on the deck.

On the downside of that, they said there’s nothing I can do to save the lilac. One can’t start new lilacs from cuttings (or, in this case, breakage). I’d have to dig down and separate some of the new growth from the roots.

Well, the Lilac Limb, for the moment, seems perfectly happy sitting in a bucket of water, so I’m just going to leave it there as long as it is and see what happens.

Then, the infuriating: There was a break in the weather, and it was dry for a few hours. I went to mow the lawn and the effing mower doesn’t work. After ONE usage. That is not acceptable. I bought a Poulon Pro because I was told that it is easy to use and reliable. So far, it is neither. Not only is it hell to start, it won’t stay started — after 5 feet, the motor stops. I’ve got a frigging prairie growing out here, and I can’t cut it. I can’t afford another lawnmower. I can’t afford to hire someone to cut the grass (which is not cheap around here). This piece of garbage should work more than once.

I called Poulon Pro, since their “manual” is completely useless. The first “customer service rep” hung up on me. The second one said it was covered by warranty (from the tone, I guess these pieces of crap break down like this a lot), and told me I had to take it to a place in Marstons Mills. How? I have a VW!!! She made it clear that wasn’t her problem. Actually, it is. She’s the customer service REPRESENTATIVE. She REPRESENTS the company — obviously, this is the type of company they are, since they sell things that only work once, so her lack of interest reflects the company’s — and it is her job to help solve problems, not shrug and go away. Her hating her job is not MY problem. Her not doing her job properly is both my problem and her boss’s. And believe me, her bosses, the BBB, and the appropriate state agencies are all going to know about it. I’m going to talk to the “authorized service” guy and see what a house call costs. First, though, I’m going to ask a neighbor with lawn mower experience to take a look at it.

I should have gone with my initial instincts and gotten the really old-fashioned push mower with no electronics, just blades, like my grandmother had. All I’d have to do is get the blades sharpened once a year. It would have been a pain to rake up the grass, but at least the damn thing would work.

Not acceptable on any level. I was so furious, I couldn’t sleep last night.

Call me crazy, but when I spend a chunk of money on something, I expect it to work. To me, that is part of the contract with the manufacturer — I put down money and the manufacturer supplies me a working whatever.

This morning, I’m off (to Marstons Mills again) to pick up three bookcases I’m supposedly getting for free on craigslist. Let’s hope they fit in the car! 😉

Winding up my class, preparing for the next one. Working on PR for the book release. Not getting enough writing done. Behind on the assignment for Confidential Job #1.

On a happier note, I was on the phone brainstorming with a friend, which was fun.

To the page for a little bit, until I have to get into the car and wrestle bookcases. They’re supposed to be in so-so condition, so I’m getting them as shelving for the basement, so I can do some more unpacking. I unpacked a couple more boxes from the storage room yesterday. I can get going on the basement boxes once there’s more shelving, so that, as I go through stuff and repack what I’m keeping, I have a place to put it.


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  1. So sorry to hear of your lawnmower problems. How frustrating! (To put it mildly.) I’m so sorry both the machine and the company are causing heartache already.

    But hooray for a wonderful witch hazel and a discount to boot!

  2. Witch hazel? Pictures!!

    The mower is frustrating. Have you checked online for complaints about the company or machine?

    Enjoy the lilac while she lasts. Love that aroma. 🙂

  3. Wow, a witch hazel shrub sounds like an awesome find! I’m going to have to research that; I’m looking for more plants to add to my little apothacary section of my garden.

    Sorry about your lawnmower troubles. I’m like you, if I pay for it I want it to do what it’s supposed to. And if it doesn’t I don’t want to deal with a lot of drama to get it fixed or replaced. What’s happening to good old customer service anyway?

    You know I didn’t even know that they still made those old-fashioned lawn mowers (although with the demand for sustainable products I don’t know why they wouldn’t be available). I’m putting one on my wish list.

    • A lot of the herbs I’m trying to grow are medicinal, as well as culinary.

  4. I’m sorry about the lawnmower problems. Is your grass super long? (Just asking) I have found that when I let my grass get too long, it clogs up the lawnmower very easily. The only way to really fix it is to set the lawnmower high, mow the grass at a higher setting, THEN mow it again at the preferred length. I had super fast growing grass back in WI, I had to mow twice a week or the grass would be too long to mow and the lawnmower did the exact same thing.

    I hope your weekend is better!

  5. I was wondering the same thing Lara mentioned about the length of your grass. Also damp grass clumps up the blades as well. As for the non-electric mowers? I love those! And now you can buy one with a “bag” that catches grass clippings. (I saw one at Lowes.)
    Sorry to hear about the Lilac branch. I’ve never heard of a Witch Hazel shrub! How interesting!
    I hope your weekend goes well. Blessings!

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