Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Busy day yesterday, but mostly writing, which is as it should be. I managed 5K on, completing three chapters and starting a fourth on a piece. Unfortunately, it’s not the piece I should be working on, so I need to figure out a balance to work on the two simultaneously. I need to work on the piece pulling at me hard, demanding to be written; I need to work on the piece that’s on deadline. And I need to up the ante on the PR for ASSUMPTION, since I have four weeks less to do it than I expected.

The problem with the new, as-yet untitled piece (it’s an urban fantasy) is that the first chapter wants to be written in third person omniscient as a prologue, but, in order to serve the rest of the book, it needs to be written in third person through the POV of one of the protagonists.

But it’s flowing well, and I’m not about to get in my own way this early in the process.

Got my hair cut — it hasn’t been this short in about fifteen years. Took books back to the library.

Got to spend some time commenting on student work, but a storm created power issues, and I couldn’t get everything done that needed to get done. Must make up for that today. Of course, we were told there would be intermittent showers, and then we had a cracking good thunderstorm with a downpour.

Even more mystery plants are coming in to fill the back bed. I have a feeling I can use that as a cutting garden this summer, which might be nice.

To the page, and then, in an hour or so, I’ve got to take the car in for servicing.


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  1. Hopefully the new garden will continue to surprise you throughout the seasons.

    The (new) urban fantasty sounds good, sounds like it’s ready to be written and that’s why it’s chomping at the bit. You’ll sort out some kind of regime with it. Could it be your cherry for doing everything else you have to do first?

    • Sheesh, I can hardly believe my crud typing at the moment …


  2. Sound like you having the same busy day as me torn between writing, family and garden all shouting for your attention.

  3. I wrote 5K yesterday too, and it took a lot out of me! How do you DO it every day??? 🙂

    I guess when you LIKE what you’re writing, it’s different?

  4. 5K! That’s awesome. Thanks for reminding me, I really need a haircut. My hair is past my shoulders and it’s driving me crazy.

  5. You have a mystery section to your garden. It sounds like fun to watch it unfold and surprise you!
    Hope your day goes well!

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