Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I’m pacing myself today, because I don’t want to completely give in to being sick (tomorrow’s the conference and there’s plenty to do before then), but there’s also stuff that needs to get done. A steady pace, taking breaks, and it will all be good. It’s a head cold, and I don’t feel all that bad — except every time when I sneeze or cough (as one does), my back seizes.

Yesterday morning, as we had the news on for weather reports, they all kept saying it wasn’t snowing. Really? What would you call that cold, white stuff pelting the house and the yard? Last time I checked, it was called “snow.”

Costume Imp was kind enough to shovel us out before he left (since he’s dealing with the incapacitated). I am just so bored with the back problems — I hope we get them solved soon.

We hit the road at 10 AM. It snowed until we hit Fall River, and then cleared up for the rest of the trip. Picked up something I’d had my eye on in Old Saybrook, dropped Imp at the station, and headed back. We made great progress, getting home just after 4 PM. Somewhere along the way, I lost my voice — so it’s a good thing I’m presenting online tomorrow and not in person! It was snowing again from Fall River back to the Cape, and snowed well into the night, but didn’t sitck.

That’s another great thing about online courses and conferences — not only can you attend from anywhere you have an internet connection, you hop on and off as it suits you, and, in my case tomorrow, I can do my work without exposing anyone to my germs! 😉

Note to self: When the NyQuill capsules have turned black, it means they are too old. Time to get rid of them and get new ones! (Because nights are all about masking symptoms to get some sleep).

Further note to self: Make batches of remedies AHEAD of time, because when you’re not feeling well and you stand in the door of your still room staring at shelves of herbs, it’s a little overwhelming!

I don’t feel that bad, although I sound like I’m at death’s door (again, good thing it’s online tomorrow), so I’m just going to slowly go about my day, getting things done, and taking regular breaks to rest and dose. The horehound/coltsfoot blend is keeping the cough out of my chest, but it’s stuck in my throat (and I can’t find my slippery elm), so that’s the next step. I’ll probably steam a bit later on (rosemary, sage, chamomile, and rose petals — good for skin AND congestion, why not go for a twofer?). I haven’t had a cold since I stopped working on Broadway (where every illness is passed through the entire company at least six times, because it’s like working in a petrie dish), and I forgot how gosh darn annoying they are!

In any case, I am really, REALLY looking forward to tomorrow’s online conference, The Confident Freelancer. I hope a lot of you will join us. Hop on and off all day, read the session lectures, ask questions, network, enter to win either a free ten page fiction critique from me or a free ten page non-fiction critique from Lori. You have access to all the seminars all day — come in and out as much as you wish, keep asking questions as you think of them, chat with other attendees and us, etc., etc.

Our conference is also unique because, not only are we giving SPECIFIC ideas you can implement immediately as far as looking for work, creating and maintaining your clip file, and red flags to watch out for in ads, we aren’t trying to reel you in at a high price to talk vagaries at you and then part you from more money. A few months ago, I was invited to poke around a one day conference that promised to help freelancer writers find work. It was over $200 for the day. When you clicked on a session, you had to pay an additional fee of over $200 to actually read the lecture. The lectures I read (I had a invitation to look around, I wasn’t paying for each session), were extremely vague, poorly written, and error-filled. And then they wanted you to pay more money for one-on-one mentoring. Hmm, let’s see, I’m supposed to pay a large fee to be “mentored” by someone who can’t get published? I don’t think so. To me, that seemed like a rip off They wanted me to join their “faculty” — which, as far as I could tell, did not include anyone who’d worked at anything other than a content mill. I said no, and I told them I thought the set-up ripped off participants. Needless to say, they got a little huffy. Because, as we all know, don’t ever ask me a question unless you want a direct answer, and diplomacy is not my strong suit.

If people are taking the time and spending the money to attend a conference, they should come away feeling freshly inspired and motivated to pursue their dreams, and have received some specifics they can implement to get them there. That’s what Lori and I are doing — giving attendees specifics. They can start applying what they’ve learned immediately. A colleague of mine said, “that’s gonna scare people.” Well, yeah, what a student does with the actual information (or doesn’t do) is up to the individual, not us. But, hopefully, the bulk of them will dash back to their keyboards and get to work.

Because there’s no such thing as too many GOOD writers!

So come join us on The Confident Freelancer tomorrow!


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  1. I hope you’re feeling better by tomorrow, too! I’m feeling the scratchy throat thing myself. Can one catch virtual germs? 🙂

    I remember signing up for an online course. It was cheap – $25 – but I made it through one session only. The instructor posted DAILY lessons of 12K-25K words, and expected not one, but up to three DAILY assignments that almost exceeded her own word count. Worse, her lessons were rehashing the same old stuff and oh my gawd, were they badly written! She never interacted with the attendees, and there were TONS of attendees (cheap draws them in). It was a shambles.

    I agree with you – I feel what we’re offering has a lot more value. These are lessons from the trenches – we’ve done it and it’s worked. Mind you, I’m the first to say that my process may not work for everyone, but the info I present serves as jumping-off points and inspiration.

  2. My own personal timing concern was the time I’m currently having in my life, not the timing on the day. And also a financial thing. BUT … having not gone into work for the past fortnight, the petrol money saved has covered the fee, and having been signed off work for *another* 2 weeks, that now means that this weekend won’t be a rushed one. And so … am on board! See you tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Sending healing thoughts your way.

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