Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I am so tired I could just fall over, and I’ve got a six hour round trip today. But it will all be good and all be worth it.

I’m stumbling around incapable of forming coherent sentences, yet I’ve already had to get out a pitch and a follow-up to a pitch before 9 AM! Ah, the life of a freelancer. Gotta love it,and I’m not being sarcastic!

I had trouble sleeping Wednesday night into Thursday, dropping off shortly before the alarm went off. Yes, I set the alarm — I hardly ever do any more.

Morning routine, a few minutes with students, and a friend picked me up to take me to the meeting point. We were a merry band of 13 in a small van, headed to Boston.

I’ll write about the Flower Show in detail in tomorrow’s Gratitude and Growth post, but it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot, I met a lot of great people, I got some business done (surprising how many writers turn up at gardening shows — I mean, writers who don’t primarily write about gardening), I bought some little plants and some lovely pottery, and I brought back a bag full of information that I have to sit down and sort out, because it will be helpful.

Yes, it’s true nothing can go in the ground until Memorial Day. Well, perhaps the radishes can go directly into the ground a week or two before. And, since none of our cats have started shedding yet, holding onto their winter fur, it will probably snow on Easter!

Okaaaay. 😉

Came home, had to immediately repot the small plants because the roots where coming out of the drainage holes — they are so much happier now.

Ran out of soil and had to make a run to get more.

Spent time with my students, caught up on email, hopefully straightened out a link kerflamma, and took care of some other stuff that needed to be handled because I’ll be offline most of today soon. The poor play is suffering — that’s going to be my priority this weekend. I’ve put it off and let other things take priority, but this play has to wing across the sea by the end of the month no matter what, so I can’t anything else push it aside.

Caught part of POSSESSION on HBO. I loved the book, movie left me feeling kind of “eh?” It felt a little heavy and precious, without enough shading. Every beat was Very Important. I liked the script — which, it happens, is by one of my favorite writers (both as a writer and a person) and with whom I worked on Broadway — but the direction was too heavy.

Reading THE INVITING GARDEN and studying the plant physiology textbook I picked up — because I better learn from the absolute foundation up.

Off to get Costume Imp — we’re meeting in CT, hitting some of our favorite places on the way back.


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  1. Have a great first day back with Costume Imp, and enjpy the weekend.

  2. Enjoy your weekend!

    I watched the movie before I read the book. I thought Northam and Ehle were superb in it. Then again, I’ve always had a thing for Jeremy Northam. 😉 And Sean Bean. *sigh* But you’re right, the book, although different, is much better.

  3. Have a safe trip and a delightful weekend.

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