Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and milder

I was barely online yesterday, which was a good thing. I wrote about 15 pages in the morning, an excellent day, split over two sessions. Printed everything off.

Went to the library. In addition to books, there was a vintage jewelry sale, and I got a birthday present for a good friend of mine (it’s as perfect as if I’d commissioned it for her), which I will pack up and ship off in the next few days. Went to Trader Joe’s and the grocery store and the wine store, and stocked up. Also bought a couple of batches of daffodils and a batch of pussy willows, and switched the door wreaths from the snowflake wreath to a spring wreath.

In the afternoon, I read Janet Evanovich’s SIZZLING SIXTEEN, which I enjoyed more than #15. And it only took about an hour and a half to read it — exactly what I needed. A break, and reading something just for fun.

Last night, an acquaintance had a quick comic bit at the top of a show, so, of course, I was watching. And the power went out. It was only out for three minutes — but it was the three minutes of that scene! And, boy, this street really gets dark on an almost-dark moon with no streetlights. I’m not sure why everything winked off, and, three minutes later started up again, we weren’t having a storm or anything. It was a pain in the keister to get the cable boxes to talk to the TV again — they don’t reset themselves the way the one I had in NY did. And I had to run around fixing the clocks on the stove and the coffee-maker and the microwave, etc., etc. Anyway, by the time everything was back up, I missed the scene. Hopefully, I can watch it online later today.

Back to the page this morning, on the book and on the play. I’m going to run out to the library again later this morning to pick something up, and maybe follow some of the maps in the local history books to bits of the area I haven’t yet seen. There’s a whole section of the community I haven’t found yet. And it’s a lovely day, so I want to spend at least part of it outside.

The Wednesday post for Gratitude and Growth will go up late in the day. I have to upload some photos for it, and I want to get some writing in first.

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  1. Talk about lousy timing! Sorry you missed your acquaintance’s performance. Hopefully it’s online.

    I like Evanovich’s books. They’re great escapes.

  2. I stopped reading the Numbers books by Evanovich after Fifteen. I’m glad you’re still enjoying them.
    Sorry to hear you missed the scene. Thankfully most shows are online a day after these days.

    I hope you’re having a cheerful day!

  3. We get power surges like that all the time, it’s being “out in the sticks” and at the end of all the cables. Most of my clocks keep time or reset automatically, and the Sky box resets too. It’s darker than a dark thing here too as we have less light pollution. If you’re more “remote” than you were before, you’ll probably get a few more.

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