February 3, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde

Yep, it’s snowing agian. Just flurries, it’s pretty, but I am over it.

Unfocused day yesterday, although I managed to track down the address of someone I used to work with a long time ago and send him a “hey, how are you” missive. He’s been on my mind a lot lately, so I thought I’d reconnect and wish him well.

I didn’t post in the garden journal because “It’s snowing again” just didn’t seem worth a post.

I found some of the really intense, handwritten writer’s rough for CRAVE THE HUNT — thank goodness. I was worried I’d lost it. I still have to find the rest of it, which somehow got separated in the move, but at least I have this in hand, which will help with the next sections, and, if I have to, I can always rewrite the rest of the outline, because I remember where I was going with it. Once the first draft is written, I’ll probably have to do some massive cuts, but I’m just following all the threads here until I see what I have. It’s a complex story, and Billy Root’s fans will be thrilled with the way his character grows — plus there are great arcs for Jain and Wyatt, both as individuals and with their relationship.

Water coming into the basement via the bulkhead, so I had to put a tarp over the top of it, use the wet vac (which the owner left, fortunately), and check every few hours. Had to weight the tarp with the new planters — nice to know they can multi-task.

Found POWER OF WORDS, and re-read the parts of that I’ve written so far. It holds up better than I remembered, although it needs tweaking and cutting. Unfortunately, in the move, the 200+ pages of notes I’d written for it — which CAN’T be recreated — got separated — I’d gone as far as to mapping and the series arc of the piece they’re filming within the piece, and even production schedules, all of which I need handy in order to keep writing. So I can’t do much more on that until I find it in the boxes.

Got out a couple of queries yesterday, which was good, and got paid for an article (day after I sent the invoice — love that) and a workshop. That means I’ll be able to pay some bills before I leave on the site gigs.

Finished the reading for Confidential Job #1 (it’s wonderful); just have to do the write-up, send it off, and send off the invoice.

Decided that the exercises I created for the Setting as Character Workshop aren’t challenging enough, so I’m working on a new set.

Did some Tower of London research,and am finding ways to integrate some of the “fun facts” that even I didn’t know into the scene of the WIP.

My back is getting worse instead of better, which is worrisome. It’s annoying to be limited in what I can do, and being in pain drains away energy that needs to be used for writing. I might have to book an acupuncture appointment here and not wait until I see my regular acupuncturist in NY at the end of the month.

Watched HUMAN TARGET to get my Jackie Earle Haley fix. In spite of the problems with the series, he finds the core of his character, adds specific details, and stays true to the integrity of the character. He can do more with a tilt of the head or an inflection of a word than most people do with a whole page of dialogue, and in a way that enhances everyone’s performance around him, so it’s always worth tuning in for him. The show itself, though, is struggling, and it wouldn’t surprise me if next week’s season finale is also the series finale. The vision feels unclear, like there are too many notes coming in from too many different directions. Now that they’ve added two female series regulars, the writing for them is much weaker than the writing for the female guest stars last season (who were given stronger and more interesting characters to play–even on Monday’s episode, the female guest star had a better-written role than the series regulars, and her chemistry with Mark Valley was off the charts), the creators are not developing them, the creators are diluting the wonderful chemistry between the three male leads, and there’s a lack of balance between the A & B episode storylines and the overall series arcs. Last season definitely had its problems, but it also had an element of fun and a lot of potential; this season just feels unfocused and panicked from the creative aspect of it. I hurt for the people working on it — I’ve worked on shows that are struggling, and it is hard. You want it to work, you have a loyalty to it, you care about what you’re doing, but the people making the decisions and supplying the cash aren’t capable of making the types of decisions that would actually help the show. Every day you go in to work hoping there’s a breakthrough; every day, you get your heart broken. I certainly hope this experience doesn’t turn JEH off from doing television ever again.

My fun lunch was cancelled — the weather’s caused a domino effect, but I’ll have to get out when the roads de-ice a bit to get ink at Staples and print off those manuscripts. They need to go out the door tomorrow.

I’m going to try for a few really focused days at the page — I want the first draft of this book done before I head for CT, so I can spend time down there on revisions.

Back to the page — with an icepack against my back.



  1. You already know my feelings on healing your back so I won’t repeat it. After the snow leaves and you don’t have to strain it any longer–will help.

    I’m very grateful for my warm home–so grateful.Also grateful that my job allows me to stay home on inclement weather days. But, I am experiencing a little cabin fever and I feel distracted as well which is weird because there isn’t anyone or anything to distract me.

    Get well!

  2. Take care of your back. Don’t do too much to strain it.

    I’m ready for all these snow storms and now ice storm to go away.

  3. Is it cheaper to see your acupuncturist than see your doctor? Or do you prefer to see your acupuncturist? Or both? The cold might be getting into your back and slowing down the healing, but if it does take a long time, it might be worth shelling out for the doc in case there’s something other than the strain there. I don’t know how it works over there, though. I just know how it used to work over here in pre-historic times … and it sounds just like where you are …

    Glad you found at least some of the missing work. If that were namby-pamby me, I’d take it as a sign and work on something else, thinking it will turn up when it’s supposed to. But if that’s the case, you probably wouldn’t remember the outline either.

    • I don’t have a doctor yet, because the insurance isn’t sorted out, and I’m certainly not paying a couple of hundred dollars just to get a prescription — for which I’d also have to pay a ridiculous amount of money –so that it covers the problem rather than solves it.

      This is America — only the rich or married have health care.

      Besides, pretty much all most US doctors do is write prescriptions. I’m impressed with my mom’s new doctor, who seems to actually listen, and I hope, when the insurance stuff is sorted out and I can actually go to the doctor, that I will also find one who wants to partner in health CARE, not just write a prescription and move on to the next patient.

      Acupuncture will actually get to the cause of the problem and adjust it, and keep it from seizing. I need to get established with an acupuncturist here, because I can’t dash down to NY every time something goes wonky. And regular treatments prevent a lot of problems from ever flaring up.

  4. I learn so much reading your blog. I would never have though to analyze a tv show that way and would usually just assume I just didn’t like it. Now I know the REASON I didn’t like it.
    Hope your back feels better soon!

  5. I hope your back is better soon. {{HUGS}}

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