Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011
Waxing Moon
It’s snowing

OK, no one said anything else about more snow. At least not until tomorrow night. It’s not bad at all — just flurries — but a lot of them. I guess I better get my act together and get my errands done early in the day, rather than later.

The cats broke my Green Man plaque while they were playing, and then managed to turn a light switch on with a tail as they raced to get away. They are having fun doing laps around the house, though. It’s nice to see them settling in a bit.

Yesterday was a good day, all the way around. Shoveled the snow (okay, that wasn’t that much fun), headed out to Dennis to the library for the herb seminar. The Google Map directions were useless and I found the place by accident, but I found it and I found it on time, which is what counts.

The seminar was GREAT. It was given by the folks at Great Cape Herbs in Brewster — a store I can’t wait to check out. Some of the information was familiar, but there was also enough that was new to me that I took several pages of notes. Now, I’m going to study and memorize the notes.

I also realized that some of the things I crossed off my garden list need to go back on.

Drove home, my head stuffed so full of great information I thought it would pop off. Stopped for take-out Chinese food on the way. I haven’t had Chinese food since the day before the big move. I’m used to always living close to a Chinatown or an Asian market, and either getting take out or cooking Asian at home. I miss it.

As soon as the cats smelled the Chinese take-out, they both came running. It’s not that they get to eat any of it — but the scent is familiar to them.

Booked the car into the garage in Plymouth on Monday for its “spa day” and caught up on some other calls before I had to head back out again to the library.

The library in my little town is just as cute as can be, and much bigger than it looks from the outside! The owner’s wife met me there, introduced me to the library director (who is lovely), and she got me set up with my library card. Now I feel like I really live here. Everyone was highly amused that I was so excited about getting a library card. I took out three books — one about gardening on Cape Cod, a mystery that looked good, and a biography I’ve wanted to read for at least ten years and never got around to reading.

I’ve also been invited to spend whatever time I can with the horticultural group that does the upkeep on the local parks, etc. They’re perfectly happy to teach me stuff, and I think it would be good training. I need to learn all this stuff, and what better way to learn than by doing?

Ordered some garden pieces that are kind of cool from an interesting store I found online — the pieces are both inexpensive and unusual.

I have to do my quarterly taxes, which will be depressing. Not because I owe that much, but because I was hemorrhaging money last quarter due to the move. But I have to say, I enormously prefer paying quarterly taxes and just adjusting the paperwork in April.

Today is about writing, cleaning the house, and commenting on the exercises due in the workshop. First writing session of the morning did not go well. The piece isn’t flowing, I haven’t quite found the voice of it, but I’m behind on it, and, if it’s going to make the end of February deadline, I need to step up. No excuses; butt in chair, words on page.



  1. It sounds as though you’re settling in and making your mark.

    From mine … Our small fruit trees are specially bred to be grown in pots or very small spaces. We do have the regular dwarf and stepover, but these are supplied by a company over here called Ken Muir. They graft a small tree on to a very-dwarfing stock and they grow in a single column but produce a good amount of fruit per tree when mature. They’re called minarettes or ballerinas, and we can get apples, pears, cherries, plums, damsons. I don’t know if they’re available over there, but here’s our website:

    • Oooh, thank you. I will check that out, print it out, and wave it at some of the garden centers around here.

  2. Oh gawd. Taxes. I’m sure, given my last quarter, it’s going to be easier on me. I’m tempted to overpay just to see if I can get a refund, but that seems just senseless. They’ll find a way to keep it. They always do.

    I’m usually pro-IRS because they’re so nice to work with, but lately I can’t say I’m a fan. His taxes have been screwed up all year, and they keep sending him checks then demanding them back with interest. He’s spent countless hours on the phone with them and no one has an answer.

    • Phone contact doesn’t work. Everything has to be in writing. Once you give it to them in writing, they respond in 45 days and fix it. Phone conversations mean nothing.

  3. Glad to hear you now have your library card. Working with the group who takes care of the town gardens sounds like a good idea.
    We’re still waiting on everything we need to do taxes this year. Normally we are close to done by now, but have been hearing we have to wait to file because of this administrations tax curfluffle.

    I hope your day goes well.

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