Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ice-encrusted light fixture by the front door

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Stayed in all day yesterday, except for the few times I went out to brush the snow that fell from the roof right onto the front step (would be good to have a little awning over the door, but that’s not my call). Wrote, read, enjoyed the season.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Alan Bennett’s UNTOLD STORIES. I’m a big fan of his writing anyway, and this book of diaries and essays is fascinating.

Designed, wrote, and delivered the thank you notes to the neighbors for helping me out by digging me out.

Had to redesign the party invite, because the template didn’t work with the notecards I have, but managed to do it. I had to wrestle the printer, though. I love Canon printers, and want to stay with them, but the MX860 is a piece of crap, especially the bottom tray, which is plastic painted to look like metal, and messes up special papers. I’d use the top tray exclusively for special papers, but you can’t always convince the printer to pull from it. I’ve complained to Canon about this model ever since I bought it, and get no solutions. I want my old multi-pass to get fixed and use that again, because it was a warhorse and a workhorse, and maybe just keep this for photo work, but I don’t know if I can still get the ink. I’ve got a stockpile, but still . . .

Anyway, the invitations are very pretty and will go out today.

Didn’t get much writing done, unfortunately.

Tried to light a fire in the fireplace for Yule. The smoke’s going up the chimney, so the flue’s properly open, but it’s also going in the house. Not badly enough to set off the smoke alarms, thank goodness, but enough to notice. I’m not sure if it’s my fire-building skills (probably) or what — the owner said the chimney was cleaned and inspected right before we rented. Costume Imp will have to figure it out when he gets here.

Speaking of Costume Imp, we are finalizing the plans for his week up here, and he’s already packed. We are very much alike in those types of aspects!

I looked at snowblowers online. I may get a small, electric one — yes, I know if the power goes out I’m back to using the shovel. But I need one that fits in the car and that I feel comfortable handling, and a lot of the bigger ones (besides being out of my price range) don’t seem comfortable for me to handle. I’ll have to play with a few today in the store and see what happens.

I also have to stop by my insurance agent’s to drop off the Allstate policy so she can do the official State of MA paperwork telling them to shove it, we’re covered with a better agency. I love that the state has official paperwork for that!

I contacted the Senators and my new Representative to introduce myself and voice a few opinions. Because how can they represent me if they don’t know where I stand on issues? I can’t expect them to be psychic. Anyway, within 24 hours, I heard back from everyone’s offices, very nice, offering to meet and talk to me about anything that’s on my mind, and giving actual responses to the content of my messages, so it wasn’t just robo-response. I was particularly blunt with Senator Brown’s office, saying I expected him to actually listen to his constituency, not goose-step the Republican Party line. He’s stepped out of the box a few times now to vote for things with which I agree, so it gives me some cautious optimism. I’m an independent — I’m an example of the type of voter both parties need to listen to, or they won’t keep their jobs.

MA will lose one congressperson in 2010, and NY two. I hope it’s none of mine! I was counted in NY, because that’s where I lived in April. And now I’m here, where they’re saying population has dropped (which, on levels outside of Federal funding, is just fine with me).

ALICE was rebroadcast last night, and I watched the last two hours. I enjoy that production so much, especially Andrew Lee Potts and Caterina Scorsone. Lots of really good work there. Makes me miss my actors (but not enough to go back).

The Hounds of the Baskervilles woke me up early this morning, baying at who-knows-what. Probably the moon. The full moon was gorgeous over the yard. There are also all kinds of tracks in the yard, including a set that come right up to the windows, skirt the house, and go to the back deck, but not on it. I’m not well versed enough in tracks to know what it is. It might be Imp Dog, it might be a small coyote, it might be a fisher. And there was something in the yard with hooves rather than paws, but I don’t know what. I haven’t seen any deer in the area since I arrived — they mostly stay on conservation land. Maybe a reindeer took a break on a training run! 😉

So, today is about writing, errands, and maybe getting some more unpacking done. We’re supposed to get more snow tonight, and they’re wavering as to whether the weekend’s big storm hits on Saturday or Sunday, so I don’t know if we’ll risk going to Maine. We might be better off tucked in here at home.

Back to the page. I want to play with a few ideas.



  1. I saw the Arizona floods on the telly this morning. The weather is totally whacky all over at the moment and the weather people don’t seem to be given the right information. One minute we’re having heavy snow (we’re not …), the next minute it’s changed to light showers (er … still not). Here we had a flurry and now it’s glorious sunshine again, but closer to my parents there are drifts.

    I bet you have a deer. Short of staying up all night to see, you might catch sight of it one day if you’re lucky.

  2. The moon WAS gorgeous last night, wasn’t it? Here it was surrounded by clouds–simply breathtaking.

    Okay, I had a snowblower with a three-foot tall chute! It was a MONSTER! But it also self-propelled itself. Which is good. Or I’d still be in traction.

    And you know what? I have a really nice laser printer, and it’s great for printing up manuscripts and stuff on PAPER, but as soon as you put special stuff in it (cardstock, labels, etc) it smears everywhere. Even on “special” setting. Surprising. Whenever I do “special” printing I have to use my kids inkjet printer, which works perfectly every time. Funny, huh?

  3. How beautiful your photo is. Snow is much prettier when I don’t have to get outside to drive. Somewhere along the way, I lost my love for snow AND winter.

    Hey, thanks for your encouragement about the rewrite. I just saw last night the comment (because of moderation) on the Monday post. One of the things you said hit me in the face so much so I printed it on a large index card and plan to embroider it then frame it. “Don’t get in your own way.” I had one of those ah ha moments. I get in my way all the time not through procrastination, but through everything else. The list is huge.

    I needed that. Thanks much.


    • Always happy to help you, Teresa. You always help me so much.

  4. I wish we had snow. If you have deer your best chance of seeing them is around dawn, or right before dawn.
    I hope you have a great, safe, day!

  5. Wonderful season, isn’t it? The hounds may have seen deer. They’re out and about right now. I just came back from a walk in VF park. I saw a gorgeous, fluffy fox and a yellow-bellied sapsucker.

    And of course deer. Always the deer.

  6. The moon was amazin’ an so is that photo!

    I just wanted to thank you for your comment over at my place and to wish you a very wonderful holiday season.

    God bless and have an amazin’ day!!! :o)

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