Monday, December 20, 2010

View from the front door at 7 AM

Monday, December 20, 2010
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
It’s snowing!

Yup, we have about two inches on the ground, and it’s coming down like someone’s emptying a bin of powdered sugar over us. It’s really, really pretty, and I don’t think it will be all that heavy to shovel. I don’t have to go out today, as far as I know, so I can stay tucked in, warm and writing, and watch it come down from the window, which is lovely.

Saturday was busy. Stopped by the garage in Osterville and asked about the plates and inspection. They did it right then and there, we were in and out with new plates, new stickers, all legal, in about 20 minutes. Love that! The RMV got the electronic filing that all is good and we are appropriately stickered, so we’re all set.

We took the remaining 21 bags of leaves to the dump, along with all the recycling. So now, there’s room in the garage.

Ran some errands, looking for a few things, most of which I didn’t find. Unpacked a stack of kitchen boxes from the garage. Slowly, but surely, I’m finding stuff, and what we don’t need for daily use is going in those padded dishware bags and onto shelves in the basement. Sent about three loads of dishes and glassware through the dishwasher, and they are lovely and sparkling. All good.

Stopped at the lake up the road — I think it’s very pretty.

I’m catching up on movies, since I have HBO free for a few months. Might keep it, if it’s cheap enough. Caught up on ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Depp is brillIant) and SHERLOCK HOLMES (disappointing, too much of the director doing extreme close-ups of Downey, instead of just letting him do his thing, which he does very well), and the end of Harry Potter #6. I have the DVD, and tried watching it a few times, but never got past the first 45 minutes. I saw the last 45 minutes on HBO. Now I just have to catch the middle at some point.

Indulged myself with a Boston Cream Cake, which is basically an oversized Boston Cream donut that serves six.

Slept in on Sunday, read the papers, ran some errands, did some more unpacking. Visited Fancy’s Market in Osterville, which has some of the Balsen treats I loved in childhood and haven’t been able to find (mostly because they changed the name to something that has nothing to do with its actual content). Also picked up the plum pudding for the Eve meal, and a version of stollen, which wasn’t really up to par. Too dry, and not really the preferred batter. It was more like a rather dry, sweet bread than a stollen. We are very fussy about stollen (something my mother grew up with, and, therefore, I grew up with). At some point in the winter, I’m going to try the recipe I have for Dresden stollen, and, if that passes muster, I may just start making it myself. Everything else from the market is exquisite, and they have lots of things one can’t get anywhere else.

We checked out some of the antique stores in Buzzards Bay, looking for the pieces we will need, but nothing spoke to us. Things looked old and tired, and I thought, overpriced. I don’t mind stripping and staining or repainting something that needs a little TLC, but if you’re going to charge me a lot just because it’s old, it better be in damned good condition, and these pieces weren’t.

Not much on TV last night, so we sat around with the tree on, the candles lit, and music on, reading. A lovely way to spend a snowy Sunday night.

This morning, I have to finish the article and get it out, get some other paperwork done, talk to a couple of my editors about this and that, work on another article, work on the workshops, post the piece for tomorrow’s BIBLIO PARADISE, get started on the next job for Confidential Job #1, and get some more unpacking done. I got up at the time I like, so I could do yoga and meditation without feeling hurried, and it was a good start to the day.

Tomorrow is the Solstice — I’m all excited — we’ll be using the fireplace in the ceremony.


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  1. Your weekend sounds like it was lovely! Such a change from will we/won’t we have heat? And peaceful–that’s a word you haven’t used in a while!

    The snow is lovely. It’s in the 50’s here, so no white Christmas for us!

    Do you have a World Market by you? I know they are “chain” and everything but honestly, they have the BEST stollen! Moist, chewy, and not dry at all!


  2. You’re starting to sound organised again and, more importantly, at peace. It’s the right time of year for that.

    I’ve never tried Stollen, never even tasted it let alone cooked it, but I have a couple of recipes I may try anyway.

  3. It’s all so lovely. 🙂

    The tone of your posts is stripped of the former stress and upset. What a lovely way to start the winter season. 🙂

  4. Glad you have found a place of peace and joy. It’s always overwhelming to pack and unpack and settle into new “digs.” Best wishes. Your evening by the fire, reading sounds lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog – Happy Holidays!

  5. Your post does resonate peace. I am so glad you’re making a home. I understand what you mean about antiques. I don’t mind refinishing as long as the piece is worth it, but these days most people think if it’s old it should be expensive no matter what condition it’s in.
    The snow looks lovely! I wish we would get some.

    WIshing you a pleasing week!

  6. I love reading about all your traditions throughout the year. The photos are great, too – and as for that that cake….YUM!

  7. Sounds pleasantly busy. 🙂 Your blog is very nice.

    Thanks for the visit. Take care, God bless and Merry Christmas!

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