Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and cold

So nice to have only one planet in retrograde! But that’ll change by the end of the week, when Mercury goes retrograde from the 10th to the 30th, so I want to get the car light fixed and the DMV kerflamma handled before then. (It’s the DMV — there’s going to be kerflamma).

The earliest the service place can take me to fix the light is tomorrow afternoon. Whatever. At least it will get done, and maybe I’ll hit the DMV, probably for most of the day, on Thursday.

Spent an hour at the post office, waiting in line. Granted, it’s a tiny post office, only two clerks, and I was sixth in line, but three of the six people ahead of me were idiots. Don’t get to the counter and dither. Especially when there’s a line of people going out the door. Know what you want, or at least ask some relevant questions. The clerks were very patient and handled them well (nice change from NY). When I got there, I had a long list of stuff, but it was all organized, so it took less time than the five people ahead of me combined. And the clerk said, since I have so much to mail in the coming week or so, maybe I need a smaller post office! I couldn’t resist: “They come smaller than this one?” Yeah, it was bratty, but, I mean, come on, the only post office I’ve ever seen that’s smaller was in a little tiny town in Ayrshire that has a postal window in the General Store.

But all the overseas cards are out, the overseas gifts are out, and one of the Hanukkah gifts is actually going to get there only the day after Hanukkah. Ran some errands, including getting outdoor lights, cable, and garland for the new trees. Spent a good part of the afternoon getting that all set up (instead of doing yard work). But they’re really, really cute, aren’t they? I’m so happy with them. Nice and simple, not too much, but gives the front a little festivity. And, with the candles in the windows, at night it has a nice glow.

Had to go back to Osterville House and Garden. I tried to get flat stops for the screws holding the tree in place so they’d actually hold it in place. I’m surprised they don’t hide behind the counter when they see me coming — but they’re always lovely and helpful. Also had to get an extension cord so the one little tree could reach the main cord. Unfortunately, all they had was orange, which kind of stands out — I was hoping for the more subtle dark green I’ve got along the side of the house. But I can live with it. It works.

Finished the assignment for Confidential Job #1; this morning, I have to write it up and get it out the door, since it’s due today. I have to do some yard work, and run yet more errands. Didn’t get any cards done yesterday, but plan to knock out a few today, along with packing up some more of the gifts.

I overslept this morning, so I’m already starting a little behind the beat.

The big event today is we have to go to the dump — ahem, transfer station. We’ve been stuffing the big garbage bin and the recycling crates in the garage. Now it’s time to get them out, and maybe find a way to maneuver in a few bags of leaves without getting leaves all over the car.

Because I have more raking to do, which means more leaves!

Playing with story ideas. There are several possibilities. I’d like to get one done for an anthology call, but don’t know if I can pull it together by January 1.

So the Republicans are “fiscal conservatives”? Is that why they forced a tax cut for the wealthy that will dig us $900 billion more into the hole? If you earn ten times more than I do, you should be paying more taxes than I do, not less because of ridiculous breaks and loopholes. Fiscal conservative, my ass. As usual, they only pander to the rich and are trying to turn everyone else into serfs, with themselves set up as “nobility.” And, of course, the Tea Party, who pretends to hold them “accountable” won’t say a word in protest, because they’re not grass-roots at all, but funded by the Party. For a group that uses “socialism” to scare people, they’re acting an awful lot like the former Soviet Union regime during the cold war. So typical of their ongoing hypocrisy.

I’m actually in favor of a flat tax of 10% on all income, split 3 1/3 between federal, state, and local, and each area has to manage their budget just like the rest of us. No loopholes. Period.

Happy that the New England Patriots (the only football team I ever really gave a damn about) whomped the NY Jets 45-3 last night.


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  1. Your wreaths and lights are very pretty.

  2. Welcome to the small town. 🙂 They like to chat. They’re used to taking their time. Remember that feeling of people being busy but not talking about it? It’s because they don’t perceive themselves as busy, but just living. They stop and smell the roses. They ask a million questions. Very few are in a hurry, so you’ll wait. My old PO in the hometown was like that. Four deep meant ten or fifteen minutes, because these folks got out once a week to do their mailings.

  3. I agree with Lori. Took me ages to get used to the village way of life having moved from suburbia.

    I love your wreath. I have to find some hangy things so I can put one on the door and a garland on the fireplace. Then I want to get some really full-looking ones like yours.

    The paint on the outside of your house looks the exact same colour as the pain on the inside of my living room. Looks lovely.

    I had to make a new media cv today … and have applied for another day job … 😦

  4. Indeed, it was nice to see the Pats stomp the Jets last night. Even though I’ve been gone from Mass. for almost 20 years now, my blood still runs thick with Pats/Sox/Bruins/Celts.

    I think you’re right about a flat tax being the only solution, but there are so many vested interests in complexity and loopholes, and so few politicians with any spine. There’s a great article at Reason about what it would take for government to “live within its means.” Right now, with feds spending in excess of 25% of GDP, we’re on track for disaster. How to Balance the Budget without Raising Taxes

    • Thanks for the link — I appreciate it and will read it closely.

  5. Your trees out front look lovely! The post office you’ve described sounds like ours. We only have one person at the counter and the people in line have no idea what the heck they’re doing.
    Best of luck getting everything into the car and off to the Transfer Station!

  6. Lovely decorations!

  7. Thanks nice share and nice information. i follow you. great.

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