Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The rug for the writing room

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Yesterday, the kitties had a Big Adventure. Turns out that sometimes, when the heat comes on, the door to the basement “burps” open unless it’s firmly shut. That’s what it did yesterday morning, after I put some stuff into the laundry bin. Suddenly, I come into the hallway and the door to the basement is open.

Uh, oh.

I turn on the light and head downstairs. I see two little furry faces staring up at me, and then the cats Take Off. I managed to trap Iris in the laundry room –she was running around in circles, screaming, with a fat tail. I grabbed her, took her upstairs, and tucked her back into the flannel sheets, where she feels safe, closing the upper bathroom door.

No Violet.

There are a zillion places to hide down there, and the door to the stillroom was still closed, so I figured she wasn’t in there. I left the basement door open and just waited.

Sure enough, after about twenty minutes or so, she tiptoed up and shot into my office. I FIRMLY closed the basement door and that was that.

But they were both velcro kitties for the rest of the day. The basement is full of Scary Monsters (unpacked boxes, furnace, water heater, etc.). It was inevitable they’d get down there sooner or later; I’d just hoped it would be later, so I could get things organized a bit more down there.

Mattress World called me before I could call them to schedule delivery. They were on time, got everything set up in less than ten minutes, no fuss, no drama. So much better than dealing with Sleepy’s (not to mention half the price). So, Mattress World gets high marks in my book. The delivery guys were local Cape guys, too, totally efficient and laid back at the same time. What I love about this area is that people show up when they say they will, everything is done on time and right the first time, but no one stresses out. They just Get It Done.

Speaking of Getting It Done, I spent most of the afternoon raking. Most of my body is no longer speaking to me, but that’s okay, because the rains are coming tomorrow, and I want to get as much done as I can before that. I got a little on the side done and a huge chunk of the back. I also found basil, rosemary, and sage still growing in one section of the yard, the garden border along the stone wall! That’s very exciting. I’ll be planting some of my own in pots, and I want a lot of mint and some other herbs, too, but I’m excited to see how what’s here will grow.

Evidence that an owl lived in at least one of the pitch pine trees in the back. If I hadn’t gone to that seminar, I wouldn’t know how to recognize it! Thankfully, no pellets to be found, because I’m still enough of a city girl to think they’re gross. (If you don’t know what an owl pellet is, look it up. Ewwww).

Quite a few neighbors were prepping their yards, too; everyone’s trying to get it done before the rains. I’m going to work on tidying up the front and the sides this morning, and I hope to get the last section of flat back done this afternoon. Next weekend, if it’s dry, I can do the odd bits that will be left.

I’m going to have to hire someone to take the leaves to the dump. As it is, I’m double-stacking bags, and I want to be able to put my car in the garage! Besides, I could only fit about four bags of leaves in the VW without them exploding all over the place. There are people who have trucks and actually hire themselves out for dump runs, so I’ll be looking into that this week.

So, it turns out the little black and white dog doesn’t belong next door. I don’t know where he lives — he’s tagged, but I haven’t gotten close enough to read it yet. He marked the side of the back deck yesterday while I was raking, got scolded, then shot across the yard at top speed, squeaked through a hole in the fence I didn’t know existed (the fence, much less the hole), and marked the other side of the fence, then went over to tease one of the Hounds of the Baskervilles. He’s neighborhood, but let loose. I’m going to call him Imp until I find out what his real name is. Cute as can be, but rambunctious, and needs to learn this is NOT his yard, much less his potty patch.

The FOOD & WINE cookbooks arrived — very yummy. Can’t wait to try stuff from there. As it was, I cooked pork chops in mushroom sage sauce, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage — very nice.

Class is going well, plenty of interesting discussion and points of view, although I’m still typing in lectures, and i usually prefer to have them all typed and ready to paste before the class starts. But it’s all done and on time. And these people read the book, which means there’s more interactive discussion going on. I have to write a couple of blog posts today, in and around everything else, rake some more, and hit some of the artisan stores to do more Yule shopping. I want to get both the overseas cards and gifts out by next weekend.

Playing with some story ideas. I’ve got a great idea for a character, but she appeared within the context of a type of piece I don’t particularly want to write. So I’m going to work with her, and see if I can get her into a different type of piece, while still honoring her essence. It will be an interesting challenge. I think if I work along the more comic elements of her nature, I might pull it off. I also got information on a couple of anthologies, which sound interesting, if I can balance that with the work already booked, the unpacking, and the holiday prep.

I’m starting to figure out the morning routine, and I love being at my desk super early and watching everyone walk their dogs before work. But my writing room is so lovely (even with the boxes) and so sunny and bright on most days that it’s a pleasure to work in it at any time of day. What a nice change!

Back to the page.

I haven’t had a chance to say that in a long time.


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  1. Feels good to say it too, doesn’t it?

    Do you compost? I realize you have enough going on right now, but those leaves would make good compost. We’re busy hauling ours from the front yard to the compost pile in back – harder than bagging it, in my opinion. But we used a lot of our compost this past year, so time to replenish.

  2. Best place I had my desk was in front of a window that overlooked the main road, so I could watch everyone pass and tell the time just by the school kids going to and fro.

    When we had that many leaves I wanted to compost them but the OH took them to the tip.

  3. Your rug is awesome! I love it! Your kitty story cracked me up. I love your kitties!

  4. It’s definitely a busy time of year. We bag a lot of our leaves by putting the bagger on the mower and filling the bag that way, without raking. It’s a little easier on the back 🙂

    Love the writing room rug, it looks like a very inspiring place to pen those words.

  5. The rug is lovely! And Iris and Violet are funny in their different reactions to being caught in the basement. Cats are just too curious.

  6. Love the rug! Reminds me of one I used to have–though mine had a different color scheme. Iris and Violet are a kick! Cats and their curiosity! d:)

  7. I love the rug. You sound so happy and I’m glad.

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