Monday, November 22, 2010

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Monday, November 22, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Cloudy and cold


I can hardly believe it. We are completely exhausted, but we are here.

Wednesday was a packing frenzy, but we got it done, so we didn’t have to scramble on Thursday morning. Thursday morning, I got up early to pack the bedding, crate the cats, get in water, and a couple of dozen doughnuts.

The movers arrived promptly at 9 AM — two trucks and five guys. The crew chief was the same guy who handled my move before. I was so happy to see him! All of them were great guys, though. Good people, through and through. And, let’s face it, it was a pain in the ass move — 38 years’ worth of stuff, including a couple of thousand books, down three flights of stairs and through a large courtyard to the truck. And there was no way I could be helpful. I’d only get in the way. So I stayed out of the way and let them do their thing, and just kept feeding and watering them. Late morning, I brought in another case of water and got non-sugary snacks and stuff for them to keep going.

A little after two, the guys and I headed to storage, while my mom stayed behind to do the final cleaning in the apartment. We loaded the storage unit by a little after 4:30. Two guys were getting picked up to go back to Queens, and three headed up to the Cape that night.

I picked up McDonald’s and headed back to the apartment. The cats were totally freaked. Iris had screamed her head off all day long. Violet never said a word. We ate, loaded the last bits into the car — which was so full you couldn’t fit a twig in there, and neighbors kept stopping by to say goodbye and give us going away gifts — which was lovely, but hard to fit into the car! 😉

The apartment looked tiny and sad when it was empty. It’s amazing how much stuff we fit in.

Iris screamed the whole way up in the car. I couldn’t turn the radio high enough to block her out without blowing out the speakers.

We arrived around midnight, set up the litter boxes and some food, and let them out of the crates. They were freaked. We took them upstairs with us. They dived into the sheets in the bathroom shelves and that’s where they spent the night. Made it easier to wrangle them in the morning, putting in their food and water.

Up early the next morning. I headed to the grocery store to stock up on water, bagels, fruit, snacks, etc. The movers called at 7:30 to tell me they were in the motel just up the street and in the process of showering — they’d be there around 9. I promised them a good breakfast spread, since there were no breakfast places near that particular motel.

We had a party at the checkout — the woman ahead of me was originally from NY, and the checkout clerk used to live two blocks from where I lived in the city.

Friday was even a longer day, getting everything into the house. Basically, I served as the fourth crew member — did just as much hauling as they did, although they were careful to keep me away from anything heavy. They were surprised that I was as strong and faster than some of the guys they work with. Especially since I’m twice as old as two out of the three. That’s what comes from over 20 years of Broadway and rock ‘n roll, baby! And I’ve lost a lot of my strength over the last few years.

It was a long, damn day. The other box spring couldn’t make it up the stairs either, so it’s in the basement and I’ll order a second split box, and give my mother the one that’s supposed to show up at some point from Sleepy’s.

We stopped in the afternoon and I went down the street to pick up some pizzas — and discovered that, two doors down from the local pizza joint is a PIE COMPANY!!! So, of course, I had to buy a pie. Awesome! We had a pizza break, and then finished up around 5:30.

I can’t put my car in the garage right now. Too many boxes. I’m going to reorganize them so I can get the car in (it’s supposed to snow in a couple of days), and then pull boxes from there as I unpack. Every room is full of boxes except for the back bedroom, which is the only room that’s nearly complete, for some reason. The finished part of the basement if FULL of boxes — although I can still get to the still room — and there are some boxes in the unfinished portion, but I’m trying to keep that clear to stack hardware, tools, stuff we don’t need but want to keep, and sorting boxes and broken items to take to the dump. Ahem “transfer station.” The storage unit is completely stacked, and I have to sort and rearrange, although we put everything in the general area it needs to be.

The living room is partially set up — I have to get the Danish sofa fixed — I need to find a carpenter who specializes in furniture and joining to do that and the Danish chair. I’d bought a new flat screen TV a couple of weeks ago, but it’s stupid to mention online that I have a new TV in a house that’s uninhabited part of the time, so I stuffed it into the closet and kept my mouth shut! 😉 My office is getting there — I need more storage and more bookcases. my desk is set up, I’ve got the internet hooked up (obviously), the phone, the cable. My bedroom is a work in progress, and it will probably take about six weeks to finish it, because I need to get the split box, find a headboard, paint one of the bureaus, make curtains, etc., etc. But it will be really pretty when it’s done.

The kitchen, which had been beautifully set up, is now stuffed with boxes again, and i have 60 more kitchen boxes in the garage, so I have to set up shelf units in the basement for stuff I don’t use a lot, wash everything, pack it safely into bins so it won’t get dusty, and put it downstairs.

Over the winter, I want to purge the files and get rid of 75% of them. Far too many boxes marked “unsorted files.” As in, a couple of hundred.

The cats are totally freaked out. They’re hissing and spitting at each other, and one or the other of them is always missing. At first, it seemed like Iris was adjusting better, but now Violet is starting to assert herself, although she spends most of her time sleeping in the flannel sheets. This morning, they were chasing each other and playing, which then descended into fighting, so I guess they’re adjusting. And they both settled on the couch last night to watch TV.

I need to figure out where to put all my fiction books. So far, everything I’m setting up is stuff I need for work. I need to have some stuff for fun out, too! I need to figure out where to put a bookcase in the back bedroom (which also has our dining table), and I’ll put some of the fiction there. I have some of the leather-bound classics in the living room, and will put more in the other bookcase going into the living room that I need to repaint.

Yesterday, we planned to go to Target in the morning and unpack all afternoon, but we lost Iris for hours and didn’t want to leave the house without knowing where she was. We finally found her — stuck under my round chair. We went to Wareham late in the day, totally exhausted. Couldn’t find the slipcovers I wanted — right now, I tossed on some slipcovers I found amongst my NYC stuff — the one on the couch looked like a pink and gray striped nightshirt — either someone gave it to me or I was drunk when I bought it. I have a lovely fleeced reindeer blanket totally covering it, so you only see a bit, and it’s still better than the poor, battered upholstery. The big chair has a subtle blue cover on it, which will do for now. I want to see if I can find the ones I want online — I found the microsuede I wanted at Target, but not in the colors. We did buy a few things we needed at Target, and at Lowe’s, and even at Christmas Tree Shops — the big one, just over the bridge, which was a madhouse. I have to pick up a few more things I priced at K-Mart today. And get more leaf bags. I need to get the leaves done before it starts to snow.

I’m feng shui-ing the house as we go, I have the bagua mirror up on the front door, along with the Thanksgiving wreath. Pretty soon, I have to start thinking about Christmas.

Somewhere in the fray, I lost my amethyst pentacle, which, along with two other necklaces, I never take off. I’ve worn it every day since about 1998. My aquamarine and my dragon pendants are fine, but the pentacle vanished at some point in the fray. Maybe it’s time to get a new pentacle for the new phase in life? I’m heading to Sandwich to Lavender Moon and/or the Sandwich Herb Shoppe today to take care of that.

I want to rearrange the garage today and keep working on the kitchen. The landlord is stopping by to mark the septic tank — it will be pumped tomorrow. He’s going to teach me how to shut off the hose valves for the winter. I assume I have to coil the hoses and put them in the garage. I have a lot to learn!

I am so tired, but still running on fumes. Once we get things set up, it will be really pretty and cozy. I have to steam clean some carpets, and we still have to buy carpets for my writing room and the back bedroom. It already looks nice, but, when we’re done, it will look beautiful. Not magazine beautiful, but like US.

I have to spend time this week finishing up my class lectures for the next Savvy Authors workshop. I am teaching a deconstruction on Juliet Blackwell’s lovely mystery SECONDHAND SPIRITS starting the Monday after Thanksgiving. I hope to see some of you there.

Got to get back to unpacking — lots to do, and I’m still collapsing into bed ridiculously early every night. But I’m getting up at my usual time, doing yoga, meditating, feeding the cats. Next weekend, I plan to get back to the 1K a day first thing, but for the next few days, I need to get organized.

Thanks so much for all your support through this. I promise I’ll start catching up on everyone’s blogs soon!


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  1. I’ve been wondering about you and the girls. It sounds like you have a lot of room and a lot of stuff. 🙂 I’m so happy for you. I knew this day would come for you, but it sounds like the last few days have been incredibly exhausting. But…it’s done–the moving part. Now you can make it your home. YES!

    In a day or two the girls will start being themselves again trusting their environment. Frankly, they’re not use to so much room and wondering what to do with it all.

    Have a great day!

  2. Glad you’re in and safe and happy and well. Will have to catch up on the reading later – my laptop battery is about to die. BIG WHOOP! 😀

  3. Hip – hip – HOORAY!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on being in your new place. It’s apparent from your posts the feeling of contentment and HOME you have with you now. Amen. That other place was evil incarnate.

    Amen, Alleluia!!

  4. Yay, you’re home! So glad for you that the big push of the move is done and that you’ve reached the point where you get to “settle in.”

  5. You sound tired but HAPPY!

    But you’re in, you’re done, and you can give the finger to that awful place and not worry about leaf-blowers and faux workers and infringement of your basic human rights AGAIN! Hallelujah!

    I think a new necklace is definitely in order. For this new and more peaceful chapter in your life. HOORAY!!!

  6. Glad the move went well.
    Enjoy your new home.

  7. So glad the move went well and that you’re IN!

    Congratulations. I hope you’ll have many, many happy years in your new home.

  8. Hi Devon .. glad finally you’ve there & are all in – a huge relief .. but now for a little unpacking – then finally all will really be well. Enjoy finding things & good luck with the course work ready for next week .. a few happy, busy days ahead – but different busy.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all .. Hilary

  9. Welcome home!!!

  10. YAY! Glad to hear the move is accomplished! Unpacking can be a pain, but it will be worth it to have all your things around you. And the cats will settle soon. Congratulations on your new home!

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