Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010
Dark Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Still rainy out there, although we haven’t had flood warnings yet. The Health Dept. forced the scumbag landlords to give us heat. It’s erratic, it’s not on a “sensor” as they claim — they give a little heat at 6 AM, and then again, after 5 PM, when “everyone” is home.

The Ceremonies for the Dead are complete for another year. Next year, I’ll be able to do them all from the house, which should be a little smoother. I’ll have the room to really set up and leave it set up for the days. I’d love to do an elaborate Days of the Dead set up around the fireplace.

Finished packing the books (except the stray ones I’m sure I’ll find here and there. Packed magazines I’m taking up, and the set of filing cabinets in the bedroom, and the contents of a nightstand that, like my closet, leads all the way back to Narnia.

I’m going to concentrate on the rest of the living room today — pack a few hours this morning, then head to storage for a few hours to pack the stuff that strayed from its boxes over the years and wasn’t put back properly, then pack some more here. If I can finish the living room except for the CDs (which have to be gone through and cleaned individually because they are stored near the window and are filthy because of the dirt created by the “workmen”, I will be happy. It’s a lot, because it’s the stuff that scatters, hides in drawers and corners, and needs to be sorted as well as packed. The hallway is packed except for one box’s worth of soft goods, which maybe I’ll knock out, too.

I also have to go through boxes that have been stored for X amount of time and are going “as it” — they still need to be taped and marked. Everything in the apartment will be marked with contents and into which room it goes. A lot of the stuff from the storage unit will go into the basement, so I’m making signs for the different categories in which to stack stuff and taping them to the walls there. I’ll also have signs up in each room as to where the big furniture pieces go, and the designation of each room.

Tonight, we take sheets and pack up the clothes from the closets (still on hangers) in what will look like body bags made out of sheets. I think those will be easier to carry down the stairs, through the basement, up the stairs, and through the two parking lots to the car in the morning. We also have the two ceramic statues, a few left over mirrors, and a couple of other delicate things we will tuck in and around the clothes.

Really, the toughest part is packing the car — hauling everything down the stairs, through the basement, up the stairs, and through two parking lots. That’s the toughest on the body. But it’s getting done. We only have four more round trips until moving day, three of them back-to-back starting tomorrow. So the more I can get packed today, the better off we are. When I come back from a round trip, I’m exhausted, and it’s difficult to pack. But I figure every five or ten boxes is a victory, so my goal each night I return for a trip is at least five boxes, preferably ten.

And it’s especially important to pack and mark the current WIPs, because I intend to get back into the writing groove the first day after the movers have come and gone!

The cats stay nearby. They are upset. Once they are in the house, and explore, they will be much happier, but the tumult is tough on them, especially on Violet. Iris lets her do the worrying for both of them, and pretends nothing is happening, but even Iris is having to admit that something is going on.

I promise that, once this is all settled, I will catch up on all your blogs again and start commenting. Right now, I just can’t concentrate — the whole focus is getting this done, keeping my head screwed on straight so I don’t drop any balls, keep up with the work that’s paying the bills, and, of course, fighting the scumbag landlords who, although they want us out, are determined to make it as ugly, unpleasant, stressful, and expensive as possible.

I’m sure the Universe will come up with a much more poetical and intriguing way to getting things back in balance than I ever could. While I will hold my ground and not let them walk all over me, I will leave the details of the karmic return to the Universe.


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  1. Ha ha ha – I was in the middle of writing this when my office got invaded and I had to pause, and you’ve been to mine since … however, here’s what I was going to say … in fact, what I’ve still said. 😉

    Hey look, most of us can probably still “see” you
    surf on in and then surf on out again. And we know you’re busy. I’m so excited for you, seeing your Tweet yesterday too.

  2. Karmic return is in their future, no doubt.

    Even amid the chaos and work of moving, you must feel so much peace. Many good vibes your way. Let me know how I can help.

  3. Sending good vibes that your body holds out (especially the back, ouch!) and everything falls into place. Your spirits are up, that definitely works wonders!


  4. You’re almost there! I am so excited for you. Prayers and Blessings for a safe and smooth weekend!

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