Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Scheduled to post again

I have to take my car in for its check-up, winter servicing, and baby-I’m-working-you-too-hard-right-now at a very early hour, so I’ve scheduled this to post.

Monday was great — car loaded, on the road by 6:15 or so, smooth drive up to the Cape, got there before 10:30. La Famille Raccoon –Mother, Father, three little ones — now climbs up on the wall between the building and the first parking lot to watch us haul boxes. It looked like they were clapping at one point, so I took a bow.

At the house, the neighbor’s Jack Russell terrier came over to say hello and then pooped on our lawn. I told him he can come over to play whenever he wants, but pooping next to the garage is not cool! 😉

Felt guilty because the neighbors on the other side have a pristine lawn and I haven’t been around to rake. I do have a rake in the garage — guess I’ll have to use it on the next trip!

Unloaded, had lunch, started the first load of dishes in the dishwasher, put away the dishes washed just before we left last time. These are the “special dishes”, the good ones that go into the glass cabinet. Ran around looking for lampshades, without luck.
Looked at rugs — I need to get one for the writing room and one for the back bedroom. Couldn’t find exactly what I wanted yet, so I passed. Plus, until I’ve feng shui’d the rooms, I won’t know what colors and patterns I need to bring in with the rugs.

Unpacked, rearranged, took a rest. The owner came to see what I was doing wrong trying to get the heat on and it turns out the furnace isn’t working properly, so someone will come on Thursday to fix it while we are there. It wasn’t that cold, so no big deal. And we have hot water bottles and LL Bean sleeping bags!

Cooked a lovely dinner — the kitchen is awesome. Looked through magazines and talked about stuff we want to do with the place. I lit the Halloween candles across the mantel, pulled the drapes, and it was nice and cozy, even without furniture!

We measured all the rooms and the windows and the moldings and the wainscoting, etc., so that we can now measure the furniture and sort that out.

Went to bed pretty early, I had trouble falling asleep — some people were drag racing with motorcycles on a nearby road, and I think the neighbor behind me, who has dogs (not the neighbor with the Jack Russell, a different one), has some hounds. They were baying about something or other. Maybe at the moon? It sounded like Hounds of the Baskervilles, and I expected Sherlock Holmes to gallop through the bedroom at any minute.

I woke up around 4:44 on Tuesday, because of a storm. Loved listening to the wind and rain. Dozed off. Woke up about an hour later, wondering why it was so light — turned out it was moonlight — I love seeing the moon from my bedroom windows!

Got up a little before six, did my yoga, did a meditation — just feel so joyful in that house. Clattered downstairs to make coffee and bake biscuits for breakfast. Love the oven.

Love the shower — after years of wonky water, having a truly great shower makes a huge difference.

Packed up, cleaned up, left around 7, forgot something AGAIN, went back (I don’t quite have my leaving-the-house-routine down yet), back on the road for real by 8. Smooth ride back down.

Stopped in Old Saybrook because I couldn’t stop thinking about a few items I saw last week. It was closed. But the owner was working in the yard, asked me what I wanted, I told her. One of the things was sold, but the other was there, so she unlocked the shop and I bought a pair of silver plated candlebras. And scooped up a planter shaped like a coal scuttle that can hold kindling (for only $3). It was very kind of her.

Now, I’m thinking about a wooden chest that would make a fabulous window seat in my room and a few of those tile tables . . .

My bedroom keeps evolving. Between the feng shui and the need to sleep with my head in the north or the east, I’ve had to reconfigure the space several times. I like where I’ve tucked the bed now, but probably can’t have end tables and will have to go with a headboard behind it instead, and a mirror on the opposite wall over the bureau for feng shui purposes. I can run 15 feet of low bookcases along one wall (yes, the room is huge), plus have my two other bureaus and another ornate bookcase in there. Let’s face it, it’s the biggest bedroom I’ll ever have in my life — I could run a yoga CLASS in there, much less my own practice. I’m going to enjoy it while I have it.

It’s hateful and awful here at the apartment, not a minute’s peace. Can’t wait to be out for good.

Mover sent the quote, I have a few questions, but it looks like all is good.

Off to get the car serviced and then to acupuncture. And then — more packing!

I’ve lost most of the stress weight I put on after leaving Broadway — not doing stairs all the time and fighting the landlords every day’s causing me to over-produce cortisol. But hauling down a score of boxes every couple of days down three flights and across two parking lots to load the car is like a combo of cardio and weight training. It gets easier every time, and I’ve dropped the weight I wanted. I’ll be able to use my jump rope in the basement of the house, and, come spring, I can start running again, so I’ll be able to stay fit, and, with less stress, I won’t be living on adrenalin all the time.

However, with all the stairs, the “Broadway knee” is back. Ick.

I planned to pull the car into the parking lot right near the back door for loading, but someone’s window got smashed. Instead of cleaning it up, the maintenance guys used a leaf blower to blow the glass shards all over the place, and I won’t risk my tires by driving over them. So I have to haul all the boxes an extra 35 feet or so to the lot where I keep the car. It’s not that far, but when you’re hauling 20+ boxes down the three flights of apartment stairs, an extra flight into the basement, and then the flight back up to the lot — it adds up. If I walked it through the courtyard, it would be the equivalent of walking a full city block, so I’d rather take the shortcut through the basement.

It’s amazing how much I can fit into a Volkswagen and still see out the back window! 😉

Oh, finally, the graphic novel of LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN showed up. I ordered it months before I taught the class in September or October or whenever the hell I taught it. It was supposed to arrive in four days. It took four months. Whatever. I’m still going to enjoy reading it!


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  1. Everything sounds great. You’ll get used to the noises. It was so quiet when we first moved to the village that every single noise echoed and kept me awake for most of the night. Now I notice how peaceful it is here whenever I go anywhere else.

    Hope the knee holds out, but yay on the weightloss.

  2. Glad you are enjoying this time of moving and your new house.

    Yes, you will get use to the new sounds. Some will remain annoying and some will become endearing. When I stay in the big city with my daughter the trains wake me in the night. My daughter says, What trains? She loves the sounds here in the semi-country. Plus, I’m away from my neighbors.

  3. What a major contrast between old apartment and new house! Soon you will be like “how did I ever live there under those awful conditions??”

    So happy for you!

  4. When will you be out of the apartment for good? The new house sounds like *such* a contrast: I can understand being anxious to get out.

    Sending “get well” vibes to the knee!

  5. Your words about the move and your new home are full of happiness! I hope your knee holds out. Congratulations on the weight loss!

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