Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune REtrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
No idea, it’s dark & I scheduled to post

I was a Packing Demon this weekend. Saturday, I packed 50 boxes, 30 of them books — the books in the living room are now almost all packed (two crates under my desk still have to to into boxes. I still have to dig into some drawers and under a few things, but, for the most part, it’s packed. I want to get ALL the books in the place packed, and then I’ll go back and do the rest.

Our next two carloads of stuff are sorted and put aside. Well, by the time you read this, one carload will be in the car and we’ll be on our way!

My Favorite Movers called me at the end of the day on Friday. Not only did they give me a great price, within my budget and less than what I estimated, they’re giving me that price for the TWO TRUCKS.

And they were afraid it was too high! I told them to consider themselves booked, send me the paperwork, and I’ll send them a deposit on Wed.

It wasn’t the lowest estimate, but it was certainly the fairest, and I know, had I gone with the lowest, those guys would have come up with all kinds of last minute charges. I’ve used these guys before (those of you who read my blog back when I fought daily with UHaul know how lovely they were during that trauma). I might even get some of the same guys. The crew chief already said he wants to work with me again when he heard I’d asked for an estimate. Well, I do feed & water my guys well! 😉

My new neighbors will faint when two moving trucks pull up in front of the house. It’s a tiny street with only seven houses on it.

The cats are in a frenzy. There are lots of packing pauses to cuddle them and give them treats.

Figuring out where to stash the litter boxes in the new place has been a challenge, but I think we’ve found spots that are subtle, but also work so the cats can get to them when they need to. If they are displeased with something, I have no doubt we will know about it.

Went on the hunt for a lampshade yesterday. Why is it so darned hard to find lampshades? On the cape, I checked Home Goods, KMart, Christmas Tree Shops, Pier One, and Bed-Bath-and-Beyond (that one doesn’t have ANY lighting stuff). Here, I checked Bed-Bath-and-Beyond, AI Friedman, Home Depot, Kohl’s (which is just getting grosser every time I walk in, thank goodness I paid off my card and dumped it), and a few other places. When we go back up to the Cape this week, I’m going to check Sears and Macy’s (I have both of them closer to where I live there than I do here). Eventually, I’ll make it to Target, either up there or down here. But Target’s shades tend to be fuschia and polka dot, which really isn’t going to work.

The lamp is shaped like a horse’s head, almost like a chess piece. It’s black, with the filial fastening. If I keep it in the living room, I can’t get a red shade, because I already have two lamps in “Colonial Red” (one is the floor lamp we’ve had since the 1960’s and is awesome, the other is the lamp I just bought in Old Saybrook). I may have a black lamp shade in storage (or it might be for the sewing basket lamp I never put together), but that may be too dark. Crisp white would look good, or a patterned black and white. I want a drum shade, while my mom wants a tapered shade.

All of the places we’ve visited either have really ugly shades, or they’re oversized or undersized, or nothing is in crisp white. And the selection is pretty lame, too.

I think there are some lamp stores on Rt. 28 — I’ll look them up. Yeah, I know, I could just buy the size and shape I like and MAKE a new shade, but really? Right now? I think not. I already decided I have to make winter drapes for the downstairs, and then switch them out to summer sheers when the season turns!

Sunday, I only got about 25 boxes packed, but most of the books in the hallway are done. I got the three smaller bookcases and the big unit done. I have one more medium sized bookcase and one more small bookcase still to pack. Got some of the 
“annoying stuff” packed/purged into small boxes.

My desk is way too overwhelming to pack right now.

Someone asked me what my “style” was — I’ve joked for years that it’s “early everything” — if it’s old and has nice lines and I found it at a flea market, I like it. But, really, when you think about it, it’s mostly Colonial/Federalist with some Asian-influenced pieces and a few touches of Victoriana here and there. Victorian style is a bit too fussy for me, but a few curly-que pieces and a Queen Anne chair here and there work. Also, a few old Celtic and Gothic pieces. I have a few Danish modern (pre-Ikea) pieces that need to be fixed, from the 50s, but most of it are Colonial of Shaker lines slightly softened with curves, and then a lot of Asian-influenced from all those years spent on Asian shows and living in or near the local Chinatowns in my travels. And because every piece, be it furniture or china or a knick-knack, tells a story, and nothing is bought to “accessorize” the place just to sit there, it’s very distinct.

Don’t worry, you’ll live the evolution through photos.

Landlords pulled more crap, so there will be more bickering this week. They are giving us heat, but . . .I can’t wait to be out of here for good.

And, once I put down the deposit, I will have the firm date!

I just got a bunch of new comments and scrolled through them. Okay, I was ANGRY — the post about Elsa’s death got spam about Apple and Zune. Talk about assholes with no dignity. Bastards. Five of them. None of that has anything to do with my loss. May the karma dogs come and $%#^ on your doorstep sooner rather than later!


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  1. very interesting blog,i enjoyed it so much i have bookmarked it and look forward to your updates..keep up the good work

  2. I figured your taste was “eclectic.” But that’s what makes it home.
    Try Target. I know they have polka dots, but in Fall they have more “dignified” stuff. They may surprise you. 😉

    Happy happy packing!

  3. I, too, was going to suggest Target. They not only carry the weird and funky, but they also have a small selection of the ordinary and plain as well. Good news on the Movers! Hope your day goes well!

  4. The move is on! Woohoo! d:))

  5. So happy to see the move going well. The service the movers are giving you is a sign of how your luck has changed.

  6. Somebody–more than one somebody–spammed the post about your cat dying??? I’m so sorry. That is really sick. How are you doing by the way? I know that’s a grief that doesn’t go away quickly…

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