Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010
Full Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Still dark out.

So, lots of catching up.

Wednesday morning, we woke up at 4 AM & started loading the car by 5. We were “helped” by a family of curious raccoons who stopped digging through the garbage to come see what we were up to. They were cute as little (well, big) buttons and obviously very healthy, and we each kept a safe distance from the other. Yes, I checked to make sure no nosy one had climbed into the car while we loaded!

On the road a little after 6 AM, not a bad ride up (except around Providence, which is a pain no matter what time of day). Made it in just over 4 hours. Unloaded the car, went grocery shopping, started unpacking, doing laundry, putting dishes through the dishwasher, putting in shelf paper, arranging things, etc.

Can I just say I HATE putting in shelf paper? I know it’s necessary, but it’s a pain. Some of my lamps aren’t working, fell in love with another lamp that doesn’t want to hold its shade (which I didn’t realize until I put a bulb in it), etc. Cooked our first meal in the house — pork chops w/thyme. Yum.

Although every time we turn on the stove, the smoke alarm goes off. So we have to figure that out.

I bought a rake, and nearly took out four people while I tried to check out — by accident. I’m just not used to maneuvering a rake.

Can’t figure out how to get the heat working properly, so we were a little cold overnight, but LL Bean sleeping bags and hot water bottles are beautiful things. I slept very well in my new bedroom.

And I decorated. No furniture, but the Samhain decorations are up!

And the owner kindly put up curtain rods and the drapes that were there. We will live with them until we decide what we want to put up.

I’m putting the candleholders in the stillroom — I can actually see everything, so when I want to use something, it’s there. Put up the new crystals in the bedrooms, hung my dragonfly windchime in my office.

Up early on Thursday, cooked sausage & eggs (smoke alarm went off again), put away some things, and drove back. Smooth ride back, stopped at a favorite store in Old Saybrook, where I bought fireplace implements and a lovely lamp and a few little oddities that will go in the new house. Yeah, like I don’t have enough oddities, right?

Apartment smells like stale cigarette smoke (no smokers in the household, so WTF?). Not acceptable. And they still refuse to give us heat.

Our new lease has a very strict “no smoking” clause in it — no smoking in the house. Period. So, anyone who visits will have to smoke outside. And not litter!

Met a friend for lunch, came back and played with the cats, went down in the evening to unload the empty boxes we unpacked so we can repack them.

This morning, more lawyer discussions, paperwork, and then My Favorite Movers are coming at noon to give me a quote. Afternoon will be all about the packing. I’m working this weekend, and intend to catch up on as much sleep as possible.

Believe it or not, I’m getting a little writing done here and there, too!


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  1. You’ll soon get used to everything – it all sounds great fun – and you’ll soon be leaving all the other crud behind.

    The writing doesn’t surprise me. 🙂

  2. You sound busy but happy. And LOL on the rake! I can just see you with it! LOL!

    I’d disable the smoke alarm that goes off. I know, that’s HORRIBLETERRIBLEHOWCOULDISUGGESTSUCHATHING but if that house is built to code there will be other smoke alarms close by.

    Soon you will be DONE with that nasty place!! Woo!

  3. I agree with Lara–only if you have plenty of alarms close by. Code is suppose to load up to keep people safe, but some alarms are super sensitive. My alarm in my hallway next to my dining room went off one time when my mother was blowing out her birthday candles…and that was just smoke from candles. We laughed and so did she. And she was younger than I am now.

    Here’s another bossy suggestion. If you like your lamps rewire them. I do it all the time when I find old lamps I adore. It’s easy with a ten dollar kit.

    Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures for us.

  4. Some of my favorite memories of working on this house of mine which you know so well. And yes, a sleeping bag in that nook, listening to the wind off of the mountain wrap around the house. Happy packing/unpacking. Expect a very real physical relief once you are done with the old stresses.

  5. Your tone excited and happy! I’m so you’re having so much fun with your new home. I wish a joyful weekend for you!

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