Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Because we’re in dispute with the landlords, they’re refusing to give us ANY heat, even though there are frost advisories out. No heat AT ALL this season, in violation of the law, and they don’t care. And because of the deal they cut with the local City Council & Buildings Dept., they won’t do their jobs and stop it.

Anyway, we have a lot of catching up to do.

I worked all weekend, bouncing between two different site gigs. I left for one mid-day Friday, it’s one of my favorites. It was all good, I had great internet access, could get current and caught up on both workshops, etc.. etc. I also contacted two moving companies, requesting appointments this week. Of course, neither one could be bothered to get back to me by today, so obviously they are not movers I should use, no matter how high their BBB rating.

Saturday morning, I picked up my mom and took her to the one site to cover for me, and, early afternoon, I bounced to my second job of the weekend. Let’s just say it was challenging in ways I didn’t expect. I rose to it, acted like a grownup, was cordial (always watch out when I get cordial — it means I’m furious) and, by early afternoon Sunday, successfully completed the assignment. I had no internet access while there, so got behind again. Returned to job 1 on Sunday afternoon, which was such a relief, and my mom and I completed it together.

As a side note on Friday, I started to get sick, an infection. I knew exactly what it was. I even knew what medication they’d give me. However, since I don’t have health insurance, I couldn’t afford to go to a doctor, and there are no affordable clinics in the area. You either have to be practically homeless or rich — if you’re a regular working person in Westchester without health insurance, you are SOL. Thank you, George Bush Administration. It wasn’t bad enough (yet) to go to the Emergency Room, but it was horribly uncomfortable and I was pretty miserable. Doing nothing WOULD land me in the ER, which I can’t afford, either, on any level. So, I pulled out my herbal knowledge and attacked it from that angle. Threw a lot at it. By Friday evening, I was much better, and by Saturday morning, I’d completely triumphed over it. Yeah, I think it’s time I get my certification in herbalism. After all, now I have a still room, and, come spring and summer, will grow some of my own herbs. And, too, I’m moving to a state with affordable health care. I will actually be able to go to a doctor when I’m sick.

Anyway, Sunday night, my mom went off the the Tenants’ meeting while I finished up my classes (the majority of the work rocked, although there were a couple of people who regularly ignored the class requirements and ignored the notes — why the hell do they bother taking the class?). The Tenants’ Meeting, of course, was waste of time. A lot of hot air, no action. Forced myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

And couldn’t sleep.

Finally got up at 3 AM, we ate breakfast, packed the car, and were on the road by 5. We arrived at the house around 9:30. What a wonderful feeling to take in the bread, salt, and wine over the threshold (first items one must take into a new home), and then use my very own garage door opener, pull the car in and unload!

We unpacked and arranged the carload we’d brought up. We realize we’ll be rearranging stuff at least 80 times over the next few months until it’s the way we want it, but between feng shui and my own practices and our own instincts, I think it’ll be really nice when we’re done. I decided to haul up my Halloween decorations and put them up in the empty house — the movers won’t be here before Samhain, and I couldn’t bear the thought of keeping everything packed. So, yeah, not everything we took up this time was PRACTICAL! 😉

We did some light grocery shopping, picked up some tray tables that will be very useful, looked at some other stuff we decided we didn’t want, ate lunch IN OUR NEW HOME, and then headed back. Of course, I forgot something and we had to go back, but I remembered while we were still on the Cape, so it wasn’t too big a deal.

Stopped in Mystic, Ct on the way home, at Mystical Elements, where we got crystals to hang in the bedrooms, and then at a store called Penguins & Otters, I found a lovely, delicate glass dragonfly windchime for the window of my writing room.

I was in bed by 8:30 last night, completely exhausted.

Today is caught up with practicalities, dealing with the latest bullshit (pardon the language, but it’s the only phrase that adequately describes it) from the landlords, packing, trying to get movers in for estimates, etc.

Can you imagine that neither mover could be bothered to respond? How screwy is that? But, the good news is that I found the contact info for the mover I loved so much that got me out of UHaul Chelsea in ’09, and sent off an email this morning asking for a binding quote (and the same crew, if possible). So, while I will still get several quotes — I would not be doing my due diligence if I didn’t. But they’ve done right by me before, and, if they give an even remotely fair quote, they’re my first choice.

Wonder if the other movers will just show up for an unconfirmed appointment?

To work.


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  1. I never knew that about bread, salt and wine.

    How exciting to have your first meal in your new home.

    I bet your output goes through the roof now.

    Hope that infection stays away.

  2. Very nice and exciting. I feel the change…and the change is good.

    Take care. Stress will rearrange your brain and make you ill. Focus on the future and your new wonderful house!!

  3. I hope you continue to feel better. Best wishes for a productive day!

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