Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and humid

Well, those were a bunch of zany days!

Monday, I was basically a waste of food. I dreaded coming back to NY, I couldn’t concentrate, Trying to get appointments sorted for next week, and everyone’s got an excuse for not following through with what they initially promised. Typical realtors. Pond scum.

And Comcast, which hadn’t been too bad all week, went back to major suckage.

So, Monday was a lost day, creatively, and I’m moping around Monday night when I get a phone call that the people I covered for had landed at the Philly airport. A day early. Huh?

It’s amazing what a whirlwhind one can turn into under pressure. In the 20 minutes it took them to take a cab from the airport, I had stripped the beds and started the laundry, taken the clean dishes out of the dishwasher (thank goodness I ran it right after dinner), put them away, packed my crap that was scattered all over the place, cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, and was ready to go.

Only I couldn’t GO back to NY that night, because the transportation schedule didn’t work in my favor. So I was stashed in their studio a few blocks away. Since they’re having trouble with their landlords (familiar refrain), once I was in for the night, I couldn’t leave. And, for some reason, the ethernet cable in the place won’t talk to my computer, so I was offline.

Which was fine, only I was unfocused and couldn’t concentrate. I had the TV on, but I couldn’t tell you what was on. I didn’t sleep well, because the thermostat runs automatically, and it was as cold as a meat locker. And I couldn’t find any extra blankets. So I put on socks and a sweatshirt and all the rest. I swear, I am never travelling without my hot water bottle again, no matter what the time of year! 😉

Had to order in breakfast the next morning, repacked the suitcase, and kind of puttered around. I was looking forward to a good diner breakfast of poached eggs, corned beef hash, hash brown potatoes, and toast. Well, first, it arrived cold. The eggs were hardboiled, not poached. And they ddidn’t have corned beef hash. Sigh. Certainly not enough to alter the course of the universe, but a disappointment.

Much quicker trip back to 30th St. Station — when I got out of the apartment, I could see it, and it was a straight shot. It started sprinkling as I reached the station — the whole area was under tornado watch. Walked through the station and out the other side to the bus stop. As I walked out of the station, a group of workmen stood to the side smoking joints. Glad I wasn’t going to be around the heavy machinery they were operating for the rest of the day. So, by the time I got to the bus, the smoke was in my hair and my clothes. I got strange looks the whole trip.

Megabus let us stand in the rain, as usual, while they had their little coffee klatch inside the bus. I think I’ll try one of the other carriers for the next trip. They finally loaded us up and off we went. Not too many people, smooth ride until we got stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel for awhile, due to traffic, which is so not my idea of a good time.

Rolled the suitcase a couple of blocks to where I get a cab. There was a guy who obviously was having trouble getting a cab. I didn’t even stick my arm out until he was safely settled in one, and then got one immediately. Thank you, Karma Dogs!

Managed to catch a train immediately upon hitting Grand Central, smooth trip back, picked up at the station, got a bottle of wine and a chocolate cake on the way home. Unpacked, relaxed, never even went online last night.

Watched some TV. Disappointed with the script for the NCIS-LA episode. I thought they were inconsistent with Deeks’s character, and, at times, made him goofy and suffering from foot-in-mouth disease the wrong way (the first scene with Sam, expecting Kensi to come up with a way to get them out–he’s proven he’s a good enough cop to have had ideas of his own on that). Eric Christian Olsen’s good enough and inventive enough to pull it off (I can think of at least a dozen other actors who’d have turned it into whiny self-pity and I would have had to change the channel). The snake story and some of the other stuff is in keeping with the humor they’ve established for the character, but those two scenes were very discordant. If the scenes had been written better, it would have added a wonderful dynamic to the overall episode.

As a writer, though, it’s a good lesson in character development (or, in this case, mis-delvelopment).

Overslept this morning. I have a lot to do early today, so skipped yoga and my first 1K of the day, which will come back and bite me in the butt later.

The only food in the house is cat food, so I’m off to the bank and the grocery store, then have to file more paperwork against the landlords. They’ve upped the threats and the harassment, and I may have to bring in the cops.


I know, I just have to hang in there. But I need a really, really stable home base to get anything done, and I haven’t had that for nearly four years. It’s been a disgusting downward spiral.


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  1. Then it’s time. Look for a landlord/lady who isn’t a corporation or a company, I say. The more personal the connection, hopefully the better the experience.

    Think of this time as time in your Karma Bank. The more you’re able to endure now, the better things will be later. With that idea and all you’ve been through, you should be living in luxury, but you get the idea. 🙂

  2. What a terrible couple of days. You must feel frazzled.

  3. Good grief. You’ve handled the situations thrown at you very well this week. I hope things get better for you-FAST!

  4. The day you do move into that stable home, the home of your dreams, I’ll be having a party to celebrate for you! 🙂

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