Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

They actually gave us heat for an hour or so yesterday morning. They must have been testing the system, because we haven’t had heat on a weekday after 9 AM since the last snowstorm.

Yesterday was busy. Some was good, some not so good. The nosy, gossipy neighbor stopped me to ask how I was. I told her Elsa died, and she said, “I know. That’s good.” My jaw just dropped. I thought maybe she mis-heard me or just wasn’t listening, but she went on, “Well, she was getting to be more trouble than she was worth, wasn’t she?”

I looked at her for a minute, said, “I sincerely hope no one ever feels that way about you,” and walked away.

I was just stunned. There are very few people I’m going to miss from this town.

Drove to Stamford. Ducked in at Borders, where I found a tarot deck remaindered for $3.99., down from about $30. It was one I don’t have, so, of course, I scooped it up. I got home to find that it has two Queen of Wands and no King, which is probably why this run was remaindered. It’s fine with me — the deck is beautiful, and I simply know that if I use it, I will never get the answer that a cycle of identity is complete! 😉

Went to the farmer’s market beside Border’s. Stocked up on some lovely, lovely vegetables. Had lunch with a friend whose lovely little dog has lost her hearing, and is having a hard time adjusting (the dog). Worked with the dog a little — she’s an affectionate little thing.

Iris and Violet argued most of the morning, but had retreated to their corners by the time I came home. I worked on the materials for Confidential Job #1 in the afternoon, and they approached, sat in front of me, and just stared at me, which made it hard to concentrate. But at least they weren’t fighting.

So I found out why the sound of crickets is so prevalent in the workshop. No one’s bothered to read the damn book. Doesn’t matter that it’s the ONE thing I said in the registration information was a prerequisite, and emphasized in the Welcome message that if you don’t read the book before the class starts, the lectures won’t make any sense. How disrespectful can you get? There’s not even any homework. You sit down for one afternoon and read a book. It’s not that hard. One student admitted to not even picking up the book yet. It’s damn Thursday. The class ends Sunday. Whatever. It’s certainly not going to change the course of the Universe, and if they can’t be bothered to read the material, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m disappointed, because I was looking forward to a week of lively discussion, and I put a lot of time and effort into the lectures, but hey, I still get paid, so let them do whatever they want.

Finished reading the material for Confidential Job #1, and will do the write-up today, and probably get it off tomorrow. If they can send me the next assignment before I leave for Philly next week, I can work on it there.

Didn’t do enough sorting and purging yesterday, so I have to make up for it today. The exterminator is supposed to show up — let’s see if he bothers.

I roasted a chicken, using a recipe from FOOD AND WINE as the inspiration, and then changing stuff. It came out very well, and along with green beans and potatoes from the farmer’s market — wow. What a difference in flavor getting everything from the farmer’s market makes.

And can I just say I want to try about 80% of the recipes in the October issue of FOOD AND WINE? One of their best issues ever.

Am also rearranging some of the exercises for the Muse classes I’m teaching (can’t have returning students get complacent) and polishing the lectures for next week’s deconstruction of the film THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. Part of me says why bother, the students probably can’t be bothered to watch it before class, but I need to meet my own criteria and set my own bar. I learn a lot from setting up the lectures, so at least it’s not a waste of time.

Handled the situation of the disgusting corporation trying to take advantage of my mom (again). Yes, I got what I wanted. Got out the quarterly taxes. Have to file a bunch of stuff that got scattered all over the apartment in preparation.

Hopefully, my friend is going to drop off more boxes this week — I need them! and Bed, Bath & Beyond has some stuff that would be quite useful — on sale. Hmm, may have to wander over.

Decent first writing session of the morning. Hopefully, I can get another one at some point during the day. Better jump in the shower and then mop the floors and wipe the counters — the one time I’m not ready early for the exterminator will be the one day he’s here early.



  1. I laughed at Violet and Iris just sitting and staring at you. So funny. I always asked my girls, “What? Tell me.” Then China would come to me wanting love. Chloe would make me go to her for the love.

    You just can’t entertain stupid remarks of stupid people. It’s too destructive.


  2. She did NOT say that. Your response was so fitting. What an unfeeling BEOTCH!!

    I am the only one in my family who actually liked LEAGUE. You’re talking about the movie with Sean Connery as the lead, right? I thought the movie was brilliant. Everyone else just thought it was…weird. I guess that sums it all up.

    😉 Hope you have a good writing day!

    • Yep, that’s the one– steampunk, based on the comic book series. There was a lot I thought worked, and it could have been great, but just missed the mark. I’m looking forward to deconstructing it. Hopefully, they’ll actually have seen it, so we can DISCUSS things.

  3. You did well to hold back when your neighbour said that. I’d have lamped her one. I’ve got faith that karma will take care of her when the time comes.

    Productivity sounds like it’s in your air so have a good one today.

  4. How exactly can you get anything of a deconstruction class if you haven’t bothered to read (or buy) the book? Stupid human tricks.

    That neighbor is a sad, depressed person. And mean. You responded exactly how I would have.

  5. WORTH? Holy crap. And it is a pretty scary attitude to take about the living.

    • And this is someone who goes to Mass every single day.

  6. Ya know, it just kills me when people think they can say whatever they want to you, but get sooo offended when the words are put back on them.

    I can’t believe no one read the book for your workshop. Why in the world did they sign up for it?

    Iris and Violet crack me up. I love hearing about them.

  7. If they’ve not done the pre-work, that’s their problem. So long as you’ve done yours and you’re still getting paid for it, it’s their loss as well.

    This sounds so much more positive today. Good for you.

    But I would’ve probably lamped the neighbour too … No, better, I would’ve just totally blanked her and if she complained that I was ignoring her? I’d tell her that SHE was more trouble than she was worth.

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