Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010
Waning Moon
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Sunny and pleasant

Basically, Hurricane Earl burped in our direction and waddled off. Not even a single raindrop. After all the floods I’ve survived in this place, I’m grateful, but it meant a full day of the annoying “workmen”.

Won a small victory over the landlord, something they brought on by not being careful in language and I caught a language loophole. They are going to freak out when it’s brought to their attention by the appropriate agencies next week. They will hit back hard and nasty, but I’m going to savor this minor victory for a few days.

Unfortunately, Elsa took a turn for the worse yesterday, and it was frightening. I tried a chamomile treatment, and she rallied last night, and has shown real improvement this morning. I want her to be able to enjoy our new home!

Not a good writing morning, although, after I post, I will try again. My mind is all over the place. I managed to keep it still for morning meditation, but now it’s making up for it.

I met my deadline yesterday — at 3:30 PM, but it was still within the workday. This weekend is busy — we’re going to sort, purge, and pack the three remaining closets (yes, I’ll send a postcard from the back of my closet), I have to finish polishing my lecture notes, and write a few short (6-10 page) scripts for another gig. I’d like to polish some skits, but I’m not sure if that will happen. I’d also like to clean off my desk — how did it wind up with piles all over it again?

The workmen should be gone for the next three days, which means it should be relatively quiet, and maybe, just maybe, I can catch up. The chaos here sucks the life out of me. I keep thinking I should push hard at night, but I”m so exhausted that I collapse about an hour or two after the workmen leave. So three days without them will be a gift. They better not turn up on Labor Day!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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  1. Hi Devon .. good luck and hope all goes well without any diversions .. you need time to just get on with things .. be at peace .. & glad the hurricane went away .. Hilary

  2. Ooo, three days without the workmen. I have my fingers crossed that it’ll work out that way. That would be great!

    So sorry to hear about Elsa’s slide. I hope she’ll be on the mend soon.

    Good luck with all the weekend projects! I hope you have a peaceful, productive few days ahead of you.

  3. Enjoy your weekend – you all deserve it!

  4. When you find out how paper piles (and I’m sure I have nothing to do with my piles) let me know.

    I’ve often said, give me hard physical work and I will do well. give me unreasonable stress and I will NOT be as productive. The mind is so related to the soul and body that when stressed is pushed upon us it affects us negatively.

    Enjoy your days–off. 🙂


  5. I sincerely hope the workmen are away for the next three days allowing you, and Elsa, time to recharge and heal.

  6. Dear Devon,

    Hope your Elsa hangs in there. It sounds like you are taking wonderful care of her. She’s lucky to have a “Mom” who loves her so much.

    Good luck with the move. I know you will be glad to get away from the landlords from hell. And don’t worry if you’re writing is a little disrupted for awhile. The times I’ve had to move, it’s taken me at least a week or two to settle into the new place and get back to my usual productivity. Here’s hoping I don’t have to move again for a looooong time!

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