Flood Watch (September 30)

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Tropical Storm NIcole

Like I have time for a flood/hurricane right now. Make an appointment, bitch! 😉

Unfortunately, I checked the brook at 7 AM and we are screwed. It’s got 4 feet before it floods, but that means it gained about 4-5 feet already overnight. I moved the car. I have to run an errand at 10 AM, and then I’ll probably move it up to the train station, which is the highest point in town. It’s not like Metro North is running properly anyway. And I’d rather risk a ticket than lose another car in a flood — especially my blue baby.

Busy day yesterday. Didn’t get anywhere near enough admin work done, or transfer crap from the PC the way I should have. Post office, bank, Trader Joe’s, PetSmart, storage, where, to my horror, I discovered I’ve used up the file boxes.

Back over to Staples (in the same complex as Pet Smart — bought 10 boxes. Used them all, just for “the good china”. WTF? I have that much good china? I’ll just have to have a Very Large Housewarming Party. I’m out of bubblewrap and almost out of tape, so I’ll be going back to Staples in a day or two. Thank goodness I stockpiled so much newspaper.

The cats are not amused by this AT ALL, and are making their feelings known.

Effing workmen nearly smashed my livingroom window AGAIN with their ropes. Local cops gave me a desk number to put on speed dial each time it happens, and they’ll just keep sending someone out. I’ve sent the landlords certified complaints about this and the illegal lease charges they’ve put in, and they ignore the documentation and simply keep charging. And send in more people to get physically aggressive. Thank goodness it’s only the City Council on their payroll and not the cops. The cops and the City Council are at odds right now because the City Council wants to union bust. Here, we have great cops and not enough of them, and the new Council treats them like crap AND wants to cut their pay. I’ve lived places with lousy police forces — I’m lucky to live somewhere that the cops are good and dedicated (and I grew up with most of them).

Packed up all the glassware and the cookbooks. You know I’m getting serious about things when I pack the cookbooks. Ran out of boxes, my friend stopped by with another stack, packed almost all of those. She can get the really good kind, that hold reams of paper, at work, so she’s stockpiling for me, and bringing them over whenever she can.

I’m boiling water and doing flood prep. I’ve got it down to a system by now. I’m hoping that, yet again, I’m overly cautious, but I’d rather be too prepared than unprepared.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and humid

Well, those were a bunch of zany days!

Monday, I was basically a waste of food. I dreaded coming back to NY, I couldn’t concentrate, Trying to get appointments sorted for next week, and everyone’s got an excuse for not following through with what they initially promised. Typical realtors. Pond scum.

And Comcast, which hadn’t been too bad all week, went back to major suckage.

So, Monday was a lost day, creatively, and I’m moping around Monday night when I get a phone call that the people I covered for had landed at the Philly airport. A day early. Huh?

It’s amazing what a whirlwhind one can turn into under pressure. In the 20 minutes it took them to take a cab from the airport, I had stripped the beds and started the laundry, taken the clean dishes out of the dishwasher (thank goodness I ran it right after dinner), put them away, packed my crap that was scattered all over the place, cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, and was ready to go.

Only I couldn’t GO back to NY that night, because the transportation schedule didn’t work in my favor. So I was stashed in their studio a few blocks away. Since they’re having trouble with their landlords (familiar refrain), once I was in for the night, I couldn’t leave. And, for some reason, the ethernet cable in the place won’t talk to my computer, so I was offline.

Which was fine, only I was unfocused and couldn’t concentrate. I had the TV on, but I couldn’t tell you what was on. I didn’t sleep well, because the thermostat runs automatically, and it was as cold as a meat locker. And I couldn’t find any extra blankets. So I put on socks and a sweatshirt and all the rest. I swear, I am never travelling without my hot water bottle again, no matter what the time of year! 😉

Had to order in breakfast the next morning, repacked the suitcase, and kind of puttered around. I was looking forward to a good diner breakfast of poached eggs, corned beef hash, hash brown potatoes, and toast. Well, first, it arrived cold. The eggs were hardboiled, not poached. And they ddidn’t have corned beef hash. Sigh. Certainly not enough to alter the course of the universe, but a disappointment.

Much quicker trip back to 30th St. Station — when I got out of the apartment, I could see it, and it was a straight shot. It started sprinkling as I reached the station — the whole area was under tornado watch. Walked through the station and out the other side to the bus stop. As I walked out of the station, a group of workmen stood to the side smoking joints. Glad I wasn’t going to be around the heavy machinery they were operating for the rest of the day. So, by the time I got to the bus, the smoke was in my hair and my clothes. I got strange looks the whole trip.

Megabus let us stand in the rain, as usual, while they had their little coffee klatch inside the bus. I think I’ll try one of the other carriers for the next trip. They finally loaded us up and off we went. Not too many people, smooth ride until we got stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel for awhile, due to traffic, which is so not my idea of a good time.

Rolled the suitcase a couple of blocks to where I get a cab. There was a guy who obviously was having trouble getting a cab. I didn’t even stick my arm out until he was safely settled in one, and then got one immediately. Thank you, Karma Dogs!

Managed to catch a train immediately upon hitting Grand Central, smooth trip back, picked up at the station, got a bottle of wine and a chocolate cake on the way home. Unpacked, relaxed, never even went online last night.

Watched some TV. Disappointed with the script for the NCIS-LA episode. I thought they were inconsistent with Deeks’s character, and, at times, made him goofy and suffering from foot-in-mouth disease the wrong way (the first scene with Sam, expecting Kensi to come up with a way to get them out–he’s proven he’s a good enough cop to have had ideas of his own on that). Eric Christian Olsen’s good enough and inventive enough to pull it off (I can think of at least a dozen other actors who’d have turned it into whiny self-pity and I would have had to change the channel). The snake story and some of the other stuff is in keeping with the humor they’ve established for the character, but those two scenes were very discordant. If the scenes had been written better, it would have added a wonderful dynamic to the overall episode.

As a writer, though, it’s a good lesson in character development (or, in this case, mis-delvelopment).

Overslept this morning. I have a lot to do early today, so skipped yoga and my first 1K of the day, which will come back and bite me in the butt later.

The only food in the house is cat food, so I’m off to the bank and the grocery store, then have to file more paperwork against the landlords. They’ve upped the threats and the harassment, and I may have to bring in the cops.


I know, I just have to hang in there. But I need a really, really stable home base to get anything done, and I haven’t had that for nearly four years. It’s been a disgusting downward spiral.


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Change of Plan

Change of plan. Not online Tuesday. Nothing bad, just busy.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Rainy and gloomy

What a phenomenal writing weekend. I certainly wasn’t expecting to start a new piece, but the idea niggled at me as I walked to and from Reading Terminal Market. I sat down when I got back and wrote 8K. It just flowed right out. It will need work and fleshing out and all the normal things one does in revisions, but the vision of the book is different (although, technically, it’s urban fantasy) and I’m getting to explore some theories of being that really interest me. I batted around several titles, including THE BIGGER PICTURE, which is what it wants to be called, but I think CROSSING DIMENSIONS fits the premise better. And it is definitely a Devon Ellington title.

Sunday, I outlined the ending. So I have a strong start, I know where I’m going, I know points I want to hit along the way. I just don’t want to go on too many tangents. Although they will hit multiple locations, I want to keep the focus fairly tight, although the scope is still pretty large. And I wrote about another 4500 words.

At the same time, on Friday night, I’d written nearly 3K on a new Annabel Aidan piece called TRUE CONNECTION. Yeah, I should be working on SPIRIT REPOSITORY for it, but TRUE CONNECTION flowed better. I’d outlined most of it Thursday, when I arrived, having spun it on the bus. I got a little bit more work done on it on Saturday as well. The second half of the first chapter drags and will have to be shredded and redone, but for now, I have to leave it and move forward.

I’m keeping up with the Willowspring Grove novel, doing about 1500 words/day on that, too. That’s still in search of a title, and the subplots are coming forward, so hopefully the pace will pick up a bit without hurting the slow unfolding that is good for it now.

On top of all that, I’m getting calls and emails from actors I know who are prepping for pilot season and want monologues. Using one of my monologues tends to get them more attention than using a monologue the casting people heard a zillion times. And, although a lot of stuff now is just about cold readings, it’s good to have a variety of monologues and scenes on a reel. So I got a few of those done. I always love writing for specific actors, especially when I get to challenge them.

It’s so comforting to know that when I’m away from the stresses and threats of the landlords I can settle in and still do good work. I was afraid I’d lost the ability forever. Once this move is complete and I’m not under daily threat any more, as I have been for nearly FOUR YEARS now, I’m going to really be able to fulfill my potential. Every time I get tired or overwhelmed in the coming weeks, I will remind myself of that.

Today, I’ll keep working on the different pieces. The deconstruction workshop wound up last night. The next deconstruction workshop, for a mystery, runs November 29-December 2. The notes for that are at home; I’ll start putting them in the computer this week. Today, I have to catch up on some email and put the finishing touches on the two workshops I’m teaching at the Muse conference the week of October 11.

And write.

My head hurts and my eyes are tired, but as long as it flows, I’ll keep going. Because the next two months are going to be insanely busy and a true test of my focus and commitment.

Diane, any part of the hemisphere away from the crazy, threatening, aggressive landlords is the right part for me. I’m not coming in this direction, I’m headed North.


First Willowspring Grove Novel (first draft, handwritten): 59,250 words out of est. 100,000 (59%)

TRUE CONNECTION: 3,000 words out of est. 90,000 (3.3%)

CROSSING DIMENSIONS: 12,250 words out of est. 100,000 (12%)

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Writing Update

8K on a new novel I didn’t expect to work on today (heck, I plotted it while walking to and from Reading Terminal Market).


Amazing what being away from crazy landlords does for my creativity. Back on track — let’s hope I can stay on the roll during the upcoming move!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Iris, aka “Princess Hellion”

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and hot

Things nice and quiet. Went to Trader Joe’s yesterday to go some grocery shopping. Went to the library for some research; they didn’t have what I needed, so I went to the big Barnes & Noble and skimmed through the material. Of course, this is all stuff I ordered three months ago and it went astray. And stuff I need for the workshop.

Got quite a bit of writing done, but not on what I expected. Still, it was about 3K, so all good, and I had a good first writing session of the morning.

Word from home came that the corrupt, Republican City Council betrayed the tenants again, basically allowing our landlords to do whatever they want as long as they keep greasing the right palms — and taking out ads in the paper that two Council members are connected to. They should be ashamed of themselves — not to mention the fact that they should be in jail. And, of course, the self-styled head of the Tenants’ Organization is too much of a coward to speak against them.

Well, soon it won’t be my problem anymore. And when their karma comes back around, I hope I hear about it.

Slept well, despite bizarre dreams. Am headed to Reading Terminal Market in a little while to pick up a few things, and the rest of the day is all about writing and winding up my workshop, which ends tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, all!


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September 24, 2010

Violet is ready to go

Friday, September 24, 2010
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Foggy and hot

The trip to Philly yesterday was uneventful, just the way I like it. I read, listened to music, percolated on a couple of projects, one of which I partially outlined once I arrived.

It’s HOT down here. And humid.

I picked up a few things, got settled in, it was a little chaotic at first. The people I’m covering for hadn’t yet left and the cleaning person was there, so things were a bit at sixes and sevens. But it all got sorted out and I had a calm night.

Didn’t sleep well — anxiety dreams about stupid stuff, woken by the alarm at 4:30, drifted back to sleep for more stupid dreams, woken by construction noise at 7:30.

Having a hard time getting going this morning. It’s supposed to be very hot, so I’m doing my errands in the morning and hoping to get back by noon, then settle in for some serious writing time. I’m stuck with Comcast as the ISP for this location, ick, so I will probably spend very little time online,except for my workshop, which is going well. I’ve been on the computer less than 10 minutes, and the Comcast suckage is just appalling.

I want to work on the Willowspring Grove novel, THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY, and some short scripts. I also have to finish reading a book I’m reviewing for BIBLIO PARADISE. That should keep me busy!

Nothing exciting. I’m using this time to recharge the batteries before the chaos of the coming months.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Full Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and humid

Why I do not own a gun — I would use it on these aggressive workmen who thunder up and down the fire escape, try to open my windows, and use leaf blowers under my window at 8 AM in violation of the City Code. And of course, the City doesn’t care and just looks the other way because the right palms were greased. The town has reverted to its worst possible self with this new Council.

What a shame, because the day started out well, although I overslept. The writing was going very well and I hated to stop. The piece is taking some interesting turns. Its natural pace is much slower than the action-packed pieces we’re so used to, but it’s one of the things I like about it.

Not as organized for the trip as I’d like, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. If I don’t have something, I have to do without. I’ll have my computer and lecture notes and all that, so it will be fine. Let’s hope the journey is smoother than the last few have been!

Acupuncture was great yesterday, but she had so much work to do on me that I’m sore today, which I haven’t been since I started the whole acupuncture process about ten years ago. The migraine was gone until the fucking bastards started up with the leaf blowers. In my opinion, anyone who uses a leaf blower should be chopped into little pieces. It’s an act of aggression against the environment and other people, not a working tool. It’s not like any of them ever use it to actually move leaves — they wander back and forth kicking up dust and making noise. There’s something about the sound range that just turns me into a raging maniac. It causes enormous physical and psychological pain. I’m putting it in the new lease that no one can use a leaf blower on my property. I’d rather do the lawn care myself.

Violet is ready to go. She gets in the carrier all by herself and even shuts the door. She also goes with me to the door each time I get ready to leave, and even tries to get it open when it’s closed. She is OUTTA here! Maybe she won’t be so upset during the actual journey. She hates all the chaos. I know how blistering the pain is to my ears with the noise — the thought of how much worse it is for the cats is heartbreaking.

Traffic was awful yesterday; fingers crossed the busses have smooth roads today. I just want to get on that bus, pull out my book, put on the iPod and zone for two hours. And I want a quiet time in Philly — do my work, run my workshop, work on the Willowspring Grove novel and SPIRIT REPOSITORY.

Because when I get back, things get crazy!

Will check in from Philly.


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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

totem pole outside of the Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and mild
Autumn Equinox

Yesterday’s jaunt to the city actually went well. Train was sorta on time, I got a seat, I wandered over to my first meeting, everything went better than expected, I wandered over to my second meeting further on the West Side, that went better than expected, and I got to hang out with a friend and colleague for awhile, catching up. He was my business rep on Broadway, and now he’s shifted over to handle the film and TV contracts, and just one of my favorite people, so it was nice to sit down for an hour or so and catch up.

It was a lovely, sunny fall day and I wandered back to Grand Central. The fall B’way shows are loading in, so I got to stop and say hi to about 110 of the crew guys I’ve worked with over the years on this show and that show, and catch up. Much as I adore them all, it made me realize even more that my life is no longer here. I’ve got years of wonderful memories, I hope B’way continues to thrive, and I need to be doing other things. May we all be happy and successful!

Got on the train at Grand Central, after climbing over a film crew. I’m surprised NYPD let anything film on the East side with all the stuff going on at the UN. Of course, the train didn’t work — two working trains in one day is more than Metro North can handle — so we all had to move to another train. But at least it was before we left the station.

I got home early in the afternoon, took care of some other business. I was worried that I wasn’t as sharp as I needed because of the migraine, but I seem to have held my own pretty well. And I was actually dealing with people and organizations who work WITH me rather than against me, which is a nice change.

The ducks are lining up nicely, and pretty soon, I’ll get them to quack in formation! 😉

I got about 30 floppies transferred to flash drives. It’s slow going, because I’m at the boxes of old material that has to be converted to RTF before I can transfer it, or I can’t open it on the Mac. Just keep going, a little bit every day, because a little bit still gets us further than doing nothing.

I want to repack a little bit for the Philly trip. I’m off to acupuncture today and then dinner with a friend.

The landlords sent me a threat via email right before the close of the business day yesterday. They always do that, so one can’t contact the appropriate agencies, hoping it will ruin one’s day. Um, no. All it did was piss me off. I responded with a very pointed letter cc’d to the appropriate agency individuals that will go out via certified mail. They don’t get to ignore the parts of the law they don’t like and make stuff up when they misinterpret what they do.

Watched some TV last night, hoping my migraine would go away. Excedrin Migraine no longer works, and none of the prescription stuff does, either. Interested to see where WAREHOUSE 13 goes next season. They set up some interesting possibilities. Glad to see that Eric Christian Olsen is now a regular on NCIS:LOS ANGELES. I like his work, and think he adds an interesting dynamic to the group. He makes some interesting, detailed choices in scenes that are so different from the other actors in the show, and they work so beautifully, both as an individual performance and in the larger, ensemble context. It’s sometimes tough to put that kind of detail in a procedural show and have it work.

Decent morning’s writing. Not brilliant, but decent. The piece is taking an interesting turn. It will be hell to revise due to the twists and turns it’s taking, and it will be an interesting challenge to make it all logical within the context of the fictional world, which is modern contemporary, a fictional town stuffed into a real region (me stretching geography again), but with its own odd personality.

Didn’t sleep well last night — odd dreams that might turn into a new script, and also the migraine pain. Thank goodness I’m going for acupuncture today.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I was very, very lucky yesterday, and I am grateful. I had trouble getting everything I needed together, and was late getting to the train for the city. I knew everything was going to take longer than it should — it was that kind of day — so I had my book and my iPod and whatever.

Once on the train, I get a call from my mom, telling me that there’s a bridge fire between the Bronx and the City, and all train service is suspended in both directions. Meanwhile, I’m on a moving train. I ask the conductor, who swears nothing is wrong. My mom says she’s looking at the Eyewitness News footage of the burning bridge as we’re talking. The conductor then says, “Well, maybe there are a few delays.”

So when the train stops in New Rochelle, I jump off along with a couple of other people who don’t want to risk getting stuck for the usual 8-10 hours it takes for Metro North to get anything done.

A guy who jumped off with me said he just got a call from his dad, who works at the UN, who said the cops received information that made it worth their while to search everyone as they get off the trains in Grand Central. Whether or not that’s connected to the fire, I don’t yet know. Heck, I may never know. I was just happy not to be in the middle of it.

In New Rochelle, I ask at the ticket window what’s going on. The guy looks at his monitor and says, “Everything is moving. There’s another train coming along in 20 minutes. Get on that one.”

I say, “Then why is the news showing footage of a fire?”

He tries to call Grand Central and can’t get through. He says he’ll keep trying and make an announcement as soon as he has some information. I decided I didn’t want to risk going into the city, so I went to the platform for trains headed back home. Almost immediately, the announcement comes on that there’s a bridge fire and service in both directions is suspended indefinitely.

I was very glad not to be stuck on a train. But it also meant there were no trains back in the other direction. And my car was at home. I asked for directions to the bus stop, found the bus headed in my direction, and only had to wait about 10 minutes, which is great, since they only run once every hour. Yes, it took 50 minutes to go 12 miles (we meandered a lot). But it was perfectly pleasant, the same price as a subway ride, I got to see bits of the neighboring towns I’ve never seen, and it dropped me off in front of my building, so it was all good. Better 50 minutes in motion than 8 hours stuck without a cocktail, right?

I called to cancel all of the city-based appointments, and we’ll give it another go today, provided the trains are running. They better run by Thursday — I’ve got to get to Penn Station to pick up the bus!

Anyway, I was extremely grateful not to be stuck somewhere and stressed. It was a lovely day to be out and about. An example of modern technology at its best!

Someone who doesn’t want me to move, because it’s not convenient to her personally said it “meant” I wasn’t supposed to get the paperwork done and things sorted for the move. My response was that, actually, I felt rather cared for by the Universe for finding out early enough to get on the train and not be stuck for hours. It’s all about perspective, right?

Iris is bored and Violet is depressed, which is never a good mix. It’s hard to be without Elsa.

Got about 80 more disks transferred from floppy to flash drive yesterday. I still have one big drawer of disks and one file box to convert — and some of the files are very old versions of Word that need conversion before they can be transferred. But I hope, if I work a few hours every day, I can finish in two weeks, minus my time out of town.

I had a great first writing session of the morning and hated to stop, but I’m trying to get into the city early today (Metro North willing) and get back out by mid-afternoon. I overslept, so that’s putting everything behind.

This week’s deconstruction workshop seems to be going well.

I’m off, and hoping for smooth travel and easy paperwork. I have a migraine, which is a bit of a set back. But there’s no option of lying in a dark room until I feel better.


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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Busy weekend. Saturday, I got some paperwork done and some stuff notarized, then went up to Pet Smart to restock cat food, cat litter, etc. The little black kitten was still there — so tempting. Went to storage and pulled out some of the empty boxes I’d kept and put aside. Hauled everything up the stairs.

I yanked all the tins down from on top of the cabinets and inside of the cabinets, washed them — the construction debris is as sticky as tar, as well as being a fine dust. It makes sense for me to have lots of tins because, during the Big Holiday Bake, I usually make about 1000 cookies (seriously), and I put different types in different tins. Then, when I put together the platters, I can set up an assembly line and it goes pretty fast. But when you have to clean them and dry them and set them out and pack them — there are a lot of them. And I took about two dozen to storage after the holidays.

Took out all the cookie cutters, scrubbed them, set them out to dry. The cats then decided they had to play with each and every one of the cookie cutters, which meant they all had to be re-washed and dried. How much do you want to bet I’ll be finding stray cookie cutters all over the place on moving day? I have about 200 of them. I’m storing the cookie cutters in the tins for the move — make sense to use the space. Also found the souvenir spoons of my mom’s — we used to have spoon racks up, but with the construction dirt, they were too hard to keep clean, so we packed them away. Washed all of them — when they go up in the new place, I’ll have to polish the silver ones — but they’re like having a trip log on the wall.

Also found a bunch of candleholders I washed and put aside to be packed with the candle stuff. Hopefully, I’ll have a space where I can store all my candleholders and can use them when seasonally appropriate. Again, I have well over 100. I have to get some more of those glass chimney things, because it’s safer to have them enclosed, even the tapers, unless they’re on a dining table for a meal or something. Otherwise, little whiskers and tails can get into trouble. Olivia, Felicia, and Maude were very candle-savvy, but these two — not going to risk it.

I dread having to climb up there and clean the tops of the cabinets. It’s going to be disgusting. But it’s gotta be done, even though the dirt isn’t my fault, because otherwise the landlords will try to charge me for it. And I refuse to pay for a cleaning service to clean mess caused by the landlords.

I still have the luxury of cleaning, packing, and sorting without rushing. So I’m taking advantage of it. Also, I don’t want to take dirt from here, either physically or symbolically , with me.

Didn’t sleep well Saturday night, had trouble focusing on Sunday morning. Not a good yoga session or meditation session or writing session.

Worked on the lectures, did some internet research, realized I should stop at the library on my way to my friend’s place. The library opens late on Sundays, so that set the whole day back.

I figured, while I waited, I’d pull some more stuff off the old PC and onto flash drives. I was so proud of myself — about 75 floppies copied. How did I ever get anything done on a PC? They’re so inefficient compared to my options on the Mac.

Wanted to check the workshop one last time before I left. No internet. Called Cablevision, whose service I’ve been so gleeful about, and got a huge wake-up call. Not only did he give me the wrong information, he told me it was my fault the internet wasn’t working. Say what? My “fault”? Exactly how is a non-working connection with everything hooked up the way it’s supposed to be my FAULT? And that the earliest a technician could come out was on Wednesday, and he’d just tell me the same thing. That doesn’t get me back online for my courses or anything else. It’s not like I just screw around wasting time on the internet — it’s how I make my living. I was so upset — I’m winding up a workshop, I’m starting another workshop, I’ve got moving stuff and financial stuff and script stuff and other freelance work, all of which has to be done online. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was passed around, the technician called me back with more misinformation, I told him to leave me alone, he kept calling with the same b.s, until I totally melted down.

Completely unacceptable.

When I pulled myself together, I called, asked to speak to a supervisor, got hung up on, called again, got a nice woman who passed me to a supervisor who said she was in customer service, not support — hello, dumbass, it’s a CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUE, you’re not giving me any frigging SERVICE — and passed me on to yet someone else. She actually seemed to know what she was talking about. She said she thought the cable between the modem and the computer was shot, and I should get one at Staples, and gave me the information as to what kind.

So I lost two fricking hours and was blamed for a faulty CABLE? Their cables don’t last more than a year? Shouldn’t they tell us, so we can switch them out? It’s not like I attack my cable with kitchen knives or tap dance on it in high heels. It sits there quietly as a cable.

Drove up to Staples, the guy was very nice, they actually had what I needed so I didn’t have to drive to another state, I bought it, drove home, plugged it in.

It worked.

So I lost two hours and had all kinds of job-loss stress for something that could have been fixed in ten minutes with the right information.

Not acceptable.

I’ve sent them an invoice for time lost and aggravation. I am done with this B.S.

And maybe I should be GLAD they don’t serve the area to which I relocate!

Skipped the library, went to my friend’s, hung out in the sunshine, and actually had McDonald’s for dinner. And drank about a liter of Coke because, my goodness, that stuff is salty. I hardly ever eat at McDonald’s, and I guess this is my quarterly Coca Cola. Is this what they mean by “emotional eating”? I regretted it, though — felt like crap the rest of the night and this morning.

Came home, wound up one workshop, opened another. Had trouble concentrating last night, was exhausted, then had trouble sleeping.

Up early this morning, yoga, attempted meditation, did not have a good writing session. I may have to go into the city for some business, but I hope I don’t. I have so much to finish before I leave for Philly later this week, and don’t have the energy for any of it. But it has to get done, that’s all there is to it. And I don’t have time, room or patience to put up with anyone else’s screw ups. If I have to be without error, so do those around me who are getting paid. And the landlord’s up to something again — I just don’t know what yet.

Trying to get myself into the head space that I will just deal with each thing fully as it comes up, not get distracted and do things piecemeal. The next couple of months are going to be a challenge, but there’s joy and serenity at the end of it, so it will be worth it.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Violet supervises sorting and packing

Saturday, September 18, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Tired. I’ve got a bunch of paperwork to fill out, get notarized, and file today, and may have to head into the city first thing on Monday to take care of some other business. It will all be worth it by the end of the year. Not happy at the latest twist, I’m risking a chunk of my future by doing something that needs to be done in order to make the move happen on time, but it feels like the right thing to do and I’m going to trust it will work out. I can’t hesitate or things will go off schedule.

Colin, why would you think I’d support a bunch of moronic, lying, ignorant, treasonous nut jobs wearing foil hats?

On a happier note, an agent asked for a full manuscript on one of my projects, so that’s a good thing. We’ll see. I got it out as soon as it was requested, got a lovely acknowledgement, so it is what it is. Either it’s what they like, or it’s not. I have too many things to worry about to obsess over it.

Got some stuff done yesterday morning, and treated myself to a chocolate croissant from the French bakery. Spent the afternoon at my friend’s, doing the laundry and talking through this, that, and the other scenario for the move.

Finished the material for Confidential Job #1, sent if off, sent off the invoice. That always feels good.

A producer I worked with has started a company doing old-time radio shows. So I’ve got to pull something together in order to make a pitch.

I’ve also got to work on some short scripts this weekend, and polish the lectures for next week’s deconstruction workshop. i need to get in some more cat food and cat litter, to see the little darlings through when I’m gone next week, and finish packing. Yeah, I don’t leave until Thursday, but I pack early. This time last year, I was in Prague!

I’m going to go by storage and pick up some of the empty boxes I saved from the sorting I did earlier this year. My friend never dropped off the other boxes, and I don’t want to get behind.

Great writing session this morning — about 1800 words. I’m glad that I’m sticking to the morning sessions, even on the tough days. Even on days when I wind up only doing little bits, it’s slowly adding up to a whole, and I’m not losing the rhythm of the piece by putting it aside and working piecemeal.

Lots to do this weekend — I better get to it.


First Willowspring Grove novel (first draft, longhand): 53,250 words out of est 100,00 (53.25%)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

The beautiful orchid sent in Elsa’s memory. Thank you, my friends!

Friday, September 17, 2010
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Humid and cloudy

Yesterday was a bizarre day. I wound up cleaning and scrubbing early in the morning, in preparation for the exterminator, who was supposed to show up around 10. He showed up around 1:30. Sigh. At least he showed up, step in the right direction. And they gave us heat for a full 20 minutes around lunchtime. Someone must be getting high in the office and playing with the switch, because they sure wouldn’t give us heat on a weekday on purpose!

So, in the morning, I did bits of this and that, not wanting to go too deeply into anything that couldn’t get interrupted.

I wound up cleaning out some of those little top drawer things in some of the bureaus. And some of them I hadn’t even opened since I was a kid. Very strange experience. I tossed a lot, packed a lot. My goodness, even as a little kid, I picked up rocks everywhere I went. I’m always picking up stones and rocks. I have rocks and stones in almost every box and drawer. Even then, when I didn’t know what I was doing, I knew what I was doing! 😉

And then I found a notebook given to me by my Dad. He died when I was ten. It had some pages of different ideas and things from him to me, and then something I wrote about two months after he died. Wow.

I found photographs, black and white, too, of my mom at Niagra Falls in the 1950s, of my dad, my grandmother, my dog (actually, I think I was his human, he came into the family before I did), and a little picture of what I think is me. I found a naughty gag gift someone made for me in high school — it was the late 70s, use your imagination — and some boy-crazy notes from someone I used to be friends with in middle school about her latest crush. And medals – Spelling Bee, Honor Society, Music This and That.

So I packed up my past and it’s ready to go.

After the exterminator came and left, I started washing teapots. They’ve been on top of the kitchen cabinets, and with all the construction crap going on here have gotten really dirty and sticky. I don’t want to pack them like that. So I soaked them and scrubbed them, and put them out to dry. What’s interesting is that the oldest, seemingly most fragile teapots — the Allerton and the Steubenware, given to me by my grandmother — were the easiest to clean, whereas the more modern “dishwasher safe” ones were a pain in the —-, and one of them, my snowman teapot, lost most of his red coloring, which means the ceramic teapot wasn’t properly painted and then glazed, but glazed and then some paint slapped over it. It’s still cute, it just has a lot more white.

I didn’t know I had 10 teapots here. I have a few more boxes of teapots in storage.

I really like teapots.

And I feel off kilter with them all packed.

Not that I use them that often — usually I just stick a bag in a mug and pour hot water over it. But I like having the option and looking at them.

Violet played in the teapots as they dried.

And the big excitement — the President’s helicopter (and its companion choppers) flew over the building! I heard approaching helicopters and thought, “Oh, no, must be a bad accident on I-95 for them to fly this low.” Then, I look out my third floor window and it’s the Presidential Chopper! And it’s REALLY cool! He was attending some to-do in Greenwich. I’d forgotten. At least he wasn’t on the ground tying up traffic, right? Anyway, the third floor is high enough and they flew low enough to get a good look and it was really cool. I’m rather fond of helicopters anyway.

We had big weather kerflamma. Wednesday night, the weather folk said, “Oh, we might have some showers during tomorrow’s rush hour” and suddenly we had tornadoes in Brookly and Queens. Up here, it got dark fast, with thunder, lightening, and lots of rain. The cats weren’t too worried, so neither was I. Well, Iris scooted under the bed after a loud thunderclap, but she came out pretty fast. And then they pre-empted the shows to run the same three clips over and over again all night. Give me a break!

Caught up with some old friends online, which was nice. We’re scattered all over the place.

Had a decent first writing session of the morning.

Violet is sneezing again, and it worries me. She seems fine otherwise — she’s eating and playing and all the rest. Of course, I’m coughing up a lung with all the brick dust, too. I’ve measured for the past few days. With the windows CLOSED, between 1/8th and 1/2 of an inch of dust comes through every single day. Yeah, that’s healthy. Not.

I’m having iPhoto kerflamma. I merged some batches of photos, and now I can’t find them. iPhoto sits there like a Zen whatever, saying that, yes they are there, and not telling me where they’re hidden. Guess I’ll be calling Apple Care when they open!

Best wishes to my dear friend Lori, who has surgery today.

Today, I’ve got some business to take care of in the morning, and then I’m going to a friend’s to do laundry. I’ve got to polish those lectures tonight and tomorrow for next week. And maybe start washing and packing the vases.


teapot extravaganza