Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sculpted leaf candleholder, made in July’s workshop. I’m really happy with this piece.

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Waning Moon
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Sunny and pleasant

Most of yesterday was spent on paperwork dealing with the landlord situation. So much for earning a living, right? I can’t work when the only thing I can do all day every day is fight the landlords. The management company, of course, has ignored the documentation I sent about the raised window, has not apologized, refuses to give me the name of the company, and refuses to provide an affidavit that the materials being tossed from the roof don’t contain lead or asbestos.

And now the neighbor, with whom I spent most of the afternoon the other day explaining how to fill out the paperwork, is backing down. She’s like, “oh, they could actually do this?” They DID it, which is why we have to file paperwork in response. And she’s worried because she has to swear that her statement is true. Um, just tell the truth, and there’s no problem, right? Anything I’ve said in my paperwork can be backed up and I’d swear to under oath in front of a judge. I hate it when cowards waste my time. I’m not even on the Tenants’ Organization. Why isn’t the head of it helping people instead of prancing around in front of the press talking about issues that have nothing to do with the building?

I’m sure they’re gearing up for another attack.

Managed to run a few errands, including going to Target, where I bought The Bin That Ate Chicago. Honestly, it didn’t look that big when I bought it. Then I had trouble getting it in the car. Then, in the living room, every time I passed it, it had grown. I can use it as an ark next time it floods. Violet thought it was really cool.

But I packed it by the end of the night.

Also sorted and packed clothes I’m taking to the donation box. Five big bags. That makes nine bags of clothes donated in two weeks. The stuff is from storage, I cleaned it all and made sure it was in good shape. Most of it simply either doesn’t fit well anymore or doesn’t fit my life anymore. So, may someone else get joy from it.

A friend dropped off a carload (and she’s got an SUV) full of empty boxes for me. Woo-hoo! They’re the size equivalent to a case of paper. I’ve got almost enough to pack up the kitchen, and she’s going to bring more by next week.

Now I just need a place to GO.


Willowspring Grove Novel #1 (first draft, longhand): 33,000 words out of est. 100,000 — 33%.

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  1. Your leaf candle holder looks great. Love the color too.

  2. Ha! The Bin That Ate Chicago. Love it!

    It sounds like you’re getting things in order for an escape. May the perfect place to go develop soon.

  3. I keep meaning to comment on your pottery, and yet, I get so caught up in the wrong wrong wrong doins of the landlord. Oh what goes around comes around. I know it, I’ve lived it. But that doesn’t help you at this moment. Anyway (there I go again), I have loved your pottery, but I *think* the leaf is my favorte…until the next one comes along. 🙂

    Hang in there. Concentrate on the good in your life if you can.

  4. Your leaf candle holder is definitely my favorite of your work, but it’s all pretty so it’s not hard to have a favorite.
    Sorry to hear your neighbor is backing down. I hope something opens up for you soon so that you can leave that stressful place.
    Sending good thoughts of a new home and healing for Elsa!

  5. I adore the candle holder. So pretty.

    I hope you can find somewhere less stressful soon. It’s must be almost impossible to write with so much hassle in your life.

  6. I love the leaf candle holder too. It’s lovely.

    I wouldn’t have time for the cowards either. I’d just do my own stuff and get out. Let them wallow.

    I’m getting good vibes from all this packing and those boxes …

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