Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010
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Sunny and pleasant

Well, yesterday was a DAY. It started out pleasantly enough. it looked like the “workmen” had finally moved past our windows, and they’d moved the renovation table saws, et al, from under the window. I thought perhaps some of all that filing I’ve done against them had an effect.

I wasn’t particularly productive — I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop — but I got through some other paperwork, finished off a few projects that needed attention, took care of the neighbor’s cat, etc.

Around noon, I went out to the grocery store to run a few errands and to the grocery store. My neighbor’s driving back from Texas — the least I can do is have a meal in the refrigerator for her to heat up when she gets back.

I come back, and the ropes are in front of my windows again. I start cooking, then go to turn on the fan — and find that my screen is completely open. Yup, those dicks opened my kitchen window screen, leaving everything exposed. The fan could have fallen out, the plants and dishes I keep on the sill could have fallen out, and the cats could have gotten out. And management admits they have no reason for access. What are they gong to do next? Take my computer? Pee in the teapot?

This is NOT acceptable, and I am filing — including a police report. I do not feel safe with them on the premises. They are either intentionally aggressive or incompetent, neither of which are acceptable. I do not feel safe staying in the apartment, but obviously I can’t leave, because every time I do, they’re destructive.

So I was furious all afternoon — and didn’t get anything done except work on paperwork. How the hell can I work on getting out of here if all my time is spent filing against these morons? But if it’s not documented and photographed, they’ll deny it.

I was cutting them the “they’re only guys doing a job” slack. No more. This is targeted aggression, and I will not tolerate it. I don’t roll over when someone attacks. Badger is one of my totems, and if you’ve ever seen a cornered badger, you know what that means. Panther is another totem, and panthers claws and teeth on par with badger.

So, needless to say, I didn’t go to my friend’s place. Since the workmen won’t be here today, I’ll go today instead.

Elsa didn’t eat much this morning — I think the stress is getting to her, too. Violet, the tiniest, was sitting on top of a chair growling at them yesterday. Iris, being a coward, just hid.

At least no one went through the open window.

Violet is very purry and cuddly this morning. She’s proud that she stood up for her home.

I am exhausted and upset. I need to focus on my work (got a new assignment from Confidential Job #1, which looks really cool), but it’s hard to focus on anything. I had trouble falling asleep — it’s almost as though I feel I should be working when they’re not around, because I can’t work when they are around, but I also can’t sleep when they’re here.

It’s disgusting that the agencies that are supposed to protect us from these scumbags and prevent this from happening just let it go.

I managed to get a single query out yesterday, that’s all. One can’t earn a living like that, and I need to earn a lot of money fast in order to pull off the move.


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  1. I realize I tell you what to do all the time: moving, foot cast, Elsa. So I’ll do it again. Can you buy additional window security locks? I looked on Amazon and other stores and they are not too much. There are a bunch out there to insert in the window (as a rod)that you can remove easily if you need to, but prevents the windows from lifing too high or at all. I saw other devices as well.

    The Boss of everyone–Teresa

    • I will look into those — a neighbor’s wedged a piece of wood into his window to keep it locked — this sounds better. Thank you!

  2. So sorry the workmen nightmare keeps unfolding. I hope this weekend offers you some peace and quiet. May the work, and the subsequent move, come soon!

  3. I wish I could do more for you, but all I have to offer is an ear for listening and hugs and prayers for you.

  4. I think I’d offer it to the newspapers – if they’re not already in the landlords’ pockets too.

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