Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
No idea of the weather — hope it’s cooler!

I scheduled this to post, because I will be out the door to arrive at the site by 8 AM. I’ll be back at home at some point during the day to give Elsa her medicine and check on the cat next door.

I should have internet access where I am — guess you’ll find out tomorrow, eh, once you see whether or not there’s a post? Otherwise, I’ll be back with a word count update on Friday.

Brandy, I can’t get any names from the workmen. I have photographed them — but they refuse to give names or the name of the company employing them, which is illegal under NY State law — they are supposed to answer all questions and wear work ID displayed. Because these are not legitimate, licensed workers, they don’t, and the City agencies that are supposed to handle this refuse so to do. Besides, there are no consequences for violations. It’s no skin off their nose to pay a minor fee and just keep doing whatever they want.

The newest tactic is that they’ve set up their renovation work area right underneath my window. They have a workshop in the basement. And this “renovation area” is for an apartment in a different section of the building — the elderly lady who died recently, where they just tossed all her stuff to the curb when her family wouldn’t deal with it. Her family wouldn’t even honor her wishes to be buried up the street next to her sister. They cremated her and split her ashes — sending half to family who hated her in Ireland and half to family who couldn’t be bothered with her in Chicago. Making sure she can’t “rest in peace.” At least a friend rescued her cats and gave them a good home before the purge. Anyway, the landlords have gutted her apartment for a “luxury renovation”, and, even though it’s in a different section of the building, they’re doing the work under MY window.

Targeted much?

I filed appropriate paperwork and sent if via certified mail. Not a damn thing will happen, but at least I’ve got everything well documented.

Lousy writing day, but at least I got a lot done at storage — another 20 boxes consolidated into about 6. Washed a few loads of clothes, most of which will be donated, then purged, sorted, etc. I have one more row of boxes and all the “Misc.” boxes will have been handled. It gives me a good chunk of space that I can fill with stuff from the apartment to give myself more room here — so that there will be more room to pack when that blessed day comes!

I’m off to the site, will be back and forth a few times to give Elsa her medicine, and hopefully I can check back in tomorrow. I hope today will be a quiet, productive writing day. I need one. I need, like, 12, but one will be a good start.



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  1. Hope the gig goes well.

  2. That’s shocking what those workmen did. They’ll get theirs when the time comes, I’m sure of it. Hope the site work goes well.

  3. Look, I’m all about playing fair, but isn’t it time you put a curse on these people? Not the workmen – they’re paid to harass and it’s not personal for them – but those bastards who own that building. Time to give them the what-for. I’m in.

    May the time away be productive and lucrative. And may those bastards back home tire of their ridiculous games.

  4. One is a good start. I hope you get it!

    That lady’s story is tragic. I am sad!

  5. I don’t feel I can wish evil will upon others without inviting it into my own life, but sincerely hope that soon these people are given their comeuppance. I do wish good things for you, so that you and yours can move to a safe and pleasing home.

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