Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
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Hot, humid, rainy

This weather is disgusting. We’ve gotten a bit of much-needed rain, but the oppressive humidity continues. The weather folk keep talking about a cold front, but I think it went somewhere else — or maybe they’ve got the weather confused with their central air!

Okay, so the first 400 words on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY nearly killed me, but then I got into the grove and wrote just over 2400 instead of 1500, the entire first chapter. Woo-hoo! I think I’ve got it now. We got heroes, we got villains, we got ghosts, we got cats, we got early NYC history when it was New Amsterdam. Good stuff. My villain is so engaging I (almost) regret the fact he’s the villain. Annabel, you did good, girl!

My joy was short-lived, however, because the “workmen” the landlord hired to harass the long-term tenants were again hanging outside my window making life hell. There are 120 apartments in this building. You can’t tell me that the ONLY apartments that need “masonry” work (read “unskilled drilling” in this case) just HAPPEN to be those of the tenants that the landlord wants out. This is now the third consecutive week in front of our windows, and using our fire escape as their personal stairwell.

I still got ten queries out, but it was HELL. I can’t turn up the radio or the iPod up loud enough to block them out. And I shouldn’t have to keep the windows shut for weeks on end in 90 degree weather.

The Buildings Department just sticks their fingers in their ears and sings, “La, la, la” even though it’s a clear violation of the city code. Because they’re being paid off.

Didn’t spend enough time with the neighbor’s cat. Didn’t spend enough time on my lectures. My foot hurt, my hip hurt, it was humid, the “workmen” were hateful –icky day all around, except for two great writing sessions, of which I tried to hang on to some of the glow. Nearly 4K is a decent day’s work in my book.

Today, I had to get up super-early, because I have to be out the door by 10 AM, and 3000 words have to hit the page before then, on the two different projects. There’s apartment maintenance to deal with, stuff to purge in storage, and other projects that need to get done. I also have to pack, because I’m on a site gig for the next two days in CT. Fortunately, it’s close enough so I can come home a couple of times a day to give Elsa her medicine and look after the neighbor’s cat.

I had a great first session on the Willowspring Grove novel, 1750 words instead of 1500. I was worried I couldn’t move between its world and that of SPIRIT REPOSITORY, since part of Willowspring and all of SPIRIT are set in contemporary Manhattan. But they are two different genres, two different pseudonyms, and two very different Manhattans, so it’s working out. The Willowspring Grove novel is far more complex than I originally envisioned. I thought these would be straight up mysteries with some paranormal touches, but they’re more coming-of-emotional-age stories with a hint of paranormal mystery.

Off to do my next 1500 words/day’s quota on SPIRIT REPOSITORY and get out the door on time. i didn’t sleep well, so I’m feeling disoriented.

Don’t have the pottery photos, either, sorry. It will probably be next week before I get them up.


Willowspring Grove Novel #1 (first draft, handwrittern): 27,250 words out of est. 100,000 (27.25%)

The Spirit Repository (first draft): 2,459 words out of est. 90,000 (2.73%)

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  1. It is TOTALLY oppressive. It’s 71 degrees here right now (7:30 am), and it’s too humid to breathe out there. Rain came, rain stayed. A little sun this morning, but back to rain shortly, I’m sure.

    I think the most frustrating part is knowing those bastards are doing their level best to piss you off, isn’t it? Good vibes sent your way, bad ones their way. Really bad ones.

  2. You’re on a roll – keep going. 4,000 words is excellent on a regular day, and you have all that crap going on too? You go, girl.

    Ha ha ha ha ha. And I’m going to join Lori with those bad, bad vibes. I can feel a hex coming on … are they on ladders/steps/cradles/scaffold? Oh dear …

  3. Thanks for inspiring me to write. You are one productive woman.

  4. It’s funny how when I leave my place in the morning it is comfortable but by the time I get to the city, it’s nasty out there. I’m looking forward to Fall where the temps are crisp.

  5. I’m impressed by Annabel too! Your productivity, even in less than great circumstances, is astounding. Hope the humidity snaps too! We had awful humidity last week and now it feels like autumn outside. Maybe that means cooler, crisper temps are coming your way soon. Here’s to hoping!

  6. THAT is friggin’ ridiculous having to endure such blatant harrassment day after day. My gosh, I’d have snapped and killed someone already.

    We’ve been waiting on the same cold front down here. I think it migrated to Canada.

    Congrats on fleshing out your story.

    Stay cool!

  7. Would taking their pictures and names freak them out enough to leave you alone a bit? Maybe say it’s for a “report”? It’s been cooler here here because of a lot of thunderstorms, but the humidity when it’s not raining has been suffocating.
    Sending good thoughts your way for a safe trip.

  8. May they come back as microbes on an ant hill! SCUMBAGS. I think Brandy may be on to something. You can point a video camera at them, and document the harassment. Would that do anything?

    Hope you have a safe trip, and the heat lets up!

  9. Love the cemetery picture.

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