Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy, hot, humid

We’re supposed to break 100 degrees again today. Ick.

Off to pottery yesterday, for my last regular class. Finally, I found something I”m good at — mask-making. We did slab masks (which means we created a slab on the roller, then shaped it on a newspaper form and decorated it). I’m thrilled with mine.

I have some experience with mask-making, both for ritual purposes and for theatre productions, although I’ve never made one in clay before.

We also trimmed the pots we threw on the wheel. So, I was back to going clockwise, which feels more natural to me, but other than that, it was a disaster. Now, it’s just getting to the point where I’m afraid of the wheel, which is not a good thing. My pot is a disaster, but I’m firing it and glazing it anyway, because when I master my fear of the wheel (like, when I’m 105), I can see how far I’ve come.

Glazed my little tiny pressed mold pot, which looks cute, and glazed my enormous pressed bottle vase. I love the glaze room, and I’ve gone from being fascinated by glazes to being obsessed with them.

Several people praised the pressed bottle vase, which surprised me. I look at it and see the flaws, but they think it’s really cool, the way I played with texture. I thank them for their support of a newbie.

When I get back from Philly, there are a few glazing days, so, provided this work’s been bisque-fired (the first firing), I’ll be able to glaze it and send it on for the second firing.

I received an unexpected check which, I think, will pay for fall’s pottery class.

While I was at class, my mom dealt with the new exterminator now handling the building. He’s very nice and very thorough — what a great change from the guys who wandered in, squirted the hose a few times at baseboards(and then we had to wash away the run-off before the cats stepped in it), and wandered out. Everything he uses is pet-safe (Elsa, being Elsa, followed him around to make sure, and the twins peered out from under a table; Elsa must always supervise and remind anyone who enters that this is a cat-centric household, and she expects proper greetings and pettings) and his equipment is very precise, so there’s no drippage or leakage or it getting onto anything but what he focuses on. With all the construction and other chaos going on, we needed a good exterminator around here, not to mention so many people moving in and out. It’s a fact of living around New York — you have to battle vermin on every level.

Unfortunately, because he was so thorough, it means I can’t use the gas oven for two weeks.

And while that was happening, I’d merrily offered to bake for the final class party that I’ll miss next week, and leave it on Monday at the clay center before I leave for Philly on Tuesday.

So, I called up a friend of mine, who will be away this weekend (she goes to an old family retreat every weekend all summer), and asked if I could borrow her oven. She was just talking to her co-workers about our last adventure when I called, thought the whole thing was funny, and we’re sorting out the key exchange later today.

I received a very exciting offer, but there are a few contract details to sort out, and the person I’m supposed to deal with is on vacation — but the contract is supposed to be signed “immediately” — so I went to the person who sent me the offer and asked who I should deal with in the interim. Someone’s got to be covering, or, if not, it won’t be finalized until that person gets back. Not signing something just because the other side is in a rush. Anyway, IF we get these two contract points sorted out, it will be exciting news and I’ll be able to share it.

Also received my next assignment from Confidential Job #1, which looks pretty darned interesting. Sometimes, I think my editor over there reads my blog!

Elsa’s new medicine did not arrive yesterday — although it was sent out and to the correct address. Why am I not surprised? And, of course, the vet still hasn’t made his promised phone call. She actually was a little better, although she’s kind of droopy. I want to call the acupuncturist/Reiki master recommended by the woman in my pottery class when I get back from Philly and see if I can set up an appointment. Elsa’s moving sometimes as though she’s uncomfortable (although she can still outjump Iris, who never bothers to do the math before she does a jump, but just flings herself on and off things and assumes inanimate objects will move to accommodate her). I think a little acupuncture or some Reiki would do her good. I know I sure as heck could use some Reiki. So, I’ll meet with these people and see if we connect, and then maybe they can at least help Elsa stay more comfortable. Supposedly, they do acupuncture at my vet’s, and I’ve asked for it several times, and the request has been ignored. I’d rather go to an independent professional anyway. My acupuncturist was recommended by both a jockey friend and a trainer’s wife, and she’s been a life saver — certainly a career-saver. I would have had to quit Broadway much sooner because of disability had I not started seeing her.

Anyway, I’ve got some running around to do today, some correspondence, hopefully get some writing in. I got some ideas for a couple of little projects to use up what’s left of my clay, so I might head back to the studio for open studio hours this afternoon and finish up for a couple of hours. Got a couple of things sorted out for the Philly trip — looks like I’ll be dealing with another set of scumbag real estate management company when I hit Philly, who are creating unnecessary problems at the site. I’m used to real estate scumbags by this point, and if they get physical, I’ll file a police report. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. I’m starting to think that 98% of the people who work in real estate make pond scum look like a higher life form.

I am certainly looking forward to things lightening up after July 21. Saturn can’t leave the House of Pisces fast enough for me. Enough life lessons already! 😉

I’ve got to pack for Philly and decide which projects to take with me. I’m doing a lot of running around, so I don’t want to take too many projects and then not get around to doing them. I’m definitely taking both books on which I’m lecturing, to finish the notes and lectures. If the contract is finalized before I leave, I’ll be outlining another project along the same lines (per the contract); if it’s not finalized, I’ll wait. I’ve got the booklet to work on and some short stories. I’ll take the assignment from Confidential Job #1, which I don’t think I can finish before I leave. And, oh, yeah, I kind of have to do the work I’m paid to do while I’m there, right? 🙂 I’ve also got to write up Elsa’s medication schedule and feeding schedule so my mom can take care of it while I’m gone, and cook ahead so my mom doesn’t have to cook while I’m gone.

Yeah, it’ll be a busy weekend. And a hot one. I will probably run the air conditioner a lot. Yesterday, even in air conditioning, I just couldn’t cool down.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot, humid, rainy

I forgot to mention, with all the Elsa chaos, how deeply saddened I was by the death of George Steinbrenner. I’m not a baseball fan, certainly not a Yankees fan, but I was mildly acquainted with him at the track. He was a horse owner — just as impatient with horses and trainers as he was with baseball players. I told him he needed to be more patient with the horses, because horses aren’t as dumb as baseball players (he thought that was funny). In general, he found me amusing because I didn’t care that he owned a baseball team (or, as he put it “THE baseball team”). We talked horses. He was always kind, friendly, funny, and generous when our paths crossed. He was an impressario on par with what David Belasco did for Broadway, and those big personalities are always important to every game.

Happy to see WHITE COLLAR back. It’s a fun show, and the two leads are so beautifully in synch that it’s a joy to watch. It’s like watching two brilliant musicians jam together. The writing is so good and the actors take it and run with it and make it look effortless. COVERT AFFAIRS — sigh and head shake. The lead actress is one of those that the networks love, and she always gets high TVQ ratings, but I’ve never warmed up to her. She indicates too much — she lets us know what she’s going to say and do before she does it or says it, so there’s never a surprise and discovery — and it simply doesn’t work for me. But, like I said, networks love her, and so does the reviewer for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. I don’t see the appeal. Co-star Kari Matchett is so many levels above her in skill and talent and sparkle, but doesn’t get the buzz. And Christopher Gorham is a lot of fun – nice change from his character on HARPER’S ISLAND. So, yes, I like some of the supporting cast — yes, there’s someone else with whom I’ve worked on B’way! We’ll see. It does not bode well when I figured out the twist the first time the twist showed up on screen as a red herring. And I bet you I know who “the leak” is in the agency — could it be any more obvious? Sheesh. I also hated the opening sequence where they revealed her backstory — I thought it could have been done more cleverly.

We finally had some rain around here. We desperately needed it.

Pottery class was good. I had yet another teacher. I was so far behind everyone, though –it’s strictly a wheel-throwing class, and they’ve been together since June. But everyone was really friendly and helpful, and the teacher took time to show me some variations on throwing and centering — if I keep throwing clockwise, as my Thursday teacher taught, Asian-style, I’ll have problems in North America and Europe, because throwing is done counter-clockwise. While most wheels can go in either direction, some don’t. My Thursday teacher said you have to pick a way and stick with it; I figure I’m so new to it, I’ll adapt to the teacher of the moment.

Now, I would prefer to throw clockwise, because, to me, if you’re BUILDING something in the northern hemisphere, you go clockwise (deosil). If you’re UNDOING it/banishing it/whatever, you go counterclockwise (widdershins). I even make sure that I stir clockwise (I stirred counterclockwise when in Australia) if I’m making batter or stirring soup or whatever. So BUILDING a pot by working counterclockwise just feels wrong on so many levels.

However, since I’m new to the process and have yet to develop a technique, I figure I can still be flexible. Even though I’m told one “can’t” throw both ways, because of muscle memory, well, teach the muscles both ways. Or maybe that will just slow down my throwing even more.

This teacher also lived in one of the areas to which I hope to relocate. She gave me some good tips about the communities in the area.

I really like her, she was very patient with me, and she gave me some helpful hints in continuing my progress. But I squished everything by the end of the day, because, yet again, there was nothing worth saving. I felt frustrated and discouraged.

Except for glazing. We had a glazing intro, and it makes perfect sense. I get it, I love the glazes, I love the possibilities. The glazes “talk” to me.

Of course, if I don’t develop some technique, I won’t have anything to glaze!

I also met someone in class who is one of those people Anne of Green Gables would call a “kindred spirit”. She’s studying holistic medicine, she’s a cat and dog lover/owner, we just got each other. She gave me the number of a couple in a nearby town who do acupuncture (not overtreating, working as holistically as mine does) and also work on cats and dogs. I’m going to give them a call. I may do a session with them for both me and Elsa. The woman of the couple also does Reiki, something I’ve found very helpful.

Everyone crosses your path for a reason, right?

Went grocery shopping — ran into the former mayor again! Also stocked up on pet food, so there’s plenty in the cupboard while I’m gone (I’ve switched them now to ProPlan, which they all seem to like), and picked up some wine.

I checked with an astrologer, and now I’m throughly confused. Diane, and other Pisces, this may be of interest. First of all, she predicted the trip I’m taking next week. Second, she said that the 23rd would be a fantastic day of fun, friendship, and also career opportunities (Lori, that lunch may have more levels than we thought). She also said that we Pisces have had Saturn in Pisces since 2007, and have been going through a particularly difficult time of it. Yes. Between landlord stuff and illness and career shifts, I’d say yes. But, supposedly, on July 21, Saturn says goodbye until something like 2037, and those burdens lift. And Uranus leaves Pisces and doesn’t come back until 2082, when I don’t think any of us need to worry about it, so that takes another level of stress out, and frees up a whole area of creativity. The 26th is supposed to be an especially good day for all of us.

Now, my confusion comes with Jupiter. Jupiter moves into our second house of career and income, and stays there until halfway through 2011, according to this woman. She says money will improve greatly, pay off as much debt as possible between now and mid-2011, because the second half of next year may have a few glitches. However, according to my calender, Jupiter goes retrograde on July 23 until November 18, which means, on the tangible plane, it’s tougher financially (I had to do some sorting out before then to make sure it was as smooth as possible, which gone done on time, thank goodness), things on the home front can get wonky, etc. So, wouldn’t Jupiter going retrograde in my second house mean career glitches until November? To me, those two things are in conflict. She doesn’t seem to think so — she’s not paying much attention to the retrograde in general.

And I’m just confused. So I will proceed with caution.

Yes, yesterday was a day of contradictions.

I got a message from the vet that he put through Elsa’s new prescription. I spoke to the pharmacy — they shipped it out yesterday. It should be here today or tomorrow. If this doesn’t help her, there’s probably nothing that will. It’s quite inexpensive, and is used a lot in people, and now it’s starting to be used with animals.

Elsa was pretty perky overall yesterday — in better shape than I was, that’s for sure.

The vet said he’d call me between six and seven last night. And of course, didn’t. Now there’s a surprise. Not. But at least my little fit gets Elsa her medicine.

Today, I have my last session in my regular pottery class, since I will be away next week. I’d like to stay for some studio time and work on some pinch pots, that my first teacher taught me, and that are still my favorite. The other teachers keep telling me pinch pots are the hardest thing to do, but to me they feel the most natural and the best. I’m going to talk it all over with my first, brilliant teacher, and see what he has to say.

Everyone at the center is really nice and really friendly and really helpful, which makes time spent there well worth it.

I went to bed ridiculously early last night because I was exhausted. I did a good, challenging yoga sequence first to pull out all the kinks from bending over the wheel.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot and humid
Bastille Day

Bastille Day, and, let me tell you, I have a list of people from whom I’d like to be “liberated.”

Managed a trip to Costco yesterday to stock up. After four trips up and down three flights of stairs to haul everything up, I was done. Got some reading done in the afternoon, but not much else.

Elsa had a bad day and a bad night. I went off at the vet. Two to three week response times are not acceptable; if he’s not there, I need to know who’s covering for him. I’ve been up ‘round the clock trying to help this very sick little cat, and I feel like I’m all alone out here, vet wise. After the amount of money they’ve charged me for doing everything including breathing (just about), I expect someone to respond with advice. When I say “we’re at a critical stage, I think we’re running out of time”, I expect a timely response with ideas and options. Three weeks ago, I said I wanted to start that new medication. Three weeks. I’m away next week — because, you know, I still have to earn a living, in spite of dealing with Elsa around the clock. I need the medicine NOW, I needed it three weeks ago, because I don’t know if she’ll still be alive when I get back. And I can’t back out of the job. If the vet doesn’t think there’s anything more we can do for her except keep her comfortable until the inevitable, he needs to tell me that. If he doesn’t want to have Elsa as a patient because we don’t have unlimited cash reserves, he needs to tell me that. But this passive-aggressive, non-response, stringing me along is not acceptable. I have been patient I have been pleasant, I have been polite, and it has gotten us nowhere. So it changes.

I told them exactly what I thought of their money grubbing ways in the survey. The guy who started this place is supposed to be an integrative care pioneer. And I do support that one’s skills and talent deserve fair payment. But payment is the MOST important thing to this facility. I was very upfront about the financials from the beginning. If they didn’t want Elsa as a patient because of it, they needed to tell us from the beginning, not string us along for months, trying to get whatever cash they can out of us, and then simply not responding.

Speaking of fair pay, when they wanted to hook Elsa up for 32 hours over four days to an IV at the cost of $1500, I would have had to pay an additional $250 (possibly per day) for the vet tech, double that per day if I left her overnight. I wonder how much of that they actually would pay the tech.

I’ve been working really hard to keep Elsa alive, but with a decent quality of life. I don’t want her tortured — whatever time she’s got left, I want it to be pleasant. And I’m out here without any help from the people who are paid to help me. I need actual information so I can make informed decisions for her. She’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t think it’s her time yet — but I need more help and more information. If I switch vets again, it’s more trauma and more tests and more chaos, and would it be any different anywhere else? Most of the vet clinics around here are just about the money, and the place I was taking her to on Long Island can’t handle this illness.

Elsa’s a little better again this morning, and seems more worried that I’m so upset than anything else.

I’m taking an extra pottery class this morning to make up for the one I miss by being away next week. I’m glad to be out of the apartment for a few hours (my mom’s taking care of Elsa) because the scumbag landlords are turning off the water AGAIN, in the middle of 90 degree heat. They say it’s from “9-1” — which means we’ll be lucky to get it back by 6 or 7 tonight. And I”m sure I’ll have to put in a call to the buildings department and the health department around 4:30 to even get it turned on by 7.

Sorry to vent, but I am frustrated and in despair.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot & humid

I went flat out yesterday. Documentation for three workshops and two short story submissions out before breakfast. Enquiry as to anthology deadline — there are three anthologies by the same company for which I think I’d be a great fit. I may have to sit down and write all three stories this week. Quarterly self-employment taxes. Finished reading/commenting on the play. Mailed a stack of stuff — pretty sad that I have to drive 20 minutes to another town when the post office is up the street from me — only it’s never open when I need it, and when it is open, the line is long and the people they’ve got working there now make turtles look like racehorses.

Afternoon spent in the air conditioned room, herding cats (because they hate closed doors), reading, and working on the deconstruction lectures for the fantasy romance. I’m taking lots of notes as I read, and then I’ll type them into the computer, organize them, and figure what’s going to go into each lecture for each of the seven days.

Also took notes for a new booklet of fun writing exercises — it’s one of the things I’ll work on in Philly next week, and maybe it will be ready to release by the beginning of August.

Caught up with friends, talking about preliminary plans to go to the quilt show in Lowell, MA next month, and an exhibit called “The Dressmaker’s Art” one town over, once I get back from Philly. Hey, once a wardrobe gal, always a wardrobe gal.

Ran into the former mayor of this town, who I adore — the one who’s NOT corrupt — and had a good catch-up.

Finally heard back from the vet — but without any information — just a “call me”. Yeah, because I’m charged by the facility for every phone call.

Elsa’s been eating well, and she lets me know when it’s time to turn on the air conditioner. Iris lives up to her nickname of “Princess Hellion”, and Violet is just Very Busy all the time. It was much easier when Felicia, the big tuxedo cat I used to have, was alive. She kept us all organized, both human and feline. No one ever argued with her, she was very gentle, but ruled with an iron paw. And here we are, five or six years later, and still, none of the others want the job.

I was offered a kitten who hasn’t even been born yet. I’m so tempted, but we’re so cramped, and there’s so much chaos going on, trying to pull off the relocation and keep the money coming in and deal with Elsa’s illness, that this is probably not the best time.

I hope to get some writing in today, work on the lecture some more, and it’s time for a Costco run. I’m putting together everything for my trip to Philly next week.

I just don’t do well in this weather, and there’s no end in sight. I perk up a little bit in air conditioning, but even air conditioning saps my energy after awhile.

I’m looking forward to autumn — which is my favorite season anyway.

Oh — I’ve been meaning to share my two cents on some of the shows, old and new, I’ve watched lately.

Eureka: I love this show. Charming, funny, intelligent. I’m so glad it’s back for another season.

Haven: I really want to like it, but I’m on the fence about it. I worked with one of the actors in it, so, for his sake, I hope it does well. But I’ve got reservations about the writing, acting, and directing. Camera work’s pretty, though. Maybe it’ll find its feet.

The Glades: Wanted to like it, but the writing doesn’t have enough snap, and we’re watching the actors work too hard, instead of seeing them “be.” I may skip the show for a few weeks and then go back to see if it’s found its feet — not sure I want to watch the process.

The Closer: Love this show. Worked with some of the actors years ago when we were all off-Broadway. Glad it’s back.

Rizzoli & Isles: I’m a fan of Tess Gerritsen’s books, so, of course, I’d watch. Angie Harmon’s doing her usual thing. Sasha Alexander’s doing her usual thing. They have a great rapport, but neither one of them’s being challenged to stretch yet. Plots are nice and tight. FBI guy was a little passive and hang dog for me. Not sure if he was a one-shot guest spot or will be a semi-regular. His role needs to be better written if it’s the latter. I can’t even remember his name(actor or character), which is not a good thing. I felt bad for the actor, because he had so little to work with, on either a writing or directing level. They let him twist in the wind with no help, and I hate to see that. Right now, the show, as a whole, is serviceable; I’d like to see it shine a little more. I’m willing to try a few more episodes to see if it gets there. I worked with one of the actors who plays a supporting character — on the same show as the actor who’s now in HAVEN, which is pretty funny. Glad they’re both working.

Scumbag landlords are at it again, acting like this is an empty building. Some dick has a ladder up against my window. There was no warning, we have no idea who this is, why he’s here or how long.

Uh, no.

Oh, regarding the pet sitting — I’m paid to do it. I did it as a favor to this neighbor because she’s been unemployed for months, but, for the most part — people pay me to cater to their little darlings. I don’t mind, as long as I can take my writing with me. But it’s a specialized skill, part of my freelance life, and I don’t do it for nothing! 😉 Pet sitting’s a very lucrative business in this area, especially in Manhattan. I don’t charge as much as most people do, and I don’t work for an agency that demands bonding and all the rest — it’s all word of mouth. (I think the animals gossip and tell their owners, who then track me down).

Let’s hope I can be at least a little productive today!


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and warm

The humidity is lower, and I feel a bit more human. The last few days were a challenge. By Friday afternoon, I felt awful — whether it was heat-related or I was fighting a virus, or a combination — I’m not sure. But I was under the weather, and the weather was winning.

I had to do more running around that I planned. My passport’s due to expire in August. I’ve been meaning to renew it since February — since they now can refuse to let you in or out of the country if your passport expires within six months of a trip, should they choose. Of course, I didn’t get around to it yet, until I heard that, as of today, the renewal fees jump from $75 to $110. So I got off my sick, sorry ass, ran around in the heat doing paperwork, getting a pathetic photo taken, and getting it sent off, certified mail, return receipt requested (since the post office said that there have been a lot of passports getting stolen from the mail lately).

I got up early on Saturday, cooked so that my neighbor had food in the fridge when she returned from the Sweden trip, cleaned the apartment for her, and made sure it was all in good shape for her return. Then, I packed up the car and went to visit my friend in CT. I spent most of the weekend there (coming back to check on the cats). I did nine loads of laundry, but mostly lounged and read and slept and tried to feel better.

I managed to start re-reading and taking notes for the deconstruction seminars I’m doing. Nine pages of notes on the first four chapters. Not too shabby.

Elsa tried to turn on the air conditioner all by herself yesterday, which I thought was pretty hilarious. But she can’t get her paws in the right position to turn the knob. She’s hanging in there, with baby steps of improvement. It’s now been TWO WEEKS since I last heard from the vet, which is totally unacceptable, especially since I’d like to start her new medication before I go out of town next week. So, they’re triple the price of any other vet in the area, but they let you sit around without a response for weeks. There is so much wrong with this picture. And they actually had the balls to send me a survey about their service. Can you imagine what they will read when they get it back? 😉

Got a little bit of writing done, but not much. Mostly note taking and thinking.

I worked on the script the acquaintance sent me for feedback. Will finish the comments and send it back today.

I already wrote three blurbs for the three deconstruction workshops and sent them back. If I leave them lying around in the inbox, I’ll have to scramble at the last minute.

It is now going on three weeks since that other chickie said she’d get back to me “the next day” about teaching for her organization. I am no longer available. I don’t hold dates open indefinitely because someone is disorganized. This is such a poor introduction to the group that I believe teaching there would just be setting myself up for a lot of unnecessary grief. Next!

On a happier note, I had a good client meeting on Friday and will have a week to two weeks of onsite work in September. There’s no internet connection there AT ALL, so I’ll have to leave once or twice a day to get online somewhere — either come home and do it, or had to the library with my laptop. Should be, um, interesting.

Gotta dive in and get a lot done this week. I’m making up a pottery class, since I’m working out of town next week, so I have two classes this week, plus I have a lot to clear off my desk before I leave next week.

I have a feeling I will quit Confidential Job #1 by the end of the year. I am not happy with the new owners, and I don’t think we can work things out. Oh, well. In March of 2011, I’d be starting my fifth year with them. Probably time for a change.


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Friday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
This weather is still disgusting

Um, where exactly is this break in the weather we were promised? It’s still awful. And the poor air quality is making it difficult to function, even in air conditioning.

Pottery class was good yesterday, but hard. It was my first time on the wheel, and I’m really bad at it. Supposedly, it takes years to get a feel for it, but I’m still really bad at it. And how come everyone else gets out of class still looking all preppy and put together, and I’ve got clay in my hair and on my face, etc.? I look more like I was ON the wheel instead of USING the wheel.

Stayed for some open studio time. It was good to do some sensory experiments with the wheel — if I do this, it feels like that, and the result is such — but I squished everything at the end and recycled the clay into my bag. There was nothing salvageable. I also tried to do another pressed mold bowl, but, although the texture was nice, I couldn’t get the overall shape even, so I squished that, too.

In class, we finished our pressed mold bottle vases, which are pretty big. Mine has a lot of seashore texture — looks like shell patterns and sand patterns. The neck is four pressed medallions fastened together, for a somewhat scalloped look. I’m getting praise for it, but to me, it still looks like everything else I do, which is like it was done by a drunken eight-year-old, and I’m using texture to cover mistakes because I lack technique. That’ll get me only so far. I’ve got to develop some technique. And the center’s asked me to put something in the show in spring. Maybe they want to point out that you don’t have to be good at it to still have fun.

Still, there’s something liberating in being bad, kind of like working on a first draft. You don’t have to keep it, but you learn from having done it.

Came home, checked on the cat next door, did some research, showered, changed, picked up my friend and headed back to the center for Jonathan McMillan’s Convergence. If you’d like to see photos from the exhibit, they are here. He does both sculptural and functional pieces, and they are completely unique and beautiful. He was my first teacher at the center, and, in addition to being a fascinating artist, is also a wonderful teacher. He’s moving to South Carolina for an adjunct professor position, and they are lucky to get him.

The opening was fun and well-attended, lots of nice people, a good spread, Jon talked a little about his work.

After, my friend and I went down the street to EurAsian, a restaurant we both really like, for sushi and to catch up on our lives. She used to live in the building; now we live only a few blocks apart, but it’s still tough to get together. It was a lot of fun, and I didn’t get back too late.

Elsa’s making baby steps of progress, but I’m still waiting for the vet to get back to me. Considering how much they charge for everything, it shouldn’t take well over a week or more to get a response. It’s very frustrating.

I have a client appointment at 10 AM this morning in CT; I’d hoped to get in some studio time, but I doubt it will happen. I’ve got other business stuff to take care of, and my wrists are killing me from working on the wheel. I don’t have the strength built up in them yet. I hope to get in a few hours of solid writing, too, on several projects.

Hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend.


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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
This weather is disgusting

If this is a “break” . . .use your imagination. Ick. Perhaps the temperature is down outside, but in here, the bricks in the building absorbed the heat from the past few days and I feel like I’m a loaf of bread baking in a traditional oven.

I am not a heat-and-humidity girl, which is one of the many reasons I live in a mid-Atlantic state rather than a more tropical one, and one reason I hope to move further north.

Even Elsa is coping better than I am. Actually, she’s showed steady improvement over the last few days — although she is smart enough to prefer the air conditioning. Violet has ben fine; Iris got all sulky for some reason, kept getting out of the air conditioned room and hiding in one of the hot rooms, so I had to drag her out and back into the cool. Since she’s the fattest of the cats (as the vet says, she is “at the top of her weight range”), I have to watch her carefully in this weather.

I got some work done, mostly reading and note-taking. The possibility of several non-fiction books looms on the horizon — two are fairly new ideas to me, but make sense; one has been swirling around for years, but I think I finally have a handle on it; and one I wrote up an entire notebook of notes on about a year ago, and am now expanding those notes into chapters and essays here and there. I’m going to play with shaping them a little more to see if they are actually viable, and then get to work on outlines, sample chapters, and proposals. Two would go under the Cerridwen Iris Shea moniker and two under the Devon Ellington one.

Also made notes on another piece of fiction, but I’m not sure if anything will ever come of it.

Have to go next door early to look after neighbor’s cat, then it’s off to pottery class. If the studio isn’t sweltering and I’m not at the point of collapse after three hours, I may stay and try to do another hour or so of work. Then, I have to come home, shower, and change — the opening of my first wonderful teacher’s exhibit is tonight, and I want to be there.

I found two potential pottery studios to join in the area in which I hope to relocate. One is close by, but I don’t like it as much as the one that’s about an hour away, and seems run more like this one is. Of course I’d like the one farther away. Once I move if that’s where I land, I’ll attend events at both and see which one feels best. That’s the one I’ll join.

Because I am hooked on clay.


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot, humid, disgusting

It hit 101 here yesterday, with 103 in the city. I was cooked by 8:30 in the morning.

I need to clarify — the power issues have nothing to do with the landlord — it’s strictly the power problems Con Ed has. There are so many millions of people in this area that pressure the grid that the lines burn out. In Queens, a batch of power lines burst into flame Monday into Tuesday night, taking out the power in the neighborhood and landing on cars, torching them. Con Ed’s running around congratulating themselves that only about a dozen major feeds blew out of 1200 — but for the people served by those broken feeds, it’s horrible. The guys actually working the lines are great — it’s the ones making the decisions that are idiots. And, when you have the most densely populated area in the country, you know you need a lot of power. If you can’t provide it, while still raising rates every year by the amounts they do — maybe someone else needs to provide the power. Our monthly payments are contracts, and a power outage like this is breaking the contract.

I am grateful that our power’s held, thus far, and hope it continues today. I am running the air for a few hours, then trying just to sit in the cooled down room with it off during peak hours. Don’t know how many others are following the guidelines, but hopefully, if I’m not the only person in the county doing it, we can keep things going.

I am extremely grateful that I freelance, especially in this type of weather. Most summers, I would be stuck on Metro North — sometimes literally — and, since they are dolts, they run the heat on the trains in the summer and the A/C in winter. I would have to slog through the hot Manhattan streets, and then haul baskets of laundry up and down three to five flights of stairs for hours at a time, then take at least an hour and a half slogging through the streets and on a heated train to return. Those of you that have been reading the blog since the Broadway days probably remember the tales of nightmare commutes and being stuck on Metro North, sometimes until three a.m.

I miss my theatre pals sometimes a lot,and the interaction and adrenalin rush of working a show, but I don’t miss the commute!

I don’t do well in heat and humidity, so I was done before 8 AM yesterday. I barely made it online at all, and the computer was off for most of the day. I didn’t dare take the computer into the air conditioned bedroom to work, for fear I’d run down the battery, the power would go out, and I couldn’t recharge.

I bounced back and forth between keeping my cats in the air conditioned bedroom (barricading the door with pillows, because they hate closed doors and the doors are so warped with paint in this place that they don’t close) and going over next door to run the air for the big cat for a few hours.

I had trouble concentrating — I always do in hot weather. I didn’t take any of the computer work with me. I finished LUCIA, LUCIA by Adriana Trigiani. I think all of you would enjoy it, but it struck me as something particularly that Lara, Dru, Brandy, Ada, and Teresa would like. Dru — it talks about a lot of neighborhoods we know well!

Also read Nicole Peeler’s newest in her Jane True series, TRACKING THE TEMPEST. I’d picked up the first book in the series because the cover was so outstanding, and was pleased that I liked the book (and Nicole) a lot. This builds on the first book beautifully — a great story on its own, but also builds the character arcs of all the regular cast. It’s very well done.

I tried to read an historical research book for a project, but couldn’t focus.

I started re-reading Doris Lessing’s THE GOLDEN NOTEBOOK, which I haven’t read since college (and which I may be writing about). It came out the year I was born, and was an enormously influential book in the 1960’s and 1970’s for women and the fight for equality. So it’s very interesting, in this 10th anniversary edition — which came out in the 70’s — to read her introduction detailing that how it was received was quite different than her intent in writing the book.

That’s the thing with writing — you sit there and work your ass off and have a very clear vision of what you’re doing. But once it’s out in the world, people approach it with their own frames of reference. The better the writing is, the stronger the response, the more likely you are to get a wide range of responses. If you spark a response in someone who speaks or writes persuasively about that response, many other readers will either approach it with that frame of reference imposed on their own, predisposed to see it through that secondary lens, or think they SHOULD view it that way, or will be perceived as stupid, and the author’s entire vision of the book is shifted, then, to the critic’s or essayist’s.

Sometimes meanings that the author didn’t realize were there come through, which can be fun or disconcerting: “Hey, I didn’t know that was in there when I wrote it!” (Of course, the subconscious did, but that’s a whole other ball of wax) or “That’s not at ALL what I meant!”

I have some errands to run, which I will try to get out of the way before we hit triple digits — I’m out of cat food, and it would be a good idea to get some people food in, too. Elsa is actually handling everything very well — she’s eating well and every day is a fraction more “Elsa” and less “invalid”. Still waiting to hear back from the vet. She’s lost far too much weight quickly, which puts stress on her liver and kidneys, and, although I want her to put it back on, we have to do it slowly, so as not to stress them in the other direction. I really want to start her on the new medication sooner rather than later.

I hope to start the first of the books I’m deconstructing in fall, re-reading it and taking notes to shape the week of lectures.

We’re being careful in the heat — that’s all we can do. I’m very excited about pottery class tomorrow, but sad I haven’t been able to do any studio time.


Wednesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot, humid, sunny, sticky

The humidity wasn’t a problem yesterday until later in the day, although the heat soared. Today, I doubt we’ll be that lucky. Now they’re saying we’ll break 100. That’s pretty rare around here.

I wanted to put studio time in, but the website wasn’t updated, and no one answered the phone, so it was a pretty good bet they were closed.

I got out a couple of queries for the plays. I finished the draft changing BEHIND THE MAN from a three-act interactive piece to a two-act proscenium piece. I expanded it a bit in Act I and have to add some more in Act II — it’s still a little short. And I need to work on the new material. It’s not yet seamlessly integrated with the other material.

I started the same transformation on THE MATILDA MURDERS. My dilemma there is that one of the jokes in the interactive version is that all the characters interact/acknowledge the audience except Nate, and he starts to wonder if he’s crazy or if they’re crazy. I’ve been trying to make that work in the two-act structure, but it doesn’t. I may have to lose that whole element. That makes the gap between the three-act and two-act versions wider, which is a good thing, but means I have to come up with extra business to replace the business I’m cutting, and, again, make the play longer.

It’s a fascinating process.

Finished Susan Turnbull’s ALMOST FRENCH. In many ways, it works better for me than Elizabeth Gilbert’s overpraised EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Don’t get me wrong — I think Gilbert’s writing is beautiful. But, to me, she went on this incredible journey and ended up in the same place she started. The man was a different individual and the location was different, but she hadn’t really made progress. The entire focus of her existence was still on a man. Yes, she spent time on her own, but one never got a sense that she developed as an individual. It was always in how she related to the men on her journey. And then, the second book of hers that came out a few months ago, is a justification as to why she agreed to marry this new guy after swearing she’d never get married again. Don’t plan to read it. It’s none of my business. It’s her life, not mine. I don’t care what she does, and if she wants to change her mind, that’s up to her. But she’s doing it publicly, and in my opinion, she’s being well-paid to be a hypocrite. It doesn’t matter on a personal level because we are not a part of each other’s lives. I think it’s great she’s a success, good for her, it’s hard to make a living in this business. So, she found out her “ethics” on the matter of remarriage weren’t all that strong when push came to shove and she’d have to make actual compromises for her supposed “principles.” I don’t need to spend my hard-earned money reading her justification. Turnbull, on the other hand, although she comes to Paris because she’s fallen in love with a guy, actually builds a life AND a partnership, and, for all the growth and change she manages during the six years before her marriage, she also stays true to an essential core of herself, even when she makes mistakes, even when it’s not always pretty, even if she’s not always right. And I really like and respect that about both her and her book. She doesn’t make excuses or justifications. She simply IS. She’s doing the best she can, she’s learning along the way, and she’s taking joy in the journey. For a memoir, there’s not a whole lot of naval-gazing going on, and yet she has a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

Roughed out two comedy sketches, one political, one more universal, about scumbag landlords. They still need work — the political one needs more zap leading to the end, and it’s very vicious. I may need to dial down the viciousness, yet still be witty enough to get my point across. But they were fun to write. I want to write two more, polish them, and that will be my first bunch sent to the comedy group.

Started reading Adriana Trigani’s LUCIA, LUCIA, which is a lovely novel. I’m throughly enjoying it. Although most of it is set in the Greenwich Village of the 1950’s, enough of it remained when I went to NYU in the 80’s to enjoy the landmarks. Some of them are still there, but NYU is rapidly buying up all the lovely historical buildings, ripping them down, and building soulless dormitories. I’m sometimes embarrassed to be an NYU alum; it used to mean something, one could take pride in it, but now — they’ve been such poor stewards of the grace and history of the Village for the past twenty years that it’s disgusting.

Will try to get some writing done and read at least a bit of the play sent over by my acquaintance before it gets too hot to work and I have to shut off the computer. We have to “conserve power” — either the air can be on or the TV or the computer. Let’s see, now, Con Ed raises our fees by 17% every year, but can’t provide the power we need. Something’s not only twisted about that, but fraudulent. Their JOB, their reason for existence, is to provide the power we need because we’re paying for it. Fingers crossed they don’t screw us like they usually do — there’s no place I can take the cats to cool down if the power goes out.

No studio time for me today. It’s not even 7:30 in the morning, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I do not do well in heat and humidity. I am a Winter Girl all the way!

Elsa is hanging in there. She’s not making huge progress, but she’s eating better and interacting more and making decisions. She’s not backsliding, although the heat and humidity are tough on her, too. Still waiting to hear back from the vet about her new medication. Getting a little tired of having to wait at least a week every time I make contact.

Stay cool, stay hydrated.

I’m going back to the page.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, June 5, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and HOT!

Hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July.

I wanted to start running again today, but between the humidity and coyotes and the warning that the pollution is so bad we shouldn’t run — I didn’t. I’m starting to understand why people use treadmills.

Lots of yoga, though, to make up for it.

We’re supposed to have a week of hot, humid weather in the high 90’s, with heat index bringing it well over 100. Ick. Let’s hope Con Ed doesn’t screw us with a power outage.

I’ve had a good few days working on POWER OF WORDS, getting back into the rhythm of it. Rolling around some other ideas that I hope will migrate from percolation to page in the coming weeks.

Reading ALMOST FRENCH by Sarah Turnbull, and, for the most part, enjoying it. The fact that she adopted a Westie makes me like her (and the book) even more, since I have a soft spot for West Highland Terriers.

Reading all these ex-pat tomes makes me realize that I approach living in a new place very differently than many others. Which is odd, because I’m shy and not outgoing. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always felt like an outsider, so I never worry about whether or not “they” consider me an outsider or not. I’m just me — deal. I start from a position of respect and courtesy. If you try to walk all over me, I won’t put up with it, but politeness is met with politeness. Friendship takes time and shared experience, so you’re not going to go somewhere and make instant friends. It’s more likely to happen in the theatre — I’ve actually made several long-term friendships when my shows travelled — but, again, there’s shared experience.

I don’t sit around and wait for people to be friendly. When I land somewhere, whether it’s a holiday house rental or a stop on the show schedule — I set up house, I find the nearest grocery store, newsagent, cafe, pub, and bookshop. If the newsagent’s is close enough, I get the papers first thing every morning. Newsagents know everything and everyone. I’m polite, pleasant, I listen. I’ve got my notebook and camera, so I’m busy. I walk the neighborhood, learning it, in ever-widening circles. I always meet people who are walking dogs, because almost every dog I meet will stop to greet me. Even if I don’t feel particularly social, I am polite to people I meet. I let things develop organically. There’s always going to be an element of loneliness in a new place — or even a place you’ve lived for years. That’s part of the deal. When you actively participate in what’s around you, everything else happens organically. Granted, it’s easier when one is in theatre, because theatre people are used to transience, and tend to be friendly from the get-go. Even if I’m not in a theatrical capacity, if there’s a local theatre, I know I can find people to talk to. Having Broadway credits gets one through most stage doors.

Several places around here had fireworks last night, close enough to see from the apartment windows, and certainly close enough to feel. The cats were not amused. I left mine in good hands and went next door, to my neighbor’s cat, who was just terrified. I didn’t want him to get overly stressed. I sat with him under the table, petting him and talking to him, until it was quiet again. Poor thing.

If Elsa was healthy, I would have just brought him over at the beginning of this three-week stint and integrated him here, but I think it would be too much chaos for her. Even though she’s the friendly one.

I’m hoping it doesn’t get quite as awful, weather-wise, as they predict. I’d like to get up and about and get a few things done. I’m pretty sure it’s a holiday Monday, so I’m hoping it’s relatively quiet.

The producer who relocated is talking to companies in her new locales about my plays. That’s great, but I need to see a contract if there’s interest. This is my business, not my hobby. So, we’ll see what happens.

I want to get some writing done, some revisions done, and get started on the fantasy novel on which I’m giving the seminar in fall. Two weeks ago, I followed up with someone else on a workshop proposal I sent; chickie said she was on vacation for a month (must be nice, but why no auto-responder? If you put out a call for proposals immediately before going away FOR A MONTH, you need to put up an auto responder — or put out the call when you get back) and would get back to me the next day. Of course, I have yet to hear from her. So I’m not holding the slots. Your disorganization is not my problem, and I don’t put my life on hold because you can’t get it together.

Busy week coming up. I hope I can get in some studio time. And that the weather is not as awful as predicted.


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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Got some work done in the morning; hung out with the cat next door, who was anxious. It’s been two weeks since his human left, and, even with me spending a few hours a day over there every day, it’s tough.

Had a phone conversation with a potential new employer and will have an in-person meeting next Friday. Fingers crossed that it goes well. That would be the fourth freelance client on the same CT street, which I think is pretty funny. Word of mouth is a good thing!

Had errands to run and then hoped to get to the open studio hours, but, by the time I got the errands done, it was too late. I will have to make it up next week, even in the heat. If I don’t get in some extra time to work on technique, I won’t acquire any technique!

Elsa ate better both yesterday and so far today, which is a relief. She’s up and about, and letting Violet hang out with her. Violet is thrilled.

Read an absolutely awful mystery over the last few days. I won’t mention title or author, but what a disappointment! The premise and setting looked great. But the heroine as disorganized and not very bright (how she got and kept her job is beyond me). The writing was sloppy. And the author would stop the chapter on a cliffhanger, then pick up the next chapter days or weeks after the event was done — telling us what happened after the cliffhanger, instead of showing us and keeping us in the middle of it. There were so many logistical inconsistencies I couldn’t stand it, and, although she had police in the book, it was obvious she couldn’t be bothered to do any research on procedure. It’s going up on BookMooch. May it bring joy to someone else — because I hated it, and sure wouldn’t buy or read anything by this author again!

Fortunately, now I’m reading a lovely book called VENETIAN DREAMING by Paula Weideger. It’s a nonfiction account of her love of Venice. Since Venice fascinates me, and it’s on my “must see” list, I’m enjoying it enormously.

I’ve got to run to the store when it opens to pick up a few things. Then I’ll do my hair, hang out with the cat next door, get some writing and editing done on my own work, and enjoy the weekend! Hopefully, Elsa will continue to improve.

I got my ticket for the Philly job — $10 round trip. Can’t beat that. If I took Amtrak, it would be over $160.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! It’s supposed to be blisteringly hot here for the next week or so. I guess I’ll have the air on and nice, big Con Ed bill next month!


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Pleasant and warm

Wednesday we travelled to Plymouth and to the Cape, just for the day. There was a very specific agenda, which I can’t yet talk about for fear of jinxing it, but it was productive and great fun. We also picked up a few things in Hyannis, which means that I didn’t have to go running around here yesterday. Pretty much everything we need is on Rt. 132. Plus, there are plenty of small, independent businesses we like to frequent. I also managed to replace the wine glass I broke with two very pretty ones, and found a set of 100% cotton aqua-colored sheets.

Plymouth was a little disappointing — both in our agenda, and that some of the stores we planned to visit where, for some reason, closed. On a Wednesday? Really? Maybe in preparation for a long holiday weekend? One of my favorite stores there only seems to open whenever someone decides to show up. And they weren’t there that day!

Yarmouth, Sandwich, Barnstable, Dennis, Masphee — all as pretty and friendly as ever. What a great region. We had several stops to make — and EVERY set of directions was wrong. I thought Google Maps was supposed to be better than Mapquest? They both pretty much suck.

We stopped in Niantic on the way home in the evening. First stop was the Niantic Diner, where I had one of the best linguini with clam sauce dishes I’ve ever had in my life — clams served in the shells, perfect sauce with white wine, garlic, oil, and chopped tomatoes. Then, it was a hop across the street to the Book Barn, where I got a stack of books on various topics and played with several of their cats. Their little black cat followed me from shelf to shelf, telling me all about it.

Driving back was tough. I love the Merritt Parkway — no trucks and it’s pretty. And the Recovery Act construction projects have turned roads into a pleasure around New England that have been a nightmare to drive since the late 1960’s. I approve of the way those of my tax dollars are at work! However, whenever there’s work on the Merritt Parkway, it seems deliberately scheduled to be as incompetent and to create the most amount of inconvenience for drivers as possible. Whoever’s making the decisions about structuring the work on the Merritt either is a dingbat and shouldn’t have the job, has never driven the Merritt and doesn’t realize the problems he’s causing (and therefore shouldn’t have the job), or is trying to get revenge on people who drive there. And shouldn’t have the job.

We got home around nine. I tended to the cats and the cat next door. On the one hand, Elsa was happy to have a quiet day and not get poked all the time and get medicine shoved down her throat. On the other hand, I think she missed us.

Anyway, it was a great day, although driving to the Cape and back in a single day is a bit of a haul. Usually we stay at least one night. But at least now we know we can do it. and we’ll probably have to do it that way a few more times in the upcoming months.

Yesterday, I slept in, then dashed around getting stuff ready for class and taking care of the cat next door.

Pottery class was great. It took me awhile to adjust to this teacher’s teaching style, so different from the last teacher with whom there was instant rapport. But, by the end of the class, one was building. She’s really good. And I’m trying to learn how to think visually instead of verbally. There are six people in the class — five women and one fifteen year old boy. He’s very sweet and talented, but, poor thing, it’s gotta be hard to be fifteen and in a class with a bunch of women old enough to be his mother! But it’s a nice group.

We worked on pressed-mold bottle vases yesterday. We have to finish them next week. And I finished early enough to make a pressed mold bowl, which is a little wonky, but I sent it for firing anyway. I’m going to try to take advantage of some open studio hours in the coming weeks to do some work on my own, and actually have a technique. Because I have no technique yet, everything is very rough. It’s a little better than the original pieces I did in May, but there’s still a long way to go.

I’ve already used half my 25 lbs of clay in just the first class, so I’m pretty sure I’ll wind up buying more. We’re working in stoneware rather than earthenware this time, and the clay looks similar to what I worked with last time, but feels different. I’m still heavy-handed and don’t really have the feel of it yet. That’s why I need the open studio hours — to just be able to sit and work with it, squish it if it doesn’t work, and start again.

I’d like to take another class in the fall, but I don’t know if I can afford it or make the 14-week time commitment. It depends how much work I land over the summer, and what else is going on in the fall.

In more disturbing news, two little kids in this town were attacked by coyotes — in the kids’ own yards — within four days. One kid is six, and one kid is three. Both will be okay, but still . . .it’s disturbing. And the coyotes are way smarter than the people trying to hunt them down. In this area, that is not at all a surprise. People are being cautioned not to let their kids play unattended in the yard (how sad is that?) and not to run, especially not alone. I was supposed to start running again on Monday, but I may put it off for awhile. While I’m used to dealing with coyotes, that doesn’t mean I should set myself up as potential prey.

Bossy Girl moved! I heard her screaming yesterday afternoon and looked out the window. Her human had her in a harness, she was yelling and tossing her cookies, and then was stashed in the front seat of a U-Haul van. She was a pretty cat, and a smart one. I will miss her — but at least she won’t be coyote dinner. It’s way too dangerous to let one’s cats out around here, between the highway, the train, and the coyotes. Yet people do. And then they wonder when their cats are torn to shreds or hit by a car.

Today is the start of the holiday weekend — yay! It’s still supposed to be nice today and tomorrow, and then a heat wave well into the 90s all next week. Ick.

I have an appointment at 11:30 about a possible new gig at the end of the summer — hope it works out, it would pay for the fall pottery class! And I’ve got a bunch of writing to do today, too, on several projects. I go back to working on other people’s projects next Tuesday; an acquaintance sent me a play to read, which I’m happy to do, but it will have to be early next week.

Elsa’s hanging in there. I’m still waiting for the information about the new medication from the vet. Violet now sits in my lap on next to the computer on the desk whenever I’m working. Iris spends most of her time looking out of the window and complaining about the workmen.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and lovely

Yesterday was a GREAT day. However, I was going flat out from 4:30 in the morning until 9 PM, overslept this morning,and am scrambling to catch up before pottery class, so the details will have to wait until tomorrow.

It was a long day, but a really good one, and it was so gorgeous outside that it was fun to go out and play.

Technically, I am “out of the office” until Tuesday, but I’ve got a lot on the agenda for the weekend (not work-related), and I’ll keep my regular blogging schedule.

Until tomorrow,


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